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5 Simple Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Get your spook on while keeping your pet safe this Halloween.

Confession: we’re equally obsessed with Halloween and our dogs, and we’re not sorry! If you relate, these Halloween pet safety tips will definitely come in handy.

From trick-or-treating to hilarious dog costumes – basically all the things that make Halloween fun to celebrate with your pooch – also have the potential to be a hazard.

The ghoulishly good news is, there’s a few easy things you can do to protect your pup and reduce the risk of them becoming scared, sick or even injured.

So to make your spooky celebrations more fun and less frightful for your pooch, we’re sharing our 5 simple tips to keep your dog safe this Halloween.

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Tips for a Safer Halloween With Your Pet3

5 Tips to Have a Safer Halloween With Your Pet

1. Paws off the candy & wrappers

We all love candy at Halloween, but sugary sweets and chocolate are definitely not something you want your pup getting their paws on!

Many candies and chocolates contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that is highly toxic to dogs. When a dog ingests xylitol, the effects range from hypoglycemia in smaller doses, to liver failure in higher doses.

Be sure to keep an eye on those discarded candy wrappers too – they are alluring to dogs since they smell like candy, but can be a dangerous choking hazard. Always keep these out of reach!


If you want to know which candies and chocolates contain xylitol, see this excellent resource by Preventative Vet listing over 700+ items with xylitol as an ingredient.

Tips for a Safer Halloween With Your Pet3

2. Tread carefully with trick-or-treaters

Trick-or-treating makes Halloween one of the funnest nights of the year. But not necessarily for your pooch!

Understandably, masks and costumes can scare and confuse pets – especially if your pup is already wary of strangers or a little on the timid, nervous or aggressive side.

So before the Halloween fun kicks off, make sure your pets are comfy and safe. Pop them into a quiet room away from all the hustle and bustle, or in a crate if your pup is comfortable, with a treat-filled toy (check out our easy DIY Apple Kong!) and some soothing music.

To keep things calm on the night and avoid the repeated dinging of your doorbell, you could also hang around outside to intercept all the trick-or-treaters. 

And if you go off trick-or-treating yourself, it’s best to leave your pup at home to avoid all the potential spooks and scares on the street!

Tips for a Safer Halloween With Your Pet3

3. Keep decorations out of reach

Jack-o-lanterns, candles and fake blood…oh my! 

From poisonous ingredients to choking hazards, Halloween decorations can sure pose a range of dangers to your pet.

If you know your pup likes to be curious, be sure to keep decorations, candles and electrical wires out of reach.

Before you even start spookify-ing your home, make sure your dog has a safe and quiet place to retreat to, as changes to your home can be unsettling to pets.

Tips for a Safer Halloween With Your Pet3

4. Halloween costumes – yay or nay?

Halloween costumes for dogs can be a divisive topic. It’s all in good fun, but while some dogs aren’t bothered by them, others get stressed and anxious. For them, it’s no fun at all!

So, always test how your dog reacts to their costume before leaving it on for the evening. Make sure their costume is a good fit, and they won’t get their legs caught on anything loose.

Monitor your dog for any stressed behavior or allergic reactions (as some materials can irritate the skin), and make sure your chosen costume is free of any choking hazards.

Tips for a Safer Halloween With Your Pet3

5. Parties and your pooch

Halloween gatherings are fun for us, but can be potentially stressful for your pets (especially if your home will be full of masked people they don’t know!).

Avoid any accidental trampling, spooking, or escaping out the front door by designating a calm and safe room for your dog. This way you can enjoy yourself knowing your pup is content and comfortable away from all the action.

You also don’t have to worry about your guests feeding your dog something they didn’t realise was toxic.

We hope these Halloween pet safety tips have been helpful in preparing for the spookiest night of the year.

Happy Halloween to you and your pooch!

Tips for a Safer Halloween With Your Pet3

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