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20 On-Trend Ceramic Dog Bowls You & Your Pup Will Love

From stylish stoneware to trendy terracotta, these chic ceramic dog bowls are sure to bowl you over!

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Confession time: we’re obsessed with ceramics. Honestly, our house just wouldn’t be a home without them (at last count we had 72 ceramic pots, vases and assorted wares around our home!) It’s why a stylish ceramic dog bowl that matches our decor was top of our list for Ziggy.

When we first began our hunt for a ceramic dog bowl a couple of years ago, pickings were surprisingly slim. In the past year however, we’ve certainly noticed an influx of beautiful ceramic, stoneware and concrete designer dog bowls hitting the market and popping up on our Instagram feed, which is super exciting for pottery and pooch-loving dog mamas like us! 

Beautiful aesthetics aside, there’s really so much to love about ceramic dog bowls. Being easy to clean, durable and resistant to bacteria when properly glazed, are just a few of the many benefits.

So without further ado, check out our round up of 20 on-trend ceramic dog bowls to elevate your dog’s drink and dinner time (and satisfy your ceramics addiction!) 

The List: 20 Trending Ceramic Dog Bowls You & Your Pup Will Love

1. Personalized Ceramic Food Bowl by Pawness.


2. Bowl by Fable.


3. Classic White Drippy Ceramics by AAPETPEOPLE.


4. Gumi Bowl by Two Elephants.


5. Tavoletta Bowl Set by MiaCara.


6. Bronze Stand Ceramic Bowl In Peach by House of Pets Delight.


7. Terracotta Morocco Dog Food Bowl by Dogahaves.


8. Ceramic Dog Bowl In White by Little Donkey Supply Co.


9. Ceramic Cat Bowl Set Of 2 by Jogita Art Studio.


10. Natural White Stoneware Dog Food Bowl by Animals in Charge.


11. Waggo Gloss Bowl – Pink by Good Boy Collective.


12. Peachy Terrazzo Dog Food Bowl by Four Legs Four Walls.


13. Furcasso’s – Unity by Fur Tales.


14. Greg Natale Dog Bowl – Paris via Style Dog.


15. Dog Bowl | Large by Harlow Harry x Robert Gordon.


16. Dining Bowl | Small / Medium by Billy Wolf.


17. Fringe Studio – Stoneware Dog Bowl via Dog Things.


18. Charcoal Moon Dog Bowl by The Wolf Nest.


19. Inherent Oreo Short Table Medium Bowl – Pink via Dog Things.


20. ‘Austin’ Ceramic Pet Bowl by Pet Bowl Co.



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Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: As Listed

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