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Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers

Get your pup's tail wagging with Field Day - plus WIN an amazing 1 YEAR SUPPLY of wholefood meal toppers!

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Ever wished there was an easy way to give your dog the nutrition they need, while making their meal times extra YUM?

Well, we think we’ve found the holy grail of dog health and nutrition: the Field Day range of all-natural, vet-nutritionist approved dog food toppers.

‘Work smart, not hard’ – it’s a mantra we always try our best to live by in this house! Because time saved, means extra cuddle time with our boys. And when it comes to ensuring your dog has all their nutritional needs covered, this can be quite the time-consuming task (try as we might to twitch our noses genie-style, things never seem to just magically appear!) 

And this is exactly the problem Field Day solves with their natural range of wholefood supplements and healthy dog food toppers. Whether your dog eats raw food or kibble, meal toppers are a simple, delicious and above all, nutritious addition to your dog’s food bowl.

As busy small business owners *cough* professional dog mums *cough* we can’t tell you how grateful we’ve been for Field Day over the past couple of months. Adding meal toppers to Ziggy’s breakfast and dinner times has given us one less thing to think about in our day, safe in the knowledge his nutritional needs are well and truly covered in the easiest, tastiest way possible.

And all it takes is a simple sprinkle on top of your dog’s food at meal times!

Maybe we don’t need that magical nose twitch after all…

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy X Field Day Giveaway

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy


What are dog food toppers?

Dog food toppers are as simple as they sound – a topping added to your dog’s food! 

Depending on the brand, dog food toppers can be made from a wide range of nutrient-packed ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Dog food toppers can either be wet, or come in a dry powdered form that is easily sprinkled on top of your dog’s meal, or mixed into their food.

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy

Benefits of dog food toppers

Natural dog food toppers are incredibly beneficial to dogs because they offer an extra boost of nutrition to their meal. The best quality meal toppers, such as Field Day’s wholefood meal supplements, are not only packed with nutritional goodness, they’re delicious too – ultimately winning over fussy eaters (or dogs with a lack of interest in food due to age or illness) with new, enticing aromas and tasty flavours. 

Depending on the particular dog food topper, benefits can include:

  • Promoting healthy skin and shiny coats
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Boosts protein intake
  • Added vitamins and nutrients
  • Promotes gut health and digestion
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Encourages fussy dogs to eat more

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy

What we love about Field Day’s natural dog food toppers

Field Day are an Australian-owned and made business and you sure can tell their hearts are behind their vet-nutritionist approved wholefood meal toppers.

With a devotion to wholesome, nutritious ingredients across their scientifically formulated range – including 100% Australian hemp and other carefully selected ingredients – Field Day takes a strong stance against the use of preservatives, additives, GMO ingredients or harsh chemicals. No nasties here – just pure wholefood goodness to brighten your dog’s day, every day!

And like we said, Field Day really is a company with heart. Not only are they dedicated to helping dogs live their happiest and healthiest life, they give back to those in need too. 1% of all online sales are donated to Pets of the Homeless – a charity that helps homeless Australians care for their furry companions. 

Let’s take a look at the complete range of Field Day wholefood supplements and dog food toppers, starting with the meal topper Ziggy has been loving – Cool, Calm and Collected.


Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy

Cool, Calm & Collected – Behaviour & Wellbeing Support

Formulated to support brain health and memory, while also reducing stress and anxiety, this meal topper is perfect for anxious dogs, or to optimise brain function in older dogs.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Hemp protein powder contains tryptophan and vitamin E, which can reduce anxiety
  • Salmon powder promotes brain health, can help to reduce stress, and can improve memory in young and old dogs
  • Apple powder contains quercetin, which can improve memory and learning
  • St John’s Wort can calm your dog’s nervous system

What we loved:

As Ziggy suffers from anxiety in certain situations, we tried Cool, Calm & Collected over the past couple of months – and he’s been absolutely loving it. The moment we opened the lid on his meal topper for the first time, his nose was straight up in the air – he could smell something very different, interesting and delicious was on the horizon!

Not only does it make his dinner far more tasty and exciting (hello salmon and dried apple goodness!) but we’ve definitely noticed Ziggy’s temperament has been calmer during ‘incidents’ which usually trigger him, such as someone walking past the house, when we try to leave, or just general witching hour post-dinner! 

In summary, we definitely think Ziggy’s on the way to becoming a Zen master. And we now know for certain he eats better than us.

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy

Mover & Shaker – Joint & Mobility Support

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants, this natural dog food topper supports active or ageing dogs with sore joints and mobility issues.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Salmon powder and green-lipped mussel powder contains omega-3 fatty acids to reduce cartilage degradation and joint inflammation
  • Hemp seed powder can help increase muscle mass formation for joint support
  • Kale powder and rosehip powder contains vitamin C & K, which can alleviate stiff, achy joints
  • Egg yolk powder and turmeric offers anti-inflammatory benefits

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy

The Balancing Act – Digestion & Gut Support

Perfect for covering your dog’s daily vitamins all in one go! This wholefood meal topper works to maintain your dog’s gut health and promote normal poops. 

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Inulin and psyllium husk contains natural prebiotics which can decrease gut inflammation and promote healthy bacteria
  • Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants, while hemp fibre is a rich source of insoluble fibre – both help to regulate digestion
  • Overall formulation promotes a healthy microbiome, which plays a major role in how your dog’s body functions

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers + a BIG Giveaway!

Rise & Shine Spray – Vitality & Skin Supplement

Made with 100% Australian Hemp Seed Oil, this simple spray-on meal topper will strengthen your dog’s overall immune system, and see them glow in a shiny coat and healthy skin! 

Key ingredients and benefits: 

  • Hemp seed oil contains omegas 3 & 6 for a healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Strengthens immunity and supports general health and wellbeing

As pet parents, we all love our dogs and want to see them live their absolute best lives. But you know what? Giving them the health and nutrition they need, doesn’t need to be hard.

So if you’re looking for an easy, no-fuss way to boost your dog’s nutrition, do yourself a favour and try the Field Day range of wholefood supplements and natural dog food toppers today.

Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Field Day X Pretty Fluffy Giveaway!



We’ve teamed up with Field Day to offer one lucky winner an amazing ONE YEAR supply of Field Day wholefood meal toppers, valued at $700!

To enter, head to the giveaway post on our Instagram page.


Product Review: Field Day Natural Dog Food Toppers Australia - Pretty Fluffy X Field Day Giveaway


Copy: Katy & Shell

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