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Easy DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Doggy Donuts

Looking for a cute and crafty Christmas gift for your dog? Do-nut look any further!

Oh so cute and festive, these Holiday Doggy Donuts are a super quick and easy DIY dog toy that is sure to win over your pup!

As much as I love this nifty DIY dog toy, sadly I cannot take credit for thinking up the idea!

When my Coco was just a pup, we went to my grandparents house for a visit. We didn’t have any dog toys with us to keep her busy and she quickly became bored. My grandpa, being the sweet man he is, went to his bedroom and came out with a sock.

Within seconds he made her a donut toy and she didn’t put it down the rest of the visit. Six years later, out of all the toys in her bin, she still loves the simple sock donut. Thanks, grandpa!

So if you’re looking for easy homemade dog toys to keep your pup busy over the festive season, these dog donut toys are it.

They also make a great DIY dog Christmas gift for friends or family with a fur baby at home.

DIY dog toy ideas really don’t get easier or more adorable than this. Enjoy!

Easy DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Doggy Donuts

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DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Dog Donut Toy | DIY Dog Christmas Gifts

Easy DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Dog Donut Toy


2 Pair of Holiday Themed Socks (you can find these at the dollar store!)
2 Pair of thick socks (optional, depending on thickness of holiday socks)
Needle & Thread (optional)
Paper & Printer for Gift Tags (download the gift tags below!)
Ribbon for Garnish

Makes 4 x dog donut toys. You can package all 4, or split them in half for 2 gifts!

DIY Holiday Dog Donut Toy Tutorial


  1. Cut the tip off of all 8 socks so that they each have openings on both ends.
  2. If your holiday sock is long and on the thicker side, as opposed to a thin shorter sock, then you can skip the plain sock. The plain sock is just for added bulk.
  3. Begin rolling the plain sock inward, just like a sock bun. Once you have the donut formed, place the opening of the holiday sock around the donut and begin rolling over it until it is completely covered. You should now have a good size holiday donut.
  4. You’re nearly done! To secure the sock from unrolling, take your needle and thread and do a quick stitch around the hem of the sock. If you have a dog that isn’t an aggressive chewer, you can skip this step.
  5. Add some gift tags and garnish with ribbon.

DIY Holiday Dog Donut Toy Tutorial

DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Dog Donut Toy | DIY Dog Christmas Gifts 

Free Gift Tag Download: Holiday Doggy Donuts

DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Dog Donut Toy | DIY Dog Christmas Gifts

The final touch to this cute and easy DIY dog toy is of course an adorable gift tag!

You can download the free printable gift tag template here.

Easy DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Doggy Donuts

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Comments (26)

26 responses to “Easy DIY Dog Toy for Christmas: Holiday Doggy Donuts”

  1. TOOOOOOOOO adorable! Such a great idea! I want to make thousands of them and share with every dog/owner I meet! Great idea Sarah :)

  2. Beth says:

    What a great idea!

  3. Delia Meek says:

    Super Cute!!! I love the holiday colors too!!

  4. cate says:

    What a great idea and THE most adorable pics! ♥

  5. Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy making them :) Happy Holidays!

  6. Cheyenne says:

    I love this idea. My dog certainly will to.

  7. Sarah says:

    Adorable! these work for any season – very, very cute. Fantastic toy idea for our dog’s “on the go” bag.

  8. Nikki says:

    I just made some of these for my beagle because I knew I had a whole bunch of single socks around. She’s going mental for them! She’s loves them. Throwing them around and pouncing on them. I’m so making these for doggie christmas gifts!

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