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9 Slow Feeders for Dogs Who Eat Too Fast

Say bye to the gulping and gobbling with these good quality, easy-to-use slow feeders for dogs.

‘Help, my dog eats too fast and throws up!’

Sound familiar? If your dog is anything like our Ziggy, you’ve probably had to double check whether you’ve actually fed them, because you could have sworn there was food in their bowl a second ago!

What personally helped us put a stop to Ziggy inhaling his food at lightning speed? A good quality slow feeder dog bowl. 

Ever since, we’ve been able to relax at meal times knowing he is digesting his food properly…not wolfing down every last gulp!

If your pup is a serial gobbler, this list of slow feeders for dogs is your simple solution to a healthier pup, and a happier you (not to mention having cleaner floors in your home…)

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9 Slow Feeders for Dogs Who Eat Too Fast [2023]

Dogs who eat too fast…why is it unsafe?

According to PetMD, a dog’s digestion time can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, depending on their breed, age and the type of food being eaten. 

Dogs who eat too fast at meal times can cause a number of health issues such as indigestion, vomiting, and they can put themselves at risk of choking. 

If your dog’s meals aren’t portion controlled, rapid ingestion can lead to overeating and your dog consuming more calories than needed.

Fast eating can also put your pup at risk of a life-threatening illness called ‘Bloat’ or gastric dilatation-volvulus, where a dog swallows too much air, causing their stomach to expand, twist and become blocked.

How do slow feeder dog bowls work? 

Slow feeders for dogs increase the amount of time it takes for your pup to finish their meal. 

The bottom of the bowl is designed similar to a maze, complete with holes and ridges that essentially act as obstacles between your dog and the ultimate prize – their kibble or raw food.

If your dog often eats too fast and doesn’t chew, slow feeders are a clever solution to help them eat their meal bit by bit, and digest their food properly. 

Slow feeders for dogs by Should We Go? dog brand


9 Slow Feeders for Dogs Who Eat Too Fast

Unless you have all the time in the world to consistently hand feed your dog, or you’re thinking of seeing a dog trainer to train your dog to eat slowly – finding the right slow feeder dog bowl is a no-brainer.

Below are 10 slow feeders for dogs hand-picked by us, chosen because we either have personal experience using them, they come highly rated, or are from a small pet brand we’d happily recommend.

1. PET IMPACT Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Pet Impact Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Eco-friendly and durable, Ziggy’s had this slow feeder dog bowl for over two years now and it’s been a hit from day one!

Ziggy takes much longer to finish his meal using this bowl as opposed to standard dog bowls. Not only does it reduce the risk of Bloat or choking, its designed in such a way that will stimulate and engage your dog as they eat. 

We also love that it’s made from natural bamboo and cornstarch, so if you prefer eco-friendly pet products we can highly recommend this.

The rubber base is also very handy for keeping the bowl in place during meal times. Available in medium and large.


2. Super Feedy 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Super Feedy_Australian Slow Feeder Dog Bowl and Lick Mat

Another slow feeder for dogs we’ve personally tested, this innovative dog-bowl-meets-lickmat from Australian pet brand Super Feedy really impressed us. 

Made from recycled plastic, this slow feeder dog bowl works in tandem with both wet and dry dog food, and includes a reversible dog lick mat, made from food-grade silicone, that’s perfect for wet food, yoghurt or peanut butter. 

Lightweight and easy to carry, the slow feeder bowl also doubles as a dog food container with space for up to 10 cups of kibble (so you can take it to your next pet-friendly Air bnb or road trip!)

Plus, underneath the bowl is a super-strong suction cup to ensure it doesn’t slip during mealtime (trust us, it’s not going anywhere!) A fantastic slow feeder for fast-eating dogs.

Use code FLUFFY10 for 10% off your first order.

CHECK PRICE >> superfeedy.com

3. Keegud Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Insert

Keegud Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Insert for stainless steel dog bowl

Don’t want to throw away your dog bowl? Grab an inexpensive slow feeder insert instead.

Available in two different designs, Keegud created an insert made from food-grade silicone, which is both safe and soft for your dog. Easy to clean and great for wet and dry dog food, it’s a clever way to create your own slow feeder dog bowl that’s stainless steel. 

Keegud recommends using a dog bowl 7-5.5″ in diameter, but it can be cut to fit a minimum of 4.7″ diameter dog bowls. 

4. The Game™ by Fable Pets

The Game™ by Fable Pets - Slow feeder for dogs and enrichment toy

A modern slow feeder for dogs who inhale their food and get bored often, The Game from Fable Pets attempts to mimic the experience of hunting prey. 

Similar to a Kong, load up to one and a half cups of dry food and watch your pup try to coax their meal out while getting some extra exercise in for the day. The grooves at the top are perfect for spreading wet food or peanut butter. 

Dishwasher safe with a range of stylish colours to select from.

CHECK PRICE >> fablepets.com

5. Awoo Pets SMOOSH Lick Mat

Awoo Pets Lick Mat for dogs who eat too fast

Awoo Pets never fail to impress us with their design-centric collection, and their latest lick mat offering is no different.

Featuring a 4-panel grid of various textures, your fast-eating pup is guaranteed to slow down, digest their food properly and enjoy maximum stimulation with this stylish SMOOSH lick mat.

We love how the 4 x non-slip suction cups allow you to place your lick mat on the wall in addition to the floor too – because who doesn’t love options? Especially those that make meal times fun for your dog.

Use code FLUFFY10 for 10% off your first purchase.

CHECK PRICE >> awoopets.com

6. Ceramic Slow Feeder Bo

Dog eating from ceramic slow feeder for dogs by PAWNESS

As we’ve mentioned before (and to anyone who’ll listen) we are huge ceramic lovers – so this list couldn’t possibly be complete without a ceramic dog bowl!

Enter the ceramic slow feeder bowl by Pawness, handmade in the Netherlands featuring a chic 3-ringed design offering multiple sections for your pup’s wet or dry food.

It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, and available in two sizes with three pastel colourways to suit your space.  

CHECK PRICE >> pawness.com

7. The Slowdown Bowl: Slow Feeder & Lick Mat

Dog with slow feeder bowl and lick mat by Should We Go?

If we were voting purely on aesthetics, this super cute slow feeder by Should We Go? Would take first prize.

Made from non-toxic, durable silicone, this versatile and easy-to-clean slow feeder bowl (which doubles as a lick mat) is as chic as it is functional.

Ideal for both wet and dry food, the raised rainbow at the centre of the bowl will slow down your over-eager pup at mealtimes.

When snack time calls or a distraction is needed, use as a lick mat to keep your pup engaged and stimulated.

CHECK PRICE >> shouldwego.co

8. Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Interactive Treat Puzzle Game

Dog puzzle toy by Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson is the trusted name when it comes to dog enrichment toys, so you already know this interactive treat puzzle will keep your pup happy, engaged and fed – slowly. 

Store your kibble or dog treats into the different compartments and watch them flip, lift, and slide open each section to reveal their tasty reward. Classed as an intermediate level 2 design – not too easy but not hard.  

A fun, creative way to ensure your fast-eating pooch slows down at meal times. Easy to clean too.

9. Petiepaw Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowls 

Elevated slow feeder pet bowl by Petiepaw

Last but not least, the Petiepaw slow feeder for dogs is unique as it’s both a slow feeding design and it’s elevated.

Thanks to the elevation of the bowl, it’s not only great for dogs who eat too fast, but it places less pressure on your dog’s neck and promotes good posture. 

Designed as a large capacity slow food bowl, it’s an excellent slow feeder for meeting the daily feeding requirements of large dogs. 

9 Slow Feeders for Dogs Who Eat Too Fast [2023] 9 Slow Feeders for Dogs Who Eat Too Fast [2023]


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  • Lambwolf Spring Box

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