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HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner Review for Pet Parents

Say bye to pet hair in half the time with this sleek, all-in-one cordless vacuum and mop.

Life balance. Aspirational myth or attainable goal…? Whether you’re a busy parent, corporate dog mum or small business owner – the struggle sure can be real.

So when you find a product that has the magical power of making your life easier – and saves you precious minutes in the day – you know you’re on to a winner.

We’re talking about the new HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner: a clever all-in-one vacuum and mop for hardwood floors. It’s our latest obsession, and a welcome new addition to our family!

(so much so we even nick-named it ‘Hezzy’…probably inspired by Sunny’s new nickname ‘Sossy’ – short for ‘sausage’!) 

Now, as the editors of Pretty Fluffy and the pet photographers behind Dogfolk, it will come as no surprise how jam-packed our days are (ever heard the saying, “I quit my 9-5 job…to work 24/7”??) 

So, if like us you struggle to get to those dull-but-necessary ‘life admin’ tasks – such as keeping your pet-friendly house clean – you need a clever shortcut in your life. One that gives you instant results, and instant satisfaction.

After all it’s about working smart, not hard people!

Enter the HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner, a sleek all-in-one vacuum and mop for hardwood floors you’ll wish you had in your life yesterday.

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HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner Review for Pet Parents

All-in-One HIZERO Vacuum & Mop Review for Dog Owners

So, what is the HIZERO F803 Cordless Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner? Not a steam mop and not a vacuum cleaner, it’s an impressive all-in-one vacuum and mop combo that makes quick work of leaving your floors fresh and clean.

We originally discovered the HIZERO through Pretty Fluffy’s OG editor Serena, who wrote this HIZERO cordless vacuum and mop review back in 2020.

With the latest F803 model having recently been released, we were kindly gifted the latest unit for our honest feedback on how it stacks up to its predecessor.

After using the HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner over a 3 month period, we’re happy to detail exactly how it went, and who we think would benefit from it most.

Who the HIZERO is best suited for:

  • Pet parents with inside dogs or cats 
  • Families in homes with mostly hard floors such as timber, tile and laminate
  • Asthma or allergy sufferers
  • Anyone who is time poor – it vacuums and mops in one go
  • House proud dog owners looking for a quick and easy daily clean

HIZERO bionic vacuum and mop for dog owners

Why the HIZERO cordless vacuum and mop cleaner is ideal for dog owners

As dog mums of two cocker spaniels, we get double the love for sure. But also double the mess, drool, dog hair and general chaos!

Especially when our boys have a decent sized backyard to run around in, which is great for them no doubt – but definitely no fun for us when they bring their dirty paws in the house.

And that’s what is so great about this HIZERO all-in-one floor cleaner. It has the standalone ability to clean any hard floor surface in minutes – easily saving you half the time you’d spend on vacuuming and mopping your surfaces separately. 

It goes without saying this is not only a huge plus when it comes to your regular floor clean, but also when those inevitable small accidents and spills occur.

With the HIZERO all-in-one vacuum and mop, the mess can be gone in under a minute.

HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner Review for Pet Parents

Here’s why we think the HIZERO 2 in 1 hard floor cleaner is a worthy investment for pet parents:

  • It’s an excellent vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors (we love our timber floors, but they’re notorious for showing up dust and dog hair)
  • Easily cleans up all kinds of mess carried inside from your dog’s paws eg. dirt, muddy paw prints, grass, and the worst – when they accidentally step in their own poop!
  • The same applies to all kinds of ‘wet mess’ – drool, drips from the water bowl, or wet paw prints from being outside in the rain or on wet surfaces 
  • The specially formulated HygieneHero™ cleaning solution effectively disinfects floors, minus any harsh chemicals that could irritate your pup.

HIZERO cordless vacuum and mop is best for pet hair

How does the HIZERO actually work?

Two words: very easily! It vacuums, mops, and dries hard floors all at the same time. 

That’s right – no more having to vacuum, then mop, then wait for the floor to dry!

To get the HIZERO going, simply switch the power button on above the sleek LED interface on the top handle. Then, to begin vacuuming the floor, all you need to do is push the unit forward. To mop the floor, all you need to do is pull it backwards. 

Another great feature of the HIZERO bionic mop? As the polymer roller glides across the floor, it actually dries it too. Not completely – but enough for your floors to dry in less than half the time of a traditional mop.


  • Utilises dual cleaning technology to clean hard floors, tiles, laminate, and wooden floor boards. 
  • The polymer cleaning roller combined with Airdry technology thoroughly cleans wet and dry waste by vacuuming, mopping and drying hard floors all at once.
  • The bionic roller technology means that unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, dust or debris isn’t blown back into the air to be inhaled, which is great for allergy sufferers. 
  • The unit separates solid waste filters into a container, while all fluids filter separately into a waste water tank. 
  • The LED control interface gives colour-coded status alerts so you know what to do and when, such as when the battery is low or the clean water tank is empty
  • Lithium-ion battery lasts up to 60 mins, and fully charges in around 3 hours.

HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner docking station

HIZERO battery power & docking station

Just like you would with a stick vacuum cleaner, we leave the HIZERO on its docking station during the day. We have housed ours near our kitchen and dining room – the highest traffic area of our home. This makes it super handy to grab the unit whenever we need to, and give the floors a quick and easy once over. 

This HIZERO vacuum and mop also has a nice modern design, so it’s not like an ugly vacuum or old mop you need to hide from your house guests!

In terms of battery power, in our experience it has never run out of battery during a clean. And we have a 3 bedroom home that is all hard flooring – a combination of timber floors, laminate and tile.

What the HIZERO will run out of however, is the cleaning solution. But refilling this is quite easy, and can be done simply by removing the container and unscrewing the lid.

Simply put, it’s all very simple to use – and will leave your floors clean and free of doggie hair.

HIZERO F803 Cordless Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

What we loved:

  • The all-in-one cleaning capabilities – vacuum, mop and dry in one go. 
  • Effectively cleans both solid /dry and liquid waste.
  • Quickly removes all manner of doggie messes such as dog hair, drool and dirty paws.
  • Good battery life allows us to clean the majority of our home without stopping.
  • Comes with a charging dock station, making it easy to grab and use as you need.
  • Dock station also comes with handy spaces to store the brushbar, polymer roller and cleaning solution.
  • It’s SO quiet – much quieter than any stick vacuum we’ve used.
  • Features a contemporary stylish design you don’t have to hide away in a cupboard.

Things you might want to consider:

  • In our opinion, it’s not the most lightweight unit – so it isn’t as easy to maneuver beneath or around furniture (especially if you’re used to light cordless stick vacuum cleaners for example).
  • Depending on how close your cupboards are to the floor, you might struggle to clean right along the edges and corners of walls, which is where floor debris tends to collect.
  • Having to clean out the solid waste container and rinse the brushbar after almost every use. You’ll also need to clean the filter after a period of regular use (in all fairness though, it’s no fun emptying a vacuum cleaner of dirt, dog hair, lint and all sorts – but it’s worthwhile doing when you see how clean your floors are!)

HIZERO Best vacuum mop for hardwood floors and dog hair

So…is HIZERO worth it?

If you’re a time-poor pet parent like us in need of a top quality, all-in-one mop and vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and pet hair, there’s no doubt the HIZERO F803 Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner is a worthwhile investment.

We’re also sticklers for reading countless reviews online before making big purchases, so if you’d like to see what other customers have to say about HIZERO, pop on over to the Product Review site.

Here’s to clean floors done quickly – leaving more time to spend hugging your dog!

Check out the HIZERO in action below:

Where to buy the HIZERO Bionic Mop & Hard Floor Cleaner

If you’re in the United States:

Check the price on the US Amazon store or find a HIZERO stockist here.

If you’re in Australia:

You can shop directly from the Hizero website or see the list of HIZERO showrooms here.

HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner Review for Pet Parents

HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner Review for Pet Parents

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