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Planting Trees & Saving Koalas with ST ARGO

Here's how you can help protect Australia's much-loved koalas (and keep your pup looking stylish too!)

Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: Chris Crawford Photography

A luxury dog accessories brand that looks good on your pup – and does good for the planet – is exactly the kind of brand we love to support here at Pretty Fluffy. 

Following on from our World Environment Day feature on About A Dog (read about their inspiring mission to protect the earth and animals in need, through sales of their recycled toilet paper) there’s another Australian pet brand doing wonderful things not only for the environment, but for an iconic Australian sweetheart – the koala.

That brand is ST ARGO, a Melbourne-based vegan pet accessories brand specialising in simple, stylish and sustainable collections designed for everyday life with your dog.

Never before have koalas needed our support more than they do now. Here’s how ST ARGO is lending a paw to protect one of Australia’s most beloved native animals – and how you can help too.

ST ARGO - 2022 Mornington Peninsula Koalas Project

ST ARGO joins the Mornington Peninsula Koala Project

Following a dramatic decline in numbers, in February of this year the Australian Government officially listed the koala as an ‘endangered’ species. Drought, disease and bushfires have all played their part in, sadly, putting koalas at risk of dying out completely.

However, deforestation and land clearing over the past 20 years – since the species was listed as vulnerable back in 2001 – has been cited as the main cause of their decline. According to the WWF, the koala population has dwindled by a whopping 50% in recent years.

ST ARGO Luxury dog accessories - Vegan leather dog collar

In line with their vegan, animal-loving ethos, this issue struck a chord with the team at ST ARGO. This led to a partnership with One Tree Planted (a non-profit organisation dedicated to global reforestation efforts) to help restore bushland as part of the 2022 Mornington Peninsula Koalas Project. 

This inspiring initiative aims to plant 20,000 trees specific to the Mornington Peninsula region, and to koala species across public and private land. Planting trees native to this area will help the precious koala population to thrive, and ultimately boost their dwindling numbers.

One Tree Planted - 2022 Mornington Peninsula Koalas Project

How you can support the cause

ST ARGO aims to reach this goal by pledging one tree directly to the Mornington Peninsula Koala Project, for every order placed until September (when the project will be completed). 

So, if you would love to get behind this wonderful initiative and help restore habitats for koalas in need, there’s never been a better excuse to treat your pup to the ST ARGO collection of vegan leather dog collars, harnesses, leads and poop bag holders (and if you happen to have a handbag-sized pooch who you love to take everywhere, we think you’re going to love the LOLA luxury pet carrier!)

ST ARGO Luxury dog accessories - Vegan leather poo bag holder

For more information, visit:


One Tree Planted:

Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation: 

WWF: ‘Koala endangered listing is a grim but important decision’ – WWF-Australia

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Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: Chris Crawford Photography

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