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Take Your Dog to Work Day: 6 Reasons Office Dogs Make the Best Co-Workers

It's true - your dog deserves to be employee of the month, every month!

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Today we’re celebrating the wonder and unbridled delight that is office dogs! Yes, it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day – the best day of the year for office-working dog mums, and dog-loving, dog-less colleagues everywhere.

As many of us have worked from home over the past couple of years, our dogs have become more than our besties… they’ve become our co-workers too (and by co-worker, we of course mean cuddle officer!)

But a slow return to normality – and a return to the office along with it – means Take Your Dog to Work Day is more important than ever for our best friends (turned best ever office dogs) who are used to having us there 24/7.

Started by Pet Sitters International in 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrates the many joys and benefits of having pets in the workplace. It’s also an important day that raises awareness for pet rescue groups, local animal shelters, and to encourage dog adoptions.

Being the ~professional~ dog mamas we are, we are incredibly lucky that every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day in our house (despite Ziggy taking his role as Chief Content Officer extremely seriously, and micro-managing us by the minute!) But of course, this isn’t the case for the majority of dog mums and dads.

So, if you need to convince your boss to participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day, here’s 6 reasons why you need an office dog – and why dogs make the best ever co-workers.

Your boss just won’t be able to say no to this paw-fect logic!

TIP: Planning on taking your dog to work? Check out these 5 Tips for Bringing Your Pup to a Dog-Friendly Office!


Take Your Dog to Work Day: 6 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Co-Workers


1. Office dogs make everyone happier

Just being in the same room as a dog is enough to make you smile (or squeal, depending on your dog obsession levels!) Plus, if your dog is with you at work, there’s no need to waste time watching them on your Furbo, or gazing at their photos. Hello happy (and more productive) workplace!

2. Office dogs comfort you and relieve stress

Research from the U.S National Insititutes of Health indicates that spending time with dogs decreases cortisol levels (a stress-related hormone), lowers blood pressure and boosts your mood. If work gets a bit too stressful, your furry work mate will be right there to calm you down. It’s a sure-fire way to lift your spirits and create a happier work environment.

3. A dog-friendly office increases productivity

Because a furry co-worker can help us feel less stressed at work, we are much more likely to be creative, engaged and productive at work. Which are ha-uge plusses for you, and your boss!


Dog wearing glasses - Office dog - Take Your Dog to Work Day


4. Office dogs encourage everyone to be more social

Dogs are the ultimate ice-breakers, which is no-doubt great for our own social skills. Being social creatures by nature, their tendency to befriend absolutely everyone sparks conversation, creates network opportunities and establishes good working relationships – overall boosting workplace morale. Bless.

5. Dogs are the perfect excuse to take that well-deserved break

The regular toilet breaks your dog needs are the perfect opportunity to take a well-deserved break and get some fresh air. This ultimately helps you to be more engaged and on-task when you get back to work!

6. A dog-friendly office just makes going to work fun

Many workplaces aren’t exactly known for sparking joy. But a dog can change all of that in an instant!

Having a dog by your side can make any task better, and dogs also have the ability to bring out our inner child, and the playful nature in all of us. It’s surely one of the best ways to bring good vibes to the office!



When bringing your dog to work, it’s very important to make sure your workplace is a safe and secure environment not only for your dog, but your fellow co-workers.

Here is an excellent resource by the RSPCA with tips on how to create safe and happy pet-friendly working environment.

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day, and say hi to your fur baby from us! x

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Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: Katy & Shell

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