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13 Luxury Dog Beds in Australia for Pampered Pooches

Sweet dreams are made of these…who are we to disagree?

When it comes to finding luxury dog beds in Australia for your utmost pampered pup, take a tip from us – we have a designer dog bed in almost every room of our house (we live with two sleepy dogs which is partly our excuse!)

After all, when your pup sleeps 12-16 hours a day on average, they certainly need a comfy place to lay their precious little head, right?

But how do you choose the right dog bed for your pup? Luxury dog beds come in all styles, shapes and sizes, and knowing which is best for your four-legged snuggle bug will depend on their breed and individual needs. 

Because we care about your pup’s beauty sleep, and the aesthetic of your pet-friendly home, we’re here to help you make the right choice.

From calming dog beds to elevated dog beds and more, we’ve rounded up every type of Australian designer dog bed there is – and selected our favourite product from each category.

13 Luxury Dog Beds in Australia by category


Products We’ve Tried Firsthand: Australian Luxury Dog Beds

For this all-Australian list, we’ve been careful to include products we’ve personally tried firsthand, as well as designer dog beds from small Australian pet brands we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

There’s something for everyone, every budget, and every pup. And with worldwide shipping available for many of our featured brands, your dog can have the sweetest of dreams – in luxury Aussie style – from wherever you are!

Barney Bed - Memory Foam Australian Dog Bed

Orthopedic Dog Bed by Barney Bed


Made mostly from memory foam, orthopedic dog beds are designed to provide maximum comfort and support to dogs.

As memory foam is a pressure-relieving material, orthopedic dog beds protect joints and bones, and offer improved mobility as well as relief from pain – all great benefits for senior dogs in particular.

That being said, memory foam orthopedic dog beds aren’t just for older dogs! If you want quality support, comfort and durability no matter your dog’s size (beds range from S to XXL) – look no further.



  • Excellent quality memory foam mattress for orthopedic and joint support
  • The bed design is framed by memory foam boulders, which are basically built-in cushions (our boys love to rest their head on them!)
  • Designed to be scratch-resistant (a big plus for us, as Ziggy likes to dig for treasure in his bed)
  • These memory foam beds can be styled with on-trend bouclé bed covers to suit your interior (pictured)

CHECK PRICE >> Orthopedic Dog Bed by Barney Bed

Luxury Rattan Dog Bed by Koko Collective

Rattan Dog Bed by Koko Collective


If an eco-friendly Australian dog bed is top of your list, then rattan dog beds are a great choice – not to mention ultra stylish!

Timeless and versatile with a carefree coastal vibe, it’s no wonder rattan furniture has been ‘in’ for some time now – and why rattan dog beds are highly sought in Australia. Particularly for discerning pet parents who love natural furniture or a bohemian-meets-modern aesthetic.

Rattan furniture is known for being exceptionally strong and durable too. Not only will a stylish rattan dog bed compliment your decor, it’s a designer dog bed you can be sure will stand the test of time.



  • Blends modern, bohemian aesthetics with practical design
  • Solid and sturdy frame, yet lightweight and portable
  • Elevated dog bed (7 centimetres from the ground)
  • Includes a firm, comfortable cushion with removable double-sided cover
  • Koko Collective is an Australian, female-led business (the kind we love to support!)

CHECK PRICE >> Ralf Rattan Dog Bed by Koko Collective


On Our Wish List: Australian Dog Beds by Category

Calming Dog Bed - SASH Beds

Calming Dog Bed

Calming dog beds feel just like a big warm hug for your dog – and it’s exactly why they’re a popular choice in Australia, particularly for dogs prone to stress and separation anxiety (like our Sunny who has a few anxiety triggers).

Calming dog beds work by creating the same sense of comfort and safety your dog experienced as a puppy within their litter. Designs typically feature soft textures such as plush faux fur, extra padding they can sink into, and a round dog bed design they can properly curl up in.

While some calming dog beds come with a removable cover, others are easily machine washable as they are – a big plus! 

Editor’s Pick: Calming Dog Bed Category

CHECK PRICE >> Calming Dog Bed by SASH Beds

Sasha Dog Bed - Molly Barker | Australian elevated dog bed

Elevated Dog Bed

There are many reasons why dogs like elevated dog beds, which can be summed up in one word: comfort.

Pups love raised dog beds because of the temperature control and orthopedic support they offer. Rather than having to lay down and stand back up like they would in a classic dog bed, elevated dog beds are better as they allow dogs to step in and out of their bed quickly and comfortably. This ultimately reduces strain on their bodies, which is beneficial particularly for senior dogs with arthritis.

Another reason why you should use a raised dog bed? If your pup is a chewer! Unlike stuffed dog beds, elevated dog beds feature taut, hard-wearing material designed to offer your dog  cushion-like comfort.

Editor’s Pick: Elevated Dog Bed Category

CHECK PRICE >> Sasha Dog Bed by Molly Barker


Designer Dog Sofa Pet Bed - Home & Hound CollectiveDog Sofa / Lounge Dog Bed

Does your dog act more like a lounge lizard than, you know, a dog? If your pup is all for Netflix and chill, then a luxury lounge dog bed (also known as a dog bed couch or dog sofa) is the perfect choice.

Lounge dog beds come in a range of styles and designs, and are a great option for style-conscious pet parents who want an Australian dog bed that compliments their decor. 

In addition to a stylish design, the best designer dog sofas are those that offer maximum cushioned comfort to your pup, while making cleaning a cinch with a removable cover – a trifecta covered by our top pick in this category!

Editor’s Pick: Lounge Dog Bed Category

CHECK PRICE >> Dog Sofa Pet Bed by Home & Hound Collective

Mister Hound Bed Forest Green - Mister Woof designer dog beds

Cave Dog Bed

Does your dog tend to burrow, or prefer to snuggle up under the blankets? If so, then we’d bet a cave dog bed would be your pup’s numero-uno pick when it comes to luxury dog beds in Australia.

Many cave dog beds feature a hooded or blanket design to give your pup an extra comfy space to sleep, relax and feel secure. This ability to reduce anxiety in dogs is why cave dog beds are so popular, and are also considered to be calming dog beds. 

Because when your pup is afraid of a thunderstorm or feeling anxious, having their own cosy, secret den to snuggle up in can really do wonders.

Editor’s Pick: Cave Dog Bed Category

CHECK PRICE >> Mister Hound Bed Forest Green by Mister Woof

Sage Memory Foam Pet Bed - Chasing Winter Australian Dog Beds


Pillow Dog Bed

The best thing about pillow dog beds? They’re multi-purpose! Pillow dog beds can easily be picked up and placed wherever you need them – in your living room, in your car – even as a cushion for your dog’s crate.

Available in a variety of shapes (round, square or rectangular) and fillings (polyester fiberfill, cedar shavings or foam-based cushions) if you’re looking for an Australian dog bed that provides good orthopedic support, we recommend a high quality pillow dog bed made from memory foam (see our top pick below!)

Our favourite pillow dog beds not only support your pup while complimenting your decor, they also make cleaning easy-peasy with a machine washable slipcover.

Editor’s Pick: Australian Pillow Dog Bed Category

CHECK PRICE >> Sage Memory Foam Pet Bed by Chasing Winter

Luxury Teepee Dog Bed With Cushion by House of Pets Delight

Teepee Dog Bed

Is it not the height of pupper luxury for your dog to have their own glamping quarters? 

Teepee dog beds are popular for their stylish look. But they also offer the combined benefits of cave dog beds and calming dog beds, by providing a confined, cosy space for your pup to feel comfortable and secure.

Lightweight and easy to transport, dog teepee beds can also be moved from room to room easily, or folded up and tucked away in small spaces if needed.

Did we mention how cute and chic they are?

Editor’s Pick: Teepee Dog Bed Category

CHECK PRICE >> Teepee Tents by House of Pets Delight

Snooza Travel Dog Bed via DOGUE

Dog Bed for Travel

If your dog’s usual sleeping quarters aren’t practical to travel with, a dog travel bed is the answer!

Whether you’re going on a road trip, staying in a pet-friendly hotel or going camping, you’ll want to bring a dog bed for travel that is comfortable for your pup, yet lightweight and easy to transport.

If your dog is a particularly nervous traveller, they’ll need an extra cosy, familiar space to keep them calm on the road. Our top pick for this category offers 2-in-1 functionality by being both a comforting travel bed in the car, and a portable luxury dog bed for use at your destination.

Editor’s Pick: Australian Travel Dog Bed

CHECK PRICE >> Snooza Travel Bed via DOGUE

Australian print dog bed by Outback Tails

Pattern Dog Bed

Looking for a luxury dog bed in Australia with a cute pattern that pops, and suits your dog’s fun-loving personality? 

From modern prints to fresh florals and more, Australian designer dog brands stock a huge variety of pattern dog beds to suit any taste or decor – the options are endless!

But if you’re after a truly Australian vibe – and a luxury dog bed that supports indigenous artists – you can’t go past the stunning Outback Tails collection.   

Editor’s Pick: Australian Pattern Dog Bed Category

CHECK PRICE >> Rectangular Dog Bed: Vaughan Springs by Outback Tails

Teddy Crate Dog Bed - Nice Digs Australian designer dog bed

Dog Bed for Small Dogs

Shout out to the smol pups! 

All dogs – no matter their size – like to feel safe and secure when getting their beauty sleep. And although your small-statured best friend thinks they’re as big as a Saint Bernard, that’s no reason to splurge on a big dog bed.

Simply put, small dog beds are best for small dogs. A bed that is small enough to touch and surround your dog’s body on all sides will make them feel snuggled and safe, and support their small frame.

Ideal luxury dog beds for small dogs will be compact and space-saving, offer warmth, comfort and security to your pup – all the while keeping your interior style in mind. 

Editor’s Pick: Dog Bed for Small Dogs in Australia Category

CHECK PRICE >> Teddy Crate Dog Bed by Nice Digs

Hooper Medium Dog Bed by Apupment

Dog Bed for Medium Dogs 

On the hunt for a stylish Australian dog bed to suit your medium-sized pup? 

Canines come in all sizes, and of course dog beds do too. So we’ve channeled the Goldilocks principle to find a luxury dog bed that isn’t too big, or too small…it needs to be just right (and tick the boxes for style and quality too!)

Enter the Hooper Bed by Apupment – a beautiful quality, Australian made dog bed that is perfect for moderately-sized pampered pooches. We love its comfortable and contemporary design ideal for any interior space, along with the range of timbers and cushion covers you can select from. Hello options!

Editor’s Pick: Dog Bed for Medium Dogs in Australia Category

CHECK PRICE >> Hooper Medium Dog Bed by Apupment

Designer Pet Beds - Indie Boho Pets | Australian Dog Beds: 13 Best Luxury Dog Beds

Dog Bed for Large Dogs 

Larger-than-life pooches deserve to be pampered too! But finding good quality luxury dog beds in Australia for large dogs isn’t quite as easy as it is for smaller breeds.

Large dogs have large frames, which need to support a larger amount of weight – exactly why big dog breeds are more prone to health and mobility issues. So, it’s important to make sure any dog bed for a large breed is big enough to provide ample comfort and support.

Ranging from size M up to XXL, the Designer Pet Beds collection by Indie Boho Pets features plenty of stylish options perfect for large dogs (many with two-sided prints you can easily flip over for a fresh new look!) 

Be sure to check out their dog bed size guide to know which size is right for your pup.

Editor’s Pick: Dog Bed for Large Dogs in Australia Category

CHECK PRICE >> Designer Pet Beds by Indie Boho Pets

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| Australian Dog Beds: 13 Best Luxury Dog Beds

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  • cuddle clones plush toy of your pet

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    It’s the one-of-a-kind plush toy that pet parents have fallen in love with! Create a cuddly replica of your pet that captures all their adorable features.