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5 Tips to Create a Stylish Home with Pets

Get your doggo ready. Architectural Digest here you come.

Let’s be honest. While we all love our pets, a stunning magazine-worthy home doesn’t always go hand-in-hand.

You know what we’re talking about…muddy paw prints, ugly dog blankets, dog hair on everything…the list goes on!

But what if we were to tell you, you CAN have a beautifully stylish home with pets? And best of all, it’s easy to create with minimal effort.

Because, don’t all dog mamas and their pups deserve a luxe home?

Here’s how to do it!

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How to Create a Stylish Home with Pets

5 Tips to Create a Stylish Home with Pets

1. Start with a colour scheme

Any interior designer worth their salt will tell you: every home starts with a colour scheme.

So, it will come as no surprise the same approach applies to the pet products we choose for our home!

We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve entered a beautifully renovated or styled home, only to see a shabby brown dog bed thrown hastily in a corner, or a bright blue plastic dog bowl sitting next to the kitchen counter.

By all means, we’d never judge a person on their choice of dog bowl! But if you’re making an effort with the rest of your home, why stop at your dog accessories?


To get started with a colour scheme, take a look at the main decor and furniture pieces in any given room of your home.

If your vibe is monochromatic, choose black and white pet accessories that match. A fan of greys? Look for blush-toned dog bowls to add the perfect accent colour.

By general rule, a room’s colour palette should have one main colour (i.e. walls), one secondary colour (large furnishings, rugs etc) and a few accent colours and textures to bring it all together.

Whatever pieces you choose, extending your colour scheme to your pet supplies allows them to integrate seamlessly into your home as another gorgeous piece.

TIP: Start with a piece you love – be it an artwork, rug or wallpaper – and draw your colour palette from there.

Soft Sleep Luxury Dog Bed - stylish pet-friendly home

2. The bed is everything

We often get asked where pet parents should scrimp and where they should spend on pet products.

And our answer every time? Spend on the dog bed.

Just like us, dogs need a good quality bed to sleep in, relax, and have a personal space to call their very own. And because even the smallest dog beds aren’t exactly small, they unwittingly become a major focal point in a room – whether you like it or not!

Invest in a dog bed that has classic lines, durable materials and a sophisticated palette (step away from the paw prints!)

A quality dog bed will stand the test of time and will be an investment you won’t regret (and your pup will love you all the more for it!)

TIP: Look for hypoallergenic foam fillings, and washable exteriors that make for comfy dozing and easy cleaning. 

Luxury velvet dog bed by Kentucky - How to have a stylish home with pets

WE LOVE: Luxury dog beds by Kentucky Dogwear

3. Choose quality materials

The materials you choose for your pet products will literally make or break your quest for a stylish pet-friendly home.

Poorly-made dog beds, collars and bowls will just cost you time and money in the long run as they will easily tear, wear and disintegrate with use.

What you want to look for is durable, practical, yet stylish finishes. Heavy duty cotton, leather, and brass or gold accents all offer a chic, luxe feel while standing up to anything your dog throws at them (be that slobber, dirt and attempts to rip them apart!)

TIP: For the bed, look for dark hues or patterns if your dog tends to bring muddy paw prints everywhere they go. Dog collars and leads need heavy duty fittings and quality materials that not only look good, but keep your pup safe and secure.

Luxury Velvet Dog Collar by Kentucky

WE LOVE: Designer dog collars by Kentucky Dogwear

4. Dine in style

Dog bowls are often the forgotten piece of the puzzle in any pet-friendly home!

Firstly, you need to be practical. Does your dog eat and drink inside or outside? Do they need multiple sets of bowls? Do they need a raised feeder? Do they have a tendency to knock over their water bowls?

A beautiful yet totally functional go-to option are ceramic dog bowls. Weighted on the bottom, they’re too heavy to knock over or move around (hello no spills and no mess!) Plus, the glazed finish gives a luxe, timeless quality other dog bowls just don’t have.

There are so many stunning dog bowl designs available these days that they can easily work within any modern home.

Granite Dog Bowl by Kentucky for stylish pet-friendly homes

Kentucky bamboo terrazzo dog bowl

WE LOVE: Marble Dog Bowls by Kentucky Dogwear

5. Make throws your friend

Any seasoned dog mama will share this tip: throws make a stylish pet-friendly home possible.

Pop them on your lounge, on the foot of your bed, on the floor…a well placed throw (matching the colour scheme you’ve chosen, of course) hides a multitude of sins, protects your furniture AND adds a stylish textural element to any room.

Faux hides and fur evoke a timeless, luxe feel and are also super comfortable for your pup, whereas chunky knits add texture and pops of colour – all while working double duty to protect your furnishings from claws and paws.

TIP: If you have a puppy, senior or incontinent pup, consider a stylish waterproof blanket that will protect the surface underneath in case of accidents.

Luxury faux fur dog blanket by Kentucky

WE LOVE: Fuzzy Dog Blanket by Kentucky Dogwear

6. Don’t forget about the toys!

Dog toys are so often overlooked when it comes to keeping a stylish and pet-friendly home.

Unless you’ve cleverly trained your pup to return their toys to a basket, you can bet those dog toys will be left laying ‘on display’ anywhere and everywhere throughout your home.

That’s why it’s important to always choose dog toys that compliment your decor. You don’t need to resort to neon tennis balls or unsightly, brightly-coloured chew toys!

Luckily more and more dog lifestyle brands are recognising the need for aesthetic dog toys, so it’s easier these days to find the right toy to suit your pooch and your home.

Dog Toy Pastel Boomerang

Elephant Alfredo Dog Soft Toy

WE LOVE: Stylish dog toy collection by Kentucky Dogwear

Create a stylish pet-friendly home with Kentucky

Kentucky is dedicated to the finer things for our four-legged friends.

Featuring well-considered and thoughtfully designed accessories for horses and dogs, each elegant and innovative design is inspired by their timeless ethos, “Kentucky is forever.”

This post was brought to you by Kentucky – but all tips and recommendations are our own.

5 Tips to Create a Stylish Home with Pets

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