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The Dog Booster Seat Australian Pet Parents Are Loving

Car safety for dogs: but make it fashion.

It’s the dog booster seat that keeps your pooch safe and secure, while giving your back seat a glow up.

For over 6 years, Indie Boho has been wowing pet parents with their luxe range of pet bedding, homewares and dog travel accessories featuring original designs by Australian artists.

Even before their popular dog car seats joined the collection, Indie Boho had already racked up over one thousand 5-star customer reviews. 

It should then come as no surprise the much-loved brand’s dog booster seats were quickly embraced – and applauded – by the pet parent community.

So, we sat down with Indie Boho founder Sora Caldwell, to learn more about the brand’s unique dog car booster seats…and why they’ve been such a hit!

But first, let’s take a look at a few common questions about dog car seats, and why investing in one could be a good choice for you and your pooch.

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What are the benefits of dog booster seats?

The Low-Down on Dog Booster Seats for Cars

Whether you’re on the fence about purchasing a dog booster seat for your pup, or you simply don’t know much about them, you might be wondering if you even need one!

To help you out, here’s a quick rundown on the purpose and benefits of dog car seats, and the kind of pooch a dog booster seat is ideally suited to.

What’s the purpose of car booster seats for dogs?

In a nutshell, dog booster seats serve two main purposes:

  1. To allow dogs to see out the window during car rides
  2. To allow pet parents to keep their dogs safely restrained in the car

Think of it this way – cars are designed for people, not our furry best friends.

And because cars aren’t built with pet-friendly features (not yet anyway!) it’s up to us pet parents to keep our dogs comfortable, safe and secure when it’s time to hit the road.

Which of course is where a high quality, well-secured dog booster seat comes in handy.

Three sausage dogs in double dog car seat Australia

What are the benefits of dog booster seats?

Dog car seats offer many benefits to give you and your best friend peace of mind on the road.

Let’s take a look at the different ways dog booster seats benefit drivers and their furry passengers alike.


  • Boosts their height so they can see out of the car window
  • Provides better all-round comfort and added headrest support
  • Harness tethers inside the seat keeps dogs safely secured in one spot
  • Padded booster seat walls help dogs feel physically secure when in motion
  • Potential to reduce motion sickness


  • Car protection: We all know how dirty a car can get with a pooch in the back! Dog car seats help to protect your car’s upholstery by keeping your dog contained in one area – along with their mess.
  • Security and safety: You can drive with peace of mind knowing where your dog is safely secured inside the car at all times, which reduces the potential for distractions – especially on busy roads.

Which dogs are suited to car booster seats?

If your dog is a large breed, or doesn’t like enclosed spaces, purchasing a dog booster seat for your car may not be the most appropriate choice.

Here are the breeds and traits that dog car seats are ideally suited to:

  • Small and medium dog breeds
  • Dogs who like to see out the window on car rides
  • Anxious dogs

If your dog is nervous during car rides, a dog car seat booster provides a higher vantage point to see through the car window to their surroundings – ultimately helping to calm their anxiety.

So…do dogs need car seats? 

You don’t necessarily need a dog car seat to take your best friend for a drive with you. 

However, having one can make car rides – especially long distance road trips with your dog – far more safe and comfortable for the both of you.

Indie Boho Dog Car Booster Seat Australia - Native Flora Print

Indie Boho Dog Booster Seats: Why Pet Parents Love Them

Starting with our own experience, we road tested Indie Boho’s double car booster seat for Ziggy and Sunny on a recent dog-friendly road-trip to Beechworth.

Now, the boys both love their car rides, but for two different reasons! Ziggy is a curious window watcher, while Sunny loves to sleep.

And as it turned out, Indie Boho’s dog car seat booster suited both of their needs perfectly.


  • The booster seat gave window-watcher Ziggy a 180-degree view in front of him (no more scratches on the door to see outside the window!)
  • While Ziggy took in the view, Sunny snuggled straight into the plush and cosy seat, and fell asleep within minutes – he loved resting his head on the padded seat walls
  • Although both medium sized dogs, Ziggy and Sunny fit comfortably in the double car seat together
  • When we say plush, we mean it! The velour lining is super soft and luxurious – overall a very high quality dog booster seat
  • The seat doubles as a portable dog bed, which is handy for pet-friendly holidays or when visiting family or friends
  • Easily the most stylish pet booster seat in Australia – the range of artist-designed prints is absolutely stunning!

What customers are saying

We certainly aren’t the only dog mums impressed by the quality and design of Indie Boho’s dog travel car seats.

You’ve heard what we think, now let’s see what all the pet parents are saying!

These are the dog booster seat features frequently mentioned in customer reviews:


  • Luxurious high-quality design and soft, comfortable fabric
  • Noticeable difference in calming their pet’s anxiety levels
  • Noticeable reduction in car sickness
  • Excellent safety features including 3 point seat connection system (head rest, seat belts and lead attachment)
  • Easy to install and easy to clean

So what does the founder of Indie Boho, Sora Caldwell, think about the popularity of her dog booster seats?

We sat down with Sora and asked about her much-loved range, and where her journey with Indie Boho all began.

Indie Boho founder Sora Caldwell for Pretty Fluffy

Why do you think your car booster seats have been so popular?

“Game -changers” was in a review that has stuck with me. We receive daily reviews about our car booster seats, which were developed out of our own need for one with my own dog Indie, who really did not enjoy car travel at all.

There were also reviews where customers had purchased alternative dog car seats that didn’t work, compared to the quality, form and function of ours. 

I also wanted small dogs to be able to lie down and sleep in our dog car seats, feel safe with our 3-point connection system…and keep parents excited with many gorgeous designs to choose from!

“Customers are saying that we cured their dog from travel sickness overnight, and that their dogs are no longer anxious. Finally they can take dogs out on weekends and not be housebound.”

Do your dog car seats come with seat belts?

Indie Boho car booster seats come with inbuilt tethers that clip onto your dog’s harness, so there isn’t any need to purchase a seatbelt too. 

You can however, benefit from a headrest seatbelt if you’re travelling with more than two pets in the double car seat (we actually have 3 small dogs in ours!)

We primarily offer the seatbelts for customers that are purchasing the large pet travel mats to use as a car seat protector. 

Indie Boho Dog Car Seat Australia

How did your journey with Indie Boho begin?

Before gotcha day for our cavoodle Indie, I was on a mission to buy everything she could possibly need… in true soon-to-be dog mama style. 

I bought all the best dog accessories, but the one thing I couldn’t find was a decent rectangular dog bed.

My corporate career to date was product and graphic design focused. So it came very natural to me to start designing my ideal dog bed for Indie which included hand making it, testing it, getting patent-like registration – and ensuring it ticked all the boxes for quality, design and comfort.

“Everything I came across 7 years ago was cheaply made, mass-produced and had ugly patterns like paw prints, stripes, tartan and bones. It felt like no one had ever tried to rock this boat and I couldn’t understand why!”

What inspired you to work with Australian artists?

I had worked with many Australian artists and designers over the last decade. So it was important to me that Indie Boho would shine a spotlight on our nation’s talent, and go behind the scenes with our featured artists.

I really wanted to give pet parents an insight into the world of design, so they could connect with and treasure our products as much as they adore their fur kids.

“The aesthetics were important to me, and meaningful design was a given. Like the cherry on top of an already world class bed.”

What makes Indie Boho different to other dog brands?

I believe that customers nowadays are as astute as ever and they identify with authentic brands and reward uniqueness.

Every single product that we have released preceded with research and development, testing and refining. Our range beyond dog beds is now huge and includes blankets, couch covers, travel mats, ceramic bowls, fur-free towels and dog car booster seats. 

When we released our original travel mats and shared our knowledge about mat training, they grew in popularity almost instantly and took Instagram by storm!

While there are others around now, our dog travel mats remain special with the dual purpose of being a car seat protector too.

Single dog car seat booster Australia by Indie Boho

What have been some highlights of your brand to date?

One of our all-time highlights was going to Los Angeles to showcase our dog beds to celebrities at the Oscars.

We went to the U.S twice in one year (the second time for a trade show in Vegas) and I landed several U.S stockists, particularly one huge online retailer. 

“The gorgeous Mia Freedman, founder of iconic women’s media group Mamamia, has featured our dog beds, travel mats and towels. She even purchased our dog beds for gifts, which is truly special!”

What’s running a small pet business like?

I recently had a baby and watching her grow up with my two pups is like a daily scene out of the jungle book (she was crawling around, carrying toys in her mouth at one stage!).

Running a busy small business as a new mum is HARD, but I am very fortunate to have my two amazing staff. It’s incredible what 3 dog obsessed sunny coast women can achieve in one day!

Bohemian Dog Beds and pet carriers Australia by Indie Boho

Find out more about the Indie Boho range of dog booster seats at:

Use exclusive code FLUFFY at checkout for 10% off your first order.

What are the benefits of dog booster seats?

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  • Lambwolf Spring Box

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