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What is an Angel Session? (And why your Senior Dog needs one)

For many pet owners, the senior years of their pet’s life are bittersweet. Never has our shared bond been stronger, and never before have we yearned so much to capture every moment as a precious memory we will keep forever.

I’m delighted to have Sarah of McGraw Photography here today to give us one beautiful way to capture the memories of our senior pets so they will forever be in our hearts…the Angel Session.

What is an Angel Session?

An Angel Session is a pet portrait session for a furry friend that is approaching the end of their time on this Earth. It could be for an elderly pet or for one with a terminal illness – either way, they always leave us too soon.

As with anyone or anything we care about, we want to have something to remember them by. Lovely images and artwork provide just that. Images that show your pet’s quirks and personality allow you to look back and remember your furbaby even after they have transformed into our invisible angels.

Because of the delicate situation and sometimes emergency status of Angel Sessions, they are squeezed in as soon as possible.

Why do an Angel Session?

All too often, people either don’t think of having professional pictures taken of their furbabies or they keep putting it off. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late and your pup’s life has flashed before your eyes.

While I always encourage people to get photos taken while your pet is at it’s prime, late is better than never. Please don’t miss out on the opportunity to immortalise your special family member with wonderful imagery.

The special bond you share with your pet is like no other…it deserves to be captured in photographs. You will never regret having photos to help you reminisce.

What is an Angel Session? (and why your senior dog needs one)

What should someone expect from an Angel Session?

Although an Angel Session seems like a sad occasion, I try to approach it from a positive standpoint. I want the overall experience to be something a pet parent can look back on and smile about.

While photographing the pet, it’s hard to avoid talking about some of the sad stuff. However, I really try to keep things focused on the positives. We talk about the funny things Rover did as a puppy, the favorite trips taken together, the goofy looks, warm cuddles, and slobbery kisses.

I want the Angel Session to be one of those positive memories when the parent looks back a year later.

How do you find a photographer that does Angel Sessions?

Most pet photographers shoot some form of an Angel Session (the name will vary) and will do whatever they can to squeeze them in ASAP.

Googling pet photographers in your area will give a good idea of some photography options. There is also a great new resource started by Sarah Beth Photography called This site provides a wealth of information as well as a list of pet photographers that offer this wonderful service.

About McGraw Photography

Sarah McGraw is a Charlotte, North Carolina photographer that captures modern images of posh pets. Being in love with photography since she was 12 and obsessed with animals since she was born, she can now happily say that she loves her job – the perfect combination of the two. Sarah is the proud mom of 2 dogs, Eva and Sadie, and 2 cats, Teton and Little Kitty. When she isn’t photographing clients’ pets, she donates her time photographing canine events for the American Cancer Society and fundraisers for local rescues. She also photographs adoptable dogs at the Humane Society of Charlotte.


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Pick of the Week

  • 299 Dogs Puzzle - Uncommon Goods

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