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How This Aussie Air Dried Dog Food Helps Your Pup & The Planet

Eureka Pet Co. is on a mission to improve dog health and protect Australia's biodiversity, one bowl at a time.

We’ve been hearing plenty of good things about air dried dog food in Australia lately.

It’s no secret our two cocker spaniels Ziggy and Sunny mean the absolute world to us (yes we are ‘extra’ dog mums, here’s our shameless proof).

It’s why pet products with the potential to benefit our dog’s health and wellbeing are always on our radar.

Though we do have to admit…when we first heard about air-dried dog food, we literally had no idea what it is, how it’s made, or its health benefits!

So, we spoke to the team behind Eureka Pet Co. – Australia’s first premium pet food brand dedicated to sustainable ‘wild caught’ proteins – to get the low down on air-dried dog food, and why it’s a super healthy choice for your pupper.

And, did you know your dog can play an important role in protecting Australian habitat conservation, simply by chowing down?

Let’s find out how!

what is air dried dog food?

What is air dried dog food?

Let’s cover the basics first.

Air dried dog food is a type of dog food that is made by slowly air drying fresh ingredients at room temperature. What this process does is remove all the moisture from the food, while preserving the nutrients and flavour. 

Unlike traditional kibble which is cooked at high temperatures, air dried dog food is minimally processed, and contains no artificial preservatives or additives. This makes it a healthier and more natural option for your best friend.

Air dried dog food vs freeze dried dog food vs dehydrated dog food

If you’ve been looking into changing your dog’s diet, you’ve probably heard of air-dried, dehydrated and freeze-dried dog food as healthy alternatives to traditional kibble.

And if you’re anything like us, you may have found all the different options a little confusing!

So, how do they differ? Let’s find out.

Air-dried: As we just mentioned, air-dried dog food is made by slowly removing moisture from all the raw ingredients using an air-drying process. Air drying food at room temperature preserves its vitamins and nutrients, so your dog gets virtually all of the same benefits of a raw food diet.

Dehydrated: Dehydrated dog food is made by removing the moisture from raw ingredients through a slow, low-heat drying process. The end result is quite similar to air-dried dog food, although dehydrated dog food may not be quite as nutrient-rich.

Freeze-dried: Freeze-dried dog food is made using a 3-step process of freezing, drying, and vacuum-sealing. First, the ingredients are frozen to preserve their nutrients. Then, the food is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove moisture, before being sealed in airtight packaging to maintain freshness.

All in all, air-dried dog food dog can be considered as the middle ground between dehydrated and freeze-dried dog food.

poodle with Eureka digestive care dog food

Why is air dried dog food a healthier option for your dog?

Now we know what air-dried dog food is – and how it’s made compared to other types of dog food – let’s look at the reasons why you should feed it to your pup. 

Here are 5 main benefits of air dried dog food:

1. It’s jam-packed with nutrients

The slow dehydration process preserves the nutritional value and flavour of the fresh ingredients. Meaning that your pup is getting all their essential vitamins, minerals and protein to stay nice and healthy. 

2. Free from fillers or artificial preservatives

Air dried food isn’t made to have a long shelf life, so it doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, glycerins or additives which can be harmful to your dog’s health. It’s also free from other unhealthy ingredients that can be found in regular dog food and store-bought kibble. 

3. Easier to digest than regular kibble

Air dried food is much easier for your dog to digest because it’s minimally processed, which helps prevent digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. It’s a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues, and is suitable for dogs of all ages.

real meat dog food Australia

4. Made with fresh and healthy ingredients

Air dried dog food is often made with high-quality, easily digestible proteins like chicken, fish, and lamb, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. (Eureka actually goes one step further than this, with their real-meat dog food recipes made from over 90% meat, organs and bone from wild-caught proteins – more on this below!)

5. It can maintain your dog’s dental health

As the texture of air-dried dog food is more abrasive than traditional kibble, it can help to scrape away plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. This can reduce the risk of dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Plus, many air dried foods for dogs are made with ingredients like parsley and mint, which can freshen your dog’s breath and promote better oral hygiene. 

6. Ready-to-serve and easily stored

Because air-dried dog food doesn’t require any additional prep time before feeding (such as cooking or mixing with water) it’s as easy as pour and serve. It’s also light and compact, and can be safely stored at room temperature.

Dog with Eureka digestive care real meat dog food Australia

How Eureka puts dogs and the planet first 

Did you know invasive species pose a serious threat to Australia’s biodiversity? In Victoria alone, over one million feral deer threaten native flora and fauna. 

The good news is, addressing this problem is all part of Eureka’s mission. In fact, they are the first premium dog food brand in Australia to do so – all while providing your pup with a delicious nutrient-rich diet.

So, how are they doing it? By serving up a solution that sees dogs literally eat the problem.

Why wild-caught proteins are the answer

In order to protect native habitats, invasive species such as wild boar, deer and kangaroo must be removed. But when your dog can benefit from their high-quality meat and nutritious novel proteins…why waste it?

As Eureka co-founder Tara Medina says,

“There are over 5 million dogs in Australia who need to eat at least 60 million kilograms of protein annually. The number of invasive and overpopulated species we have in this country who need to be removed could supply that more than 10 times over. The real question is, why are we feeding our dogs anything else?!”

It’s a great point – and it goes to the heart of why Eureka uses ethically harvested, wild-caught Australian game such as kangaroo, venison and wild boar to formulate their healthy and sustainable dog food diet.

Team behind Eureka Pet Co Australia

Eureka real-meat dog food recipes

Eureka’s digestive-care dog food recipes are based on serving up your pup a variety of novel proteins.

Made with 90% real meat, bone and organs from wild-caught and grass-fed animals – along with locally-sourced whole foods such as blueberry, flaxseed and broccoli – every Australian-made recipe provides ultimate nutrition and better digestion for dogs of all ages.

Eureka recipes include:


Nearly 50% of dogs in Australia are overweight. By simply feeding your dog the right amount, they can live up to 2 years longer.

Eureka Pet Co real meat freeze dried dog food

Build a Bowl = extend the life of your dog

As part of their commitment to dog health and nutrition, Eureka takes a subscription-based approach that delivers only the right amount of food your dog needs to keep them healthy.

When signing up to Eureka, you’ll be prompted to ‘Build a Bowl’ – a process that uses a clever customised feeding calculator based on your dog’s weight, activity level and body condition to determine their proper feeding guidelines.

Once you’re all set up, Eureka essentially takes the thought out of it for you – by delivering the nutrition your dog needs, when they need it. 

You can pause, change or cancel your dog food subscription anytime, and you can even save up to 30% when you subscribe!

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a healthier and more nutritious option for your best friend’s diet, you might want to consider switching to air dried dog food. 

Offering a range of benefits for your pup including improved digestion and nutrition that’s easy to store and ready to serve, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming a popular choice amongst pet parents looking for a healthy alternative to regular kibble.

For further information about Australian-made air dried dog food, visit the Eureka Pet Co website.


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5 benefits of air dried dog food Australia by Eureka Pet Co.

Eureka Pet Co. Australia

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  • cuddle clones plush toy of your pet

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