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16 Pet Memorial Ideas & Gifts That Will Touch Your Heart

Heartfelt ways to remember your best friend.

We’re going to be honest…putting together this list of pet memorial ideas certainly wasn’t easy.

When you love your dog more than anything in the world, the mere thought of losing a pet is extremely difficult. Especially if your dog is elderly or unwell, and the decision to put your dog to sleep is one you’ll need to make soon.

However, it is comforting to know there are many touching dog memorial ideas that allow you to respect your best friend at the time of their passing, and honour them in a way that treasures their soul for years to come.

Even if your pup is a strapping, healthy doggo right now, it’s useful to save these ideas for future. Knowing what options you have, and how you’d like to remember your pet, makes it so much easier when the time comes to say goodbye.

And if a loved one is grieving the loss of a pet right now, we’ve included a few thoughtful pet memorial gift ideas to provide comfort in their time of need.

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16 Beautiful Pet Memorial Ideas & Gifts

Beautiful Pet Memorial Ideas & Gifts

Pet Memorial Shadow Box Frame

Pet Memorial Shadow Box Frame

This handcrafted pet memorial shadow box is a beautiful way to honour your best friend’s memory.

Featuring a mounted photo of your pet and engraved name plaque, you can display their most memorable items such as their paw prints, collar, or even their favourite toy.

If you wish to keep a lock of your pet’s hair or ashes in the shadow box frame, there’s the option to add a decorative glass vial to the collar hanger.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Candle

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Candle

Create a heartwarming tribute to a lost companion with this personalized Rainbow Bridge pet memorial candle. 

You can customize the pet’s look and add meaningful touches, like names of human family members, special memories, and even the years of their life. Plus, it offers 90 hours of calming lavender scent.

A sweet and special way to remember a beloved best friend, whether it’s your own pet or a loved one’s.

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Reforestation Pet Memorial Tree

Trees for Pets - Pet Memorial Tree

Plant a tree to honour your pet while promoting a greener future for generations to come.

Australian company Trees for Pets have brought this heartfelt pet memorial idea to life by teaming up with tree-planting partners Ecologi, who select planting sites from reforestation projects around the world. 

You’ll receive a personalised certificate with your pet’s name, and a unique QR code that takes you to your pet memorial tree in Ecologi’s growing virtual forest.

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful personalised pet memorial gift, this is it.

CHECK PRICE >> treesforpets.com 

Infinite Love Pet Cremation Jewellery

Infinite Love Pet Cremation Jewellery - Dog Memorial Ideas

Pet cremation jewellery not only symbolises the enduring bond between pets and people, but also serves as a discreet and heartfelt way to keep your much-loved pet’s ashes close.

This stunning ‘Infinite Love’ pet cremation pendant is a perfect choice to pay tribute to your pet, with the iconic infinity symbol decorated with delicate paw prints in gold (also available in .925 silver).

Designed with a simple screw base to conceal your dog or cat’s ashes, it’s a meaningful pet memorial gift that honours your eternal love for your best friend.

CHECK PRICE >> alwaysinmyheart.com

Custom Pet Memorial Portrait

Vogue Paws Custom Pet Memorial Portrait

Honor your best friend’s memory with a heartfelt piece of personalized wall art.

Known for their modern and minimalistic look, Vogue Paws portraits feature digital collage based on a photo and description of your pet.

Choose from a range of touching details to celebrate your pet’s life, such as names, personality traits, significant dates, or a sentimental pet memorial quote.

CHECK PRICE >> voguepaws.com

Personalized Dog Memorial Wind Chimes

Personalized Dog Memorial Wind Chimes

Wind chimes provide a unique sense of peace and solace, and are a thoughtful way to express your sympathy to a loved one grieving the loss of a pet.

This handcrafted, personalized pet memorial gift offers many customization options to commemorate a cherished pet, including the pet’s photo, name and date of their passing.

These memorial wind chimes come beautifully inscribed with the words, “Listen to the wind and think of me. In your heart, I’ll always be.”

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Pet Memory Flower Garden Kit

Pet Memory Flower Garden Kit

Plant a beautiful lasting tribute to your best friend with a gift that keeps on giving. 

This pet memorial flower garden kit is a touching way to celebrate your pet, and a wonderful activity families can do together to commemorate their lost furry family member.

Each year as the flowers bloom you can all fondly remember your pet and the memories you share. Comes with simple step-by-step instructions, and the option to add some of your pet’s ashes to the planting process.

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Original Plush Cuddle Clone

Original Plush Cuddle Clone - Dog Memorial Ideas

When your beautiful best friend has passed and you just want one more hug, this may be the next best thing.

Cuddle Clones are cuddly stuffed toys that aren’t just adorable, but also incredibly special. Carefully made from fine faux fur, they amazingly capture every tiny detail and unique feature of your pet.

It’s like having your pup right there with you, offering comfort and warmth whenever you need it. A sweet and unique pet memorial gift idea.

CHECK PRICE >> cuddleclones.com

Custom Pet Memorial Pillow


For anyone facing the heartache of saying farewell to their pup, there’s a comforting solution: this personalized pet memorial photo pillow.

Each pillow is customized with reassuring words alongside a beautiful pet photo, and is the next best thing to a warm hug from your best friend when you need it most.

This heartwarming pillow will always keep your pet’s memory close, and is a thoughtful sympathy gift for a friend or family member experiencing the loss of a pet.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Stone

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Garden Stone

If you’re in search of pet memorial garden ideas, this sweet pet tribute statue would make a heartwarming addition. 

A lovely way to honour the memory of a precious lost pet, this personalized dog memorial stone features a breed illustration with your dog’s name, personality traits and year range.

Place it at your pet’s final resting place, in your own dog memorial stone garden, or as part of a dedicated display inside your home to fondly remember your best friend.

CHECK PRICE >> uncommongoods.com

Your Dog’s Actual Paw Print Pendant 

Your Dog's Actual Paw Print Pendant 

These elegant gold or silver pendants feature your dog’s actual paw print.

You simply take your dog’s paw print (with a inkpad/scanner) and send through with any engraving requests.

It’s a subtle, yet heartfelt way to carry your dog in your heart on a daily basis.

Custom Pet Memorial Portrait with Your Pet’s Ashes

Custom Pet Memorial Portrait with Your Pet's Ashes

Printmaker artist, Mandi Pratt, of Greyboy Pet Prints (GPP) helps pet parents remember their animal companions for decades to come with her unique pet portrait etchings.

Simply send in your favourite photo of your pet, and GPP fine tunes the image, prints it to a metal plate, inks the plate and presses it into fine art paper using a printing press.

With the ability to add pet‘s ashes into a handcrafted pet etching, this makes the etching even more meaningful and a true heirloom.

You can also combine the etching with fur and paw prints to create a custom dog memorial artwork. The results are beyond beautiful and a treasure to grieving pet parents.

CHECK PRICE >> greyboypetportraits.com

Personalized Rainbow Bridge Suncatcher

Personalized Rainbow Bridge Suncatcher

When you’ve lost a beloved pet, finding a unique way to remember them can bring some much-needed comfort. 

Made with crystal prisms that create a beautiful rainbow in their honour, this suncatcher makes a wonderful dog memorial idea and uplifting tribute to your best friend.

With plenty of customisation options available, this vibrant suncatcher will remind you or a loved one of all their happy memories with their pet.

Hjerte Pet or Keepsake Ashes Urn

Hjerte Pet or Keepsake Ashes Urn 1

If you love ceramics like we do, this stunning Hjerte cremation urn may be the perfect keepsake to take pride of place on your pet memorial shelf or display.

Available in a range of designs with a beautiful stone finish, this urn will compliment your home while its 450mL capacity is ideal for holding medium to large pet ashes.

Sealed and moisture-proof, it’s a beautiful way to remember your best friend every day.

CHECK PRICE >> ashescremationurn.com

DIY Pet Memorial Idea: Paw Print Wall Art

DIY Pet Memorial Idea: Paw Print Wall Art

Looking for a simple and meaningful DIY pet memorial idea? Check out our very own DIY Paw Print tutorial.

A sweet homemade keepsake to celebrate your dog, this paw print art can be created to mark any point in your pup’s life – from puppyhood to their twilight years and beyond.

The end result is a heartwarming touch to any room in your home, and a meaningful tribute you can cherish forever.

Beautiful Pet Memorial Ideas & Gifts

Beautiful Pet Memorial Ideas & Gifts

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Pick of the Week

  • cuddle clones plush toy of your pet

    Original Plush Cuddle Clone

    It’s the one-of-a-kind plush toy that pet parents have fallen in love with! Create a cuddly replica of your pet that captures all their adorable features.