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Review: HIZERO All-in-One Cordless Floor Cleaner for Dog Owners

An 100% honest, unbiased review of the HIZERO All-in-One Cordless Floor Cleaner - it vacuums, mops and dries in one go. Here's what you need to know.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber-Nelson

Styling: Serena Faber-Nelson

There’s very few products that I make the claim “I can’t live without”, but the HIZERO All-in-One Cordless Floor Cleaner is fast becoming my favourite member of the family (sorry husband, children and dog!)

After purchasing my own unit (this is not gifted or sponsored in any way), I’ve been using and reviewing it for 6 months now and I’m ready to share my 100% unbiased and full review for you here.

NOTE: The 4in1 Bionic Mop featured in this review is now outdated. See our review of the latest upgraded model HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner Review for Pet Parents [2022].

The HIZERO All-in-One Cordless Floor Cleaner for Dog Owners

What is a HIZERO All-in-One Cordless Floor Cleaner? It’s not a steam mop, it’s not a vacuum cleaner – it’s all of the above and more. It sweeps, mops, and dries all hard floors in one go. That’s right – your floors are left sparkling clean – IN ONE GO. You simply move the unit forward to sweep up/vacuum any mess and then move it backwards to mop. The mop dries as it goes too. It’s that simple and easy.

I discovered the HIZERO on Instagram through the amazing Iryna of From Great Beginnings. I would watch her stories featuring this magical cleaning unit that left her floors sparkling with a few forwards and backwards movements. But to be honest, before making an investment I wanted to try it for myself. I borrowed a unit from my local store and from that moment on I knew I could never go back. The HIZERO cleaned my floors like nothing else could – and took just minutes to do so. Even my husband got in on the action and claimed our floors have never looked better.

The next day we purchased our HIZERO unit and from then on we’ve had perfect floors no matter what our two adult, two kid and one dog household throws at them (which is A LOT).

How the HIZERO Changed My Cleaning Routine

Prior to owning the HIZERO, I needed to vacuum all hard floors to remove dirt, dog hair and debris; and then I would need to mop to clean off any spilled food from dinner (I have two young children), paw prints etc. This could take up to half an hour and then we’d all have to wait for the floor to dry. Now I literally clean our floorboards with the HIZERO in 5 minutes and they sparkle. It means I not only clean my floors daily, but also if there’s a small spill, I can have it cleaned up in seconds.

The HIZERO can literally clean just about anything. Case in point, here is some of the mess my HIZERO has cleaned in the last six months:

  • Dog hair
  • Muddy paw prints/foot prints and dirt
  • Texta/marker written on the floor
  • Spilt food and drinks – everything from spaghetti, to mashed potato, yoghurt, flour, cake icing, peas and more. (I have two children under 5 – things get messy fast!)
  • Water spills and drool around the dog’s dishes
  • Dust and grime
  • Human hair
  • and so much more.

And it’s so simple to use. I leave it on it’s base charger (just like you would a stick vacuum), grab it whenever I need to and give the floors a quick back and forth. My HIZERO has never run out of power during use (many stick vaccs can’t say the same!) – I can clean all the hard floors in my house in one go.

When the cleaning solution in the unit runs out I simply top it up. I then empty the hard waste tray in the bin, empty the liquid waste tray in the sink, and pop the unit back on the base to charge. Then I simply sit back and admire my sparkling floors.

How does the HIZERO work?

Now for the techy stuff. Using cutting-edge, dual cleaning technology, the HIZERO is perfect for all hard floors, tiles, laminate, and wooden floor boards. The polymer roller absorbs wet and dry waste as it rolls across and mops the floor. Your floors are left clean and fresh from the HIZERO cleaning solution that runs through the unit. Solid waste filters into a trash tray and the fluids go separately into HIZERO’s waste water tank. As a user, you simply move forward and back across your floor until you’re done!

Here is a demonstration of the HIZERO in all it’s glory…


Literally – there is no vacuuming, then mopping, then waiting for the floor to dry. In a few short moves your floor is swept clean, mopped thoroughly and dried – leaving a gleaming floor.

Why Dog Owners Should get the HIZERO All-in-One Cordless Floor Cleaner

Honestly, in my 10 plus years of writing for Pretty Fluffy, I’ve never seen a more effective cleaning unit for dog owners.

  • The HIZERO cleans basically everything that is messy about a dog in one go – no having to vacuum, mop, scrub etc. separately.
  • It picks up dog hair on all hard surfaces – leaving no stray hairs.
  • It cleans muddy paw prints, while also picking up loose leaf litter, lawn clippings, dirt etc
  • It cleans up drool and liquid mess, leaving a fresh, clean floor.
  • Possibly the most important point – it picks up all these things when they’re mixed in together. Anyone that’s been faced with a muddy floor, also covered in water bowl drips and dog hair knows what a game changer this is.
  • The cleaning solution leaves your floors fresh and disinfected, yet doesn’t use harsh chemical that can irritate your pup.

The HIZERO All-in-One has magically captured how to clean your hard floors in just minutes – replacing all the vacuums, mops and units that have come beforehand.

Is there anything I don’t like? If I was completely honest, I’m not a fan of emptying out the hard waste trash tray (where everything you’ve sucked up off the floor goes) and the waste water tank (where all the dirty water goes.) But on the other hand, when you’re emptying these out you really see all the mess that you’ve just removed from your floors! It’s like a vacuum cleaner – no one like emptying the bin; but it sure is satisfying to know that stuff is not on your floors anymore.

What We Loved:

  • All-in-one cleaner for hard floors – sweeps, removes solid and liquid debris, mops and dries in one go. Simply move forward to pick up debris and back to mop.
  • Cleans quickly and effectively. HIZERO detergent leaves floors sparkling and smelling fresh.
  • Easy to use, cordless and fairly lightweight. Light enough to clean a a full size 2-3 bedroom home without strain.
  • Captures solid and liquid waste – everything from dog hair, to food, dirt and debris.
  • Mops effectively and removes marks on flooring without hard scrubbing.
  • Long battery life – clean your whole house in one go without stopping and starting.
  • Easy to manoeuvre and can get under chairs/tables with ease.
  • Comes with charging dock station, ready to grab and go again.
  • Self cleaning. Yep, that’s right. Just push a button and the unit cleans itself internally – nothing for you to do.

Best For:

  • ALL dog owners with inside pets and hard flooring. Cleans up dog hair, drool, stains, muddy paw prints etc
  • Excellent for families with children too – cleans up food spills, texta/marker etc
  • Great for allergy sufferers – helps remove dander, dog hair, dust and debris from the environment.
  • House proud pet owners – quick and easy cleaning that is so fast it can be done daily.
  • Excellent for little spills throughout the day as well.
  • Time poor pet owners – cleans more quickly than any vacuum or mop on the market. It literally does the job of both in one go.

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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber-Nelson

Styling: Serena Faber-Nelson

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