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Saving Pets & The Planet: About A Dog Recycled Toilet Paper

Now even your toilet paper can be about dogs (oh, and help to protect the planet and animals too!)

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Get ready for cute trips to the loo with 100% recycled toilet paper that supports the environment and animals in need!

June 5th is World Environment Day, so ​​it’s the perfect time to spread the good word on About A Dog: the first subscription-based recycled toilet paper made in Australia that is sustainable, locally produced and passionate about supporting Aussie causes. 

With every toilet roll sold, 50% of the profits are donated directly to RSPCA NSW to care for pets and local wildlife. Which is great news for us dedicated Aussie pet lovers – because there are plenty of us (Fun fact: Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world… there are actually more pets in Australia than people!)

Let’s find out more about About A Dog, and why you should make the feel-good switch to their recycled toilet paper.

Behind the Brand: About A Dog

Based in Sydney, About A Dog is a small toilet roll producer founded in 2021 by childhood best friends, Dom Chetcuti and Jaz Tierney. With a combined background in toilet paper manufacturing and marketing, Dom and Jaz set out with the mission of building a brand that could support Australian causes and communities. 

If you’re wondering what inspired the name ‘About A Dog’, it comes from the classic English saying ‘To see a man about a dog’ often used when someone pops to the toilet. What started as an inside joke between Dom and Jaz at work, soon became the whole identity of the brand!

An Australian brand with a big heart, here’s all the reasons why we love About A Dog – and why you will too!

About A Dog - Recycled Toilet Paper in Australia - Pretty Fluffy

Australian made

  • All recycled toilet paper, tissue boxes and paper towels are manufactured locally in Sydney. 
  • By manufacturing in Australia, About A Dog provides local jobs and offers enhanced quality control of their products.

Supports Aussie causes

  • About A Dog’s core mission is to give back to their local community, by supporting Australian causes.
  • By partnering with RSPCA NSW, About A Dog donates 50% of all profits to support sick, injured or abandoned pets and wildlife.  
  • As the brand grows, their goal is to partner with RSPCA branches around Australia.

Sustainable at every step

  • About A Dog uses FSC certified 100% recycled raw materials – the gold standard for environmental sustainability. 
  • Manufacturing locally in Sydney minimizes their carbon footprint, from shipping to importing materials. 
  • The About A Dog production facility stores rainwater to clean all delivery vehicles.
  • In the works is a range of sustainable pet products to compliment their recycled toilet paper!

Good quality meets cute aesthetics

  • Having quality-tested About A Dog ourselves, we’re happy to report their 3ply, double-length recycled toilet paper is thick, soft and strong – not always an easy feat to achieve when it comes to recycled toilet paper.
  • Hello cute loo wrap! Who doesn’t love adorable illustrations of cats, dogs and koalas to keep them company when nature calls? 

About A Dog - Recycled Toilet Paper in Australia - Pretty Fluffy

A great cause for a great price

The About A Dog range of 100% recycled toilet paper is available in the following packs, all competitively priced:

  • 12 rolls pack for $23.00
  • 24 rolls pack for $36.00
  • 48 rolls pack for $59.00

Shop: About A Dog

It’s important to remember that where we choose to spend our money can make a big difference in the world, especially in local communities. 

Supporting sustainable, socially responsible companies such as About A Dog is just one small step we can take as consumers to not only help protect animals and our precious wildlife, but promote a more positive, eco-friendly future!

So, next time you’re low on toilet paper, why not make a feel-good choice that gives a helping hand to animals in need too.

About A Dog – 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

WEBSITE: https://aboutadog.com.au/


FACEBOOK: @AboutADogAustralia

About A Dog - Recycled Toilet Paper in Australia - Pretty Fluffy

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