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Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

Time for you and your dog to hit the beach? Here's the best dog-friendly beaches in Victoria's beautiful Gippsland region.

Dog-friendly beaches in Gippsland are amongst the most stunning beaches you’ll find in Victoria.

Take it from us: as much as we love Melbourne and everything city life has to offer, we love a quiet getaway with a dog-friendly beach just as much.

Over the years we’ve stayed in pet friendly accommodation in beach locations all around Victoria. And in our experience, you just can’t beat Gippsland.

Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

Dog-Friendly Gippsland: The Best Dog Beaches in Gippsland

Maybe it’s the pristine coastline, or the sleepy charm of the region’s small coastal towns.

Whatever the reason, there’s just something magical about Gippsland that feels like you’re in on a big secret (South Gippsland even made Time Out’s list of underrated holiday destinations to visit in Victoria!)

So if you’re about to embark on your next pet-friendly beach holiday in Victoria, you’re going to love these Gippsland dog-friendly beaches.

This list includes year-round on leash and off leash dog beaches, information on each coastal town, plus all the dates dogs are allowed on beaches during the summer holiday season.

Starting in Inverloch, then heading East along Ninety Mile Beach all the way to Loch Sport in the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, here’s the best dog-friendly Gippsland beaches in South and Central Gippsland to explore with your furry best friend.

Pack your sunscreen and all your pup’s travel essentials – we’re going to the beach! 

Anderson Inlet at Inverloch. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

Inverloch Dog Friendly Beach

Less than 2 hours drive from Melbourne lies the beautiful coastal town of Inverloch, home to one of our favourite ever dog-friendly beaches: Anderson Inlet.

The first time we laid eyes on Anderson Inlet was definitely a ‘wow’ moment! With its calm, shimmering waters and driftwood piles that decorate its pristine white sand, Anderson Inlet offers safety and spectacular scenery – the perfect dog-friendly beach in Inverloch.

Known as ‘Invy’ to locals, dog-friendly Inverloch is wonderful for dog-spotting (yes, we check out other people’s dogs in front of our dogs – slyly) and is home to dog-friendly cafes, pet-friendly beach houses and pet-friendly caravan parks.

Dog on the beach at Anderson Inlet Inverloch. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide


– Dogs are permitted off-lead at all times along the Anderson Inlet beach area East of Grandview Grove to Cuttriss Street

– Dogs are permitted off-lead and on-lead at various times of the year depending on summer and Easter holidays. See ‘where can I walk my dog?’ on the Bass Coast website for more details, including a handy map you can download.

– For environmental reasons, no dogs are permitted at any time on the beach from the Anderson Inlet beach between the eastern boundary of BIG4 Inverloch Holiday Park and Screw Creek.

While you’re there:

We highly recommend The Local cafe for delicious baked goods and the best coffee in Inverloch – just look for the wave wall! 

For detailed tourist information about Inverloch, see Visit Gippsland.

Venus Bay beach at sunset with dogs. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

Venus Bay Dog Friendly Beaches

Nestled on a narrow peninsula of land around 180 km south-east of Melbourne, Venus Bay is a stunning part of the world that holds a special place in our hearts. We literally gasped the first time we ever laid eyes on this glorious stretch of Ninety Mile Beach! 

It’s no wonder then we have returned to pet-friendly Venus Bay several times as we love the chilled-out vibe here. Being a small, laid back coastal town, Venus Bay has a beautiful welcoming vibe that allows you to completely unwind and enjoy quality time with your furry best friend.

Whether you’re staying in or around Venus Bay, you’re going to want the closest beach that allows dogs. Just make sure your pup stays on lead (in accordance with council rules) especially to protect the local wildlife – in just one afternoon we saw a stingray, echidna and a wombat on the beach! 

Sunset silhouette of dog and woman. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide


– Venus Bay has 5 designated ocean beaches, numbered from 1-5.

– From the 1st December to 31st March between 9am and 6pm, dogs are prohibited from all beaches

– Outside of those times, dogs are permitted on-lead at all beaches.

While you’re there:

Stop in at The Bay Gourmet Food & Wine Store – there’s tables out the front so your pooch can join you for a delicious breakfast or lunch showcasing quality local ingredients. Don’t forget to take a preserve home too!

For more information on dog-friendly Venus Bay, check out Visit Victoria.

Sandy Point sand dunes. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

Sandy Point Dog-Friendly Beaches

We discovered beautiful dog-friendly Sandy Point all thanks to frequent furry visitors My Aussie Tribe and are so grateful we did!

Located at the northern end of Wilsons Prom National Park, Sandy Point is a quiet holiday retreat town that boasts a breathtaking stretch of beach. As Sandy Point beach is dog-friendly, it’s an idyllic spot for long walks with your pup and enjoying spectacular golden and pink sunsets.

Next door to Sandy Point is secluded Shallow Inlet, a vast dog-friendly beach with calm, shallow waters bordered by sand dunes (that the boys loved to sniff out and explore!) To access Shallow Inlet, you need to drive literally on the beach which was fun and something different! 

You could also check out this beautiful dog-friendly walking trail from Shallow Inlet to Sandy Point.

Sandy Point sand dunes. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide


– There is a year round off-lead dog beach in Sandy Point located 200m west of Ned Neale’s lookout (accessed via the western side of Beach Parade)

– Between 9am and 6pm from 1st December to 30th April, dogs are prohibited on the main part of Sandy Point beach, from the east of Ned Neales Lookout to Manuka St South. Before and after these hours, dogs can be walked on a lead 

– Dogs are welcome on-lead on all other beaches in Sandy Point

– On the beaches along Shallow Inlet, dogs permitted on-lead at all times

Long John Pickles cafe in Fish Creek. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

While you’re there:

Drive 20 minutes north to the charming historical village of Fish Creek – there you’ll find Long John Pickles, one of our favourite dog-friendly cafes in the whole of Gippsland!

With tables out the front and a spacious deck around the back, there’s plenty of seating available for your pooch while you sample one of their delicious all-day breakfasts.

Seaspray at sunset. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

Seaspray Dog-Friendly Beaches

Located at the start of the tranquil and scenic Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, dog-friendly Seaspray has it all – surf, seclusion and the stunning shoreline of Ninety Mile Beach. 

Seaspray is home to one of our favourite dog-friendly beaches in Gippsland because it offers you and your dog the best of both worlds – the surf beach, and the calmer waters of Merriman Creek, located at the western end of Foreshore Road with a lovely picnic area you can enjoy with your pup.

If you’re looking for pet-friendly caravan parks in Gippsland, and you love a coastal holiday that takes you off the beaten track, you’ll love the sleepy town of Seaspray – the ultimate place to relax and unwind with your dog by your side.

Find out more about Seaspray Caravan Park here.

Seaspray at sunset. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide


– Dogs are permitted on-lead on all beaches at any time

TIP: For the perfect golden hour photos with your pup, get up early together to catch the sun rise over the water (pics or it didn’t happen!)

For more information about Seaspray, visit Travel Victoria.

Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide198

Golden Beach Dog-Friendly Beaches

A little further west of Seaspray along Ninety Mile Beach, lies the quiet seaside town of Golden Beach – a haven for both dog lovers and nature lovers.

Less than a 30 minute drive from Sale, postcard-worthy Golden Beach (along with neighbouring Paradise Beach on the western side of Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park) has that undiscovered feel about it which we loved. With its secluded coast line stretching in both directions as far as the eye can see, it’s the perfect dog-friendly beach in Gippsland to visit.

Keep an eye out for kangaroos, emus, echidnas, wombats and if you’re a bird lover – squawky (and stunning) yellow tailed black cockatoos!

Dog and mum at sunset. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide


– Dogs are permitted on-lead between campsites numbers 1 to 6 on Shoreline Drive, The Wreck and Flamingo Beach

– Dogs are prohibited from all other beaches

– Dogs are permitted on-lead on all beaches at Paradise Beach

For more information on Golden Beach visit Beach Stays.

Taking your dog to Loch Sport. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

Loch Sport Dog-Friendly Beaches

Loch Sport is a sleepy and unspoilt bush-meets-coastal heaven that really surprised us – we actually didn’t expect to be wowed like we were upon our visit!

Popular for fishing and water sports, Loch Sport is an interesting dog-friendly beach town with a rugged charm that will certainly draw you in if you love nature as much as your pup.

We loved taking in the panoramic views of Lake Victoria along the beach and foreshore walk, featuring areas lined by weathered, twisted trees. We took so many photos here – it’s a truly beautiful dog-friendly beach walk! Park at The Boulevard Boat Ramp at the edge of the Lakes National Park and take the foreshore walk from there.

Taking your dog to Loch Sport. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide


– Dogs are allowed on-lead at the Foreshore Lions Park Playground Area‍

– Outside of the above area, dogs are allowed off-leash in Loch Sport at all other times.

Find out more about Loch Sport at the Visit Gippsland website.

Kissing a dog in the sand dunes. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

List of Off-Lead Dog-Friendly Beaches in Gippsland

With over 500 kilometres of stunning coastline, it’s no wonder Gippsland is the ultimate playground when it comes to dog-friendly beaches in Victoria.

The Visit Gippsland website is a wonderful source of information for dog-loving holiday seekers, which also includes this complete list of off lead dog beaches in Gippsland:


  • Corinella & Coronet Bay
  • Grantville
  • Inverloch
  • Kilcunda
  • Port Welshpool
  • Sandy Point
  • Venus Bay
  • Walkerville
  • Waratah Bay
  • Wonthaggi & Cape Paterson
  • Yanakie


  • Golden Beach & Paradise Beach
  • Port Albert
  • Seaspray


  • Lakes Entrance
  • Mallacoota
  • Marlo
  • Metung
  • Paynesville

Dog in sand dunes at Sandy Point. Dog-Friendly Beaches Gippsland: The Ultimate Guide

TIP: See this handy map of all the dog-friendly beaches in Gippsland at the Dogs on Holidays website – another great source for pet-friendly travel information around Australia.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Changes to dog restrictions at the beach can be made at any time by the local council, so always check the signs at beach entrances.

6 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Gippsland Victoria

Dog Friendly Beaches Gippsland

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