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The Pumpkin Patch with Coco Bean

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

Happy Halloween week, Pretty Fluffies!

Last weekend was the first cool and breezy weekend here in Florida. It was amazing, it actually felt like fall. No humidity, yeah! My husband, Coco Bean and I (fall loving Ohioans) decided to take advantage of the nice weather, so we went to pick out our pumpkins. We like to go to the same spot every year, a local church yard stocked full of beautiful pumpkins of every size. When you enter the gates you completely forget you’re in Florida and that the palm trees and ocean are right around the corner. All of the volunteer workers are always so friendly, welcoming, and high on halloween spirit, which makes the experience even better. We love to go right at sunset because they turn on their twinkling string lights and you feel like you’re in a Charlie Brown halloween episode.

The yard is usually full of little ones, excited to pick out pumpkins to carve, parents taking photos of the children amongst the magical scenery and carting them around in little radio flyer wagons. Being there makes memories of childhood come flooding back. I’m sure many of you can relate! We were taking photos of Coco like she was one of the children (hey, she is our child), which people found to be hilariously entertaining. We tried to get her photo in the same spot as last year, just for fun. She hasn’t changed much! She still loved sniffing out all of the pumpkins and climbing around. Pretty sure she thought it was Disney World.

How are you and your pups celebrating the fall season and Halloween week this year? We’d love to hear!

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

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5 responses to “The Pumpkin Patch with Coco Bean”

  1. Andrea says:

    This is sooo cute! I wish Australia did Holloween they way you do over in the states. Coco looks very pleased with herself with her pumpkins too!

  2. Kody Ziegler says:

    I love when you feature Coco Bean photo shoots! Her face is so expressive and she is adorable.

    Pumpkin puree is great for pups, be sure to give her a little!

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