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DIY Dog Birthday Crown

Let your pup feel like a Queen (or King!) on their special day!

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

This DIY dog birthday crown is a super fun way to celebrate your pup’s next birthday!

This cute dog birthday crown is so simple to make and is gorgeously captured here by the talented Missy Moo Studio.

DIY Dog Birthday Crown | Pretty Fluffy

You’ll need:

Dog Birthday Crown template – Download below
Scrapbook paper
Piece of 8 x 12 inch felt in your choice of colour
Hot glue gun and glue
Disappearing ink pen
Fusible adhesive
Skinny elastic (Craft stores usually carry white and black but you can find a variety of colours here)

DIY Dog Birthday Crown | Pretty Fluffy

DIY Dog Birthday Crown Instructions:

1. Spray the back of your piece of felt with the fusible adhesive and allow to dry.
2. Place the piece of felt on top of your paper, making sure the side sprayed with adhesive is touching the side of your paper you don’t want to show.
3. Turn your iron on a medium setting and gently iron the felt so it adheres to the piece of paper.
4. Cut out the crown template and trace it on the piece of felt with a disappearing ink pen. You can then cut out the crown.
5. Using a thin line of glue, glue the edges of the crown together. Hold in place unto the glue dries.
6. How long you should cut your piece of elastic depends on who you are making the crown for! I recommend measuring the head of your favorite furry friend, child or whoever first by taking the piece of elastic and going around their head, under their chin. After that, you should be able to subtract 4-5 inches to get it the perfect length
7. Using little daps of hot glue, glue the elastic to the inside of the crown. Make sure the seam of the hat is in the back. You are done!

DIY Dog Birthday Crown | Pretty Fluffy


Dog Birthday Crown Template Download:

Download your DIY Dog Birthday Crown Template here.


About Missy Moo Studio:

Missy is the doggy that inspired Missy Moo Studio! She is a five year old english bulldog. Julie is the owner of Missy Moo Studio. She likes chocolate, pink, and anything retro. She drives a new Beetle and hopes someday to have it custom painted pink. She (of course) loves design and photography. She adores animals sooo much, she almost became a veterinarian. She fell in love with computers…and that grew into a love of design. She specializes in pet photography and print design (logo creation, business card design, etc.)


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DIY Dog Birthday Crown | Pretty Fluffy

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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

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  1. We so love this! Gorgeous photos too. =)

    Erika and Sebastian

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