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“Hey Google! Bring me all the dogs.” September Dog Quote Desktop Wallpaper & Screensaver

Is wanting every single dog on the planet too much to ask? Asking for a friend.

“Hey Google! Bring me all the dogs…”

We have Google Nest at home, and it can do many things: play our favourite music, tell us the day’s weather, provide our precious wifi.

Now these things are reasonably impressive, it’s true. However, what Google has been failing miserably to do – despite our repeated requests – is bring us all the dogs. Yes, we have literally been asking every day, and so far? No dice.

So for now, our only-boy Ziggy will just have to do (and we’re pretty sure he’s ok with that).

Do you relate? Then go ahead and download this free dog quote wallpaper and screensaver, available in a range of sizes to fit most phones or computer screens. Enjoy!


"Hey Google! Bring me all the dogs." - Free Download - Dog Quote Desktop Wallpaper and Screensaver - Pretty Fluffy



2560 x 1440
1680 x 1050

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1440 x 900


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