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14 of the Best Designer Dog Toys To Suit Neutral Home Decor

It’s true - the best quality dog toys can be stylish too! See our top picks for a happy hound and home.

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Designer dog toys that match your decor. And are top quality too. Yes, they do exist!

While there are plenty of good quality dog toys out there, you do need to look a little harder to uncover the holy grail of dog toys. Nope, we’re not being dramatic…we’re talking designer dog toys that not only tick your pup’s boxes, but yours too!

While it’s sweet our boy Ziggy loves his bright green tennis ball, let’s be real…that fluroescent green ball definitely does not suit our lovingly styled, neutral-toned home. 

The amazing news is, we can have dog toys for Ziggy that don’t actually make our eyes twitch every time they roll across the floor (or our gorgeous Boujaad Moroccan rug for that matter!)

Whether you’re looking for stylish dog toys for chewers, or good dog toys all round that match your decor – look no further! Here’s our top picks and product reviews for the best dog toys that compliment neutral homes.

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Ziggy’s Toy Box: The Best Designer Dog Toys To Suit Neutral Home Decor

First, let’s take a look at the dog toys in Ziggy’s toy box that both he and our neutral-loving hearts have fallen in love with!

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The Best Dog Toys To Suit Neutral Home Decor | Barc London Pineapple Dog Toy

Barc London – Pineapple Squeaker Dog Toy

Make play time a fun, fruity and squeaky affair, no matter your pup’s size!

Featured in the new ‘Play’ range by Barc London, the Pineapple Squeaker Dog Toy is as stylish as it is squeaky. Made from high quality, non toxic and pet-safe TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), this dog toy is highly resistant to biting and chewing – making it soft enough for smaller breeds to squeak, but tough enough for larger breeds to tug at.

Why Ziggy loves it: 

Ziggy would rate this toy a 10/10 purely for the bounce factor. Playing fetch has been a whole lot of fun, as Ziggy tries valiantly to catch the pineapple bouncing off in all directions! When he’s all tired out, he’ll hold it between his two front paws, gently chewing away at the top of the pineapple. This designer dog toy is certainly an all-round entertainer!

Why we love it:

Stylish, sturdy and squeaky – it ticks all the boxes for us. And as pet photographers, we have an extra appreciation for the extra squeakiness, which is just the thing for getting those adorable head tilt shots!  

Ships worldwide.

Barc London - Neutral Dog Ball

Barc London – Neutral Barc Ball

Finally, a tennis ball for dogs that compliments your home! And how cute is Barc London’s pooch logo?

Ok, so we have a confession to make…Ziggy loves traditional tennis balls, but their fluorescent yellow/ green colour really do make our eyes twitch. So we may be guilty of hiding all the balls in the house (until it’s time to visit the dog park that is – we’re not total monsters!) So, as we’re sure you can imagine, it was a good day in our house when we discovered this super cute ball by Barc London. 

A stylish upgrade on a standard tennis ball, the Barc Tennis ball comes in five pastel and neutral colours to suit your space. Squeaker included!

Why Ziggy loves it: 

Because it combines his two favourite toys: a bouncy tennis ball and a playful squeaker. The perfect toy for playing fetch and all-round fun times!

Why we love it:

Ziggy’s favourite kind of toy in a style that beautifully suits our decor – what’s not to be obsessed with?

Ships worldwide.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home _Outback Tails_Darren the Dingo Dog Toy

Darren the Dingo by Outback Tails

This guy is seriously tough – and seriously cute! 

Darren the Dingo is just one of the loveable characters from this earth-friendly, 100% vegan range of Outback Felt Toys by Australian dog-loving brand, Outback Tails. Made from natural wool felt and filled with sustainable, natural jute, these toys are sturdy and hardwearing, and come double-stitched for strength – an excellent dog toy for chewers! 

Why Ziggy loves it: 

Ziggy loves chewing on Darren’s bendy ears and tail, and keeps himself entertained by trying to find the hidden squeaker. Darren has become Ziggy’s new BFF that’s for sure.

Why we love it:

Darren’s cute features and overall mustard colour makes him the perfect match for our neutral home decor. His earth-friendly design means he’s kinder to the environment, plus a percentage of sales are donated to Australian wildlife charities. Need we say more!

Ships to Australia, Europe, Asia & USA.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home _Django & Co_Cloud 9 Dog Toy

Cloud Nine – Django & Co

Meet the dog toy of your and your fur baby’s dreams!

As big fan girls of Django & Co’s boho-inspired collection, when we first laid eyes on their Cloud 9 rope rainbow toy, we (ahem, we mean Ziggy) had to have it. An adorable alternative to less attractive dog toys, Cloud Nine was made to look good first and foremost, so is best suited for light play only.

Why Ziggy loves it: 

Ziggy does like the occasional chew, but he certainly isn’t a serial chewer – which is why Cloud Nine is perfect for him. It’s his toy of choice for prancing about whenever we arrive home, as the rope rainbow acts just like a handle he can easily carry in his mouth. Then, when it’s time to relax, he’ll use the fluffy cloud (with hidden squeaker inside) as a soft and cozy chin rest. Talk about cuteness overload!

Why we love it:

With its sweet-as-heck rainbow design, gorgeous textures and delicate pastel colours, Cloud Nine beautifully compliments our home all while keeping Ziggy happy and content. Win-win!

Ships worldwide.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home _Awoo Pets - Peach Felt Dog Bone Toy

Peach Felt Bone – Awoo

News just in! The days of throwing your dog any old bone are gone. In the rear view mirror. Finito. Done and dusted. 

Yes, it’s time to get a chic, eco-friendly upgrade with this gorgeous felt bone by Awoo – a well-considered designer dog toy that’s good for your pup and the planet. 

Handmade by a co-op of female artisans in Nepal using 100% wool sourced from Patagonia and New Zealand, the non-toxic, digestible fibers in this toy offer an added benefit to your pup – they help to keep their teeth clean! Perfect for your fur babe to safely bite and chew away at their leisure.

Why Ziggy loves it: 

A lovingly crafted and lightweight toy ideal for playing fetch or just accompanying him around the house, Ziggy seems taken with the wool textures which he regularly sniffs and lightly chews at, while easily holding in his paws. 

Why we love it:

Cute but tough, stylish while staying eco-friendly. Every last detail of the Felt Bone Toy has been well thought out, and we are big fans of Awoo’s commitment to style, sustainability and creating everyday items that suit pets and their humans.

Ships within the U.S and to most countries.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home


Ziggy’s Wish List of Stylish Dog Toys

14 of the Best Designer Dog Toys To Suit Neutral Home Decor (4)

Whether cute, cleverly designed or oh-so chic, here’s our top picks for stylish designer dog toys that rightfully earned a place on ours and Ziggy’s wish list!

All are beautiful quality and perfect for complementing your neutral home decor – we’re sure you’ll love them too!

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home _-88

The Skipper Rope Dog Toy – Harry Barker

Eco-friendly pet ware makers Harry Barker present this high-end, heavy duty cotton rope dog toy made from 100% recycled yarn. An ideal dog toy for chewers, even when unravelled the benefits don’t stop…hello tooth floss! Four colours available (Dune is our pick!)  

Available within the U.S only.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home _-88

Paper Cup Nosework Toy – Pets So Good

Coffee time? Yes please! Not only are these Paper Cup Nosework Toys absolutely adorable, their clever canvas cotton design hides squeakers and crinkle material for endless enrichment fun. Want snacks with that latte? Yep, they can hide treats too. 

Available in five cute designs to match any decor: Caramel, Cocoa, Latte, Milk & Smile.

Ships worldwide.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home

NOU // make your own play objectLambwolf Collective

Enjoy creative play with your pup? This chic and innovative designer dog toy invites you to create various shapes and knots for your dog to unravel. Featuring hidden squeakers, crinkle paper and a range of beautiful fabrics, choose your favourite style or combine multiple NOUs for the ultimate in pooch playtime. 

Ships worldwide.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home

The Falcon Toy – Fable Pets

The Falcon Toy is no-doubt at the height of innovation in the world of enrichment toys. Featuring multiple hiding spots for treats, the contemporary interlocking shape allows multiple toys to combine for added tugging, treating and all-round good fun. 

Choose from five colours to seamlessly blend into your home decor.

Available within the U.S only.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home


We love the variety of this kit that heroes aesthetics and functionality. Featuring the Triangle Tug, Twist Toss, and Bolt Bite, your pup is guaranteed hours of fun. Wild One are at the top of their designer dog toy game with this premium quality kit and it’s easy to see why. 

Ships worldwide.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home


Canvas Dog Bone In ‘Natural’ – Mongrel

Eco-friendly, durable and stylish – the dog toy trifecta! Filled with stuffing made from RPET recycled plastic bottles, this cotton canvas squeaky bone toy promises plenty of fun for your pup, while playing nice with the planet – major tick! Plus, it blends seamlessly into any living space. 

Elsie Elephant Plush Toy – Maxbone

If you’re on the hunt for a designer dog toy to suit your home, Elsie is as r-elephant as they come (sorry, just couldn’t help ourselves!) With a cute and contemporary design that’s soft and cuddly too, this best-selling squeaky dog toy is a great choice both you and your pup will love.

 Ships worldwide.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home


Hunter Rabbit – Molly Barker

Loved for their elegant, simplistic and high-quality dog accessories, Molly Barker presents the Hunter Rabbit – the perfect comfort toy for your dog to enjoy while home or away. Thoughtfully designed with a 3D nose and tail to reduce potential choking hazards, the Hunter Rabbit is soft, durable and sure to fit seamlessly into your living space.

Ships within Australia & to selected international destinations.

Pretty Fluffy - Dog Toys for a Neutral Home

Ochre Mud Cloth Dog Squeaky Toy – The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog never fails to deliver. Featured in their swoon-worthy Boho collection, you’ll find these chic mud cloth squeaky toys. Each is consciously crafted from leftover material and recycled plastic bottles. Plus, every order helps a shelter pup in need. 

Ships within the U.S and to Canada, Mexico and Australia.

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