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Found: The Most Beautiful Rattan Dog Bed in Australia by Koko Collective

If you want the best for your dog, it doesn't get more luxe than this dreamy dog bed retreat.

Let’s get straight to the point. A rattan dog bed (also known as a wicker dog bed) is basically your dog bed of dreams if these are your top two priorities:

  1. You want a luxury dog bed that provides superior comfort to your pup
  2. You need a top quality dog bed design that compliments your coastal, bohemian-inspired decor

Now, if our previous pet product reviews are anything to go by, we happen to know a thing or two about beautiful quality dog products here in Australia – and around the world for that matter!

And when it comes to luxury Australian dog beds, you simply can’t go past the light and breezy, year-round summer feeling of a chic rattan dog bed (especially if you’re also low-key obsessed with rattan furniture and accessories like us!)

The good news is, there’s a small Australian brand making a big impression on style savvy pet parents with their stunning range of handcrafted rattan dog beds. 

That brand is Koko Collective, makers of the Ralf Rattan Dog Bed – which we think is one of the best – and most beautiful – rattan dog beds you’ll find in Australia.

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Review: Koko Collective Rattan Dog Bed

The Brand: Koko Collective

Founded by a creative sister duo who share a passion for sustainable and ethically sourced homewares, Koko Collective is a women-led family business focused on beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Like every item in their collection, each rattan dog bed design is considered and slowly crafted by a family of artisans in Indonesia. These artisans create a unique and special piece for every person who welcomes a Koko Collective item into their home.

The company’s warehouse space is situated in Edwardstown, South Australia, where the general public are welcome to browse their collection in person. 

We’ll be on the next flight, thank you very much! 

Cocker spaniel puppy laying in Australian rattan dog bed

Why choose a rattan dog bed?


If an eco-friendly dog bed is top of your wish list, then a rattan dog bed is a wonderful choice.

Mostly found in Southeast Asia’s rainforests​​, rattan is a vine-like climbing plant which grows quickly. This makes rattan a wonderful renewable resource, and great environmentally friendly choice for all kinds of furniture such as luxury dog beds.

While rattan looks and feels much like bamboo, it’s actually more solid (as opposed to hollow bamboo) and is stronger and more flexible.

Rattan furniture is known for being exceptionally strong and durable, which is great news for pet parents wanting a designer dog bed that will stand the test of time.

Rattan’s low-impact, low-pollution manufacturing process – often undertaken by artisans on a small scale – is another reason it’s a great eco-friendly choice. 

Cocker spaniel puppy jumping out of rattan dog bed



Rattan furniture has been having a moment in the world of home decor for some time, so it’s no wonder rattan dog beds are becoming more popular by the day. Especially for discerning pet parents who prefer the look and feel of natural furnishings.

Traditionally used as outdoor furniture due to its lightness and durability, the great appeal of rattan furniture lies in its style versatility. While rattan home decor can be fresh and contemporary, its long history makes it retro by nature – with rattan first appearing in the 70’s when rattan peacock chairs, woven baskets, and rattan patio furniture began popping up everywhere.

Rattan is many things in terms of style, and can be contemporary, classic, glamorous, retro – even a touch Mediterranean – all at once. 

The ability of rattan to transcend many interior styles is why it remains so popular today.

It’s a trend that has truly stood the test of time!

Cocker spaniel puppy yawning in Australian rattan dog bed

Pretty Fluffy Recommends: Ralf Rattan Dog Bed Review

What we loved:
  • Hello dog bed meets display piece! Combining modern, bohemian aesthetics with practical design, the Ralf Rattan Dog Bed can be proudly displayed in your living area, instead of tucked away elsewhere. This is NOT a dog bed you will need to hide – quite the contrary. 
  • Its stunning design is equally matched by its beautiful quality. The bed structure is solid and sturdy, yet lightweight and portable for easy moving between rooms. The perfect combination.
  • With its elevated design, you’re literally putting your pup on a pedestal. As an elevated dog bed, it’s raised off the ground by around 7 centimetres, so it comes into less contact with dirt and dust than other dog beds. Meaning it’s also easier to keep clean!
  • On a personal note, the elevated design has been a saviour for Ziggy when he’s wanted to escape his little puppy brother running around the house! The Ralf Rattan Dog Bed is much more than a bed…it’s basically a zen retreat for your pup. Just ask Ziggy.

Cocker spaniel puppy sleeping in rattan dog bed

  • Each rattan dog bed comes with a firm yet comfortable cushion with a removable double-sided cotton cover.
  • While the design itself ticks all the aesthetic boxes, you can go one step further with the endless styling options this design offers. Add cushions, change up the sheet covers, or even add additional throws for extra colour, texture – and of course extra comfy layers for your pup!
  • Speaking of sheets, Koko Collective offer a gorgeous line of fitted linen dog bed sheets, custom made to fit their beds (and we all know linen and rattan are a match made in home decor heaven!)
  • The Ralf Rattan Dog Bed is just one of several stunning rattan styles in the collection, including the Bella, Molly, Frankie and Felix rattan dog beds
  • Koko Collective is an Australian, female-led business – our favourite kind!
  • With everything from pendant lights to beach chairs, plant stands to bedheads – you can totally treat yourself to something special while spoiling your fur baby with their new luxury rattan dog bed!
Things you might want to consider:
  • If your dog is a chewer, this probably isn’t the right bed for them.
  • If your dog is a large breed, this likely won’t be the most suitable option.

Review: Koko Collective Rattan Dog Bed - Luxury Dog Beds Australia

Shop Koko Collective rattan dog beds

Make sure your pup will always be sleeping in style by exploring their beautiful collection of rattan and wicker dog beds here

The sisters behind Koko Collective have also recently released a handcrafted leather range, including the Naked Leather Dog Collar and matching dog lead to compliment your pup’s new luxury bedroom retreat!

Alternative brands that stock rattan dog beds


Yes, Koko Collective is our top recommendation when it comes to Australian rattan dog beds – but it’s still good to shop around!

Here are a few other brands worth checking out that stock rattan dog beds here in Australia, or ship internationally to Australia:

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Review: Koko Collective Rattan Dog Bed - Boho Dog Bed Australia

Review: Koko Collective Rattan Dog Bed - Luxury Dog Bed Australia

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