11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know
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11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

We all love our dogs, but we don’t love the mess they make quite as much.

Here’s a handy quick reference guide on 11 simple and easy dog cleaning tips every dog owner should know…

11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know



On your bed, on your couch, on your clothes…pet hair gets everywhere.

But there are ways to keep it under control. Here are our favourite pet hair solutions:

11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know


Introducing a robotic vacuum into our home literally changed my life. Why spend your life vacuuming up pet hair when the vacuum can do all the hard work?

Robotic vacuums have come a along way since they first hit the market and while a financial investment, they pay back in spades. Simply program your vacuum for a scheduled clean up and return home to a pet hair free house.

Our top pick is the Neato Pet & Allergy Robotic Vacuum – you can read our full review here.

11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know


Unless you want to spend your days picking dog hairs off your outfit, YOU NEED a lint roller in your life. While some people like to use rolls of scotch tape, a quality lint roller is inexpensive and worth it’s weight in gold.

I like to keep a large one at home for clothes, pillows and soft furnishings; and then a smaller version in the car for last minute touch ups.



A last minute, everyday failsafe for pet hair is nothing other than a set of rubber dishwashing gloves. Simply pop them on and sweep your hand over the area you need to ‘defuzz’. It’s quick, cheap and effective for small clean ups.

11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know


Regular grooming and brushing of your pup essentially boils down to the more hair that ends up on the brush – the less that ends up in your house!

The Dyson Groom takes this idea one step further. By attaching the unique grooming attachment to your vacuum, the Dyson Groom literally sucks up the excess hair while you’re brushing. Find out more and read our full review of the Dyson Groom here.


Whether you have a new puppy, and older pet or one that just had a bad day, toilet accidents are a part of life with a dog.

Here’s how to make clean up easy:


When dealing with toilet training accidents, quick work and a simple cleaning solution does the trick.

First blot dry the stain (do not rub!), then apply a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar with a couple squirts of gentle dishwashing soap.

Slowly dab to bring the stain out, and allow to air dry. It’s a good idea to trial the cleaning solution on a indistinguishable spot first to ensure it’s compatible with your carpet or furnishing.


11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know

Whether you use scented candles, linen sprays or air fresheners – room deodorisers are a must when living with pets.

Try to ensure at least once a week you open as many windows as possible to air out your home and bring fresh air in. Then quickly go throughout your home armed with a spray or light a candle for a good period to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.


ONE The Laundress Fabric Fresh Spray

TWO Ecoya Natural Candle & Home Fragrance Range

THREE Glasshouse Candles

FOUR Glasshouse Fragrance Diffusers


The problem with cute pup paws is they manage to track dirt in from wherever your dog has been.

For a lot of dog owners this means sacrificing nice furnishings as “the dog’s going to ruin it anyway”. We say no more!


11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know

The #1 simple solution to doggy paw prints is easy wash throw rugs – and lots of them.

Get them in natural colours – think soft greys, taupes and organic patterns – then keep them wherever your dog like to hang out. I have a throw for our bed and couch that work perfectly in keeping our furniture paw print free!


To keep wet paws at bay you need to stop your dog in their tracks!

By investing in a Soggy Doggy Door Mat or making your own Puppy Mud Mittens with this handy DIY tutorial you can ensure that before your dog comes back inside, their paws are clean and mud free.


Every dog loves dinnertime, but not every owner loves that clean up that follows.

Yet a couple of simple changes can makes things much easier…

11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Needs to Know


The perfect solution for dogs that like to drool or drop food or water outside their bowls.

Doggy placemats slide easily under your pup’s food and water bowls and can be easily removed and wiped down with ease after each mealtime. No mess, no fuss.


11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know


For excessive droolers and dribblers, nothing works better than a doggie bandana – plus it keeps them looking good in the process.

Simply slide on when needed and throw in the wash as required. Our favourite Doggie Bandana brands include Dharf and The Dapper Yapper.

Feeling handy? Try our DIY No-Sew Dog Bandana Tutorial!


The clickety clack on pet nails means one thing – long term marks on your floors and furniture.

Here’s how to avoid it…


A lot of dog owners hate trimming their dog’s nails – and to be fair, a lot of dogs hate the process too. This is usually because the owner is using nail clippers to try and trim their dog’s nails at home. Without the right experience and technique, clipping your dog’s nails can result in cutting them too short and hitting the blood supply — leaving your dog bleeding and in pain.

The solution? Nail buffing (or grinding). Using a dog nail grinder is just like using an emery board to buff your nails. The oscillating head gently yet quickly grinds away at your dog’s nails, causing no pain or distress. By the end you’re left with a dog that has healthy, buffed nails that won’t hurt your hardwood floors!

As an added bonus, keeping your dog’s nails trim helps your pup’s general paw wellbeing and healthy posture.

I use the Andis Pro Speed Nail Grinder to keep Soda’s nail’s freshly manicured with no stress or fuss.


What are your go-to dog cleaning tips for pet owners?

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Comments (32)

32 responses to “11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know”

  1. Great tips – I love the idea of the rubber gloves. Lola would probably boycott the idea of the dog vacuum, haha.

  2. Maria says:

    How about drool/nose art on windows? I can’t seem to get it off easily with windex no matter how hard I scrub…

    • Amy says:

      Oh why would you want to remove such beautiful nose art. I have that problem too.

      The robot vacuum cleaner caught my eye because it is designed for pet hair! I fear that ‘normal’ robovacs might just become clogged in a matter of minutes!

    • Ah yes – the nose prints on glass! I know there is a window cleaner by 3M that has a ‘scotch guard’ effect in which with each clean it builds up a layer to prevent marks – however depending on how much your dog’s lick them it might not be best for them to be consuming the cleaning product remnant left over.

      If you ever catch them in the act, try replacing the window action with a peanut butter filled Kong to nuzzle and lick. 🙂

    • Imelda says:

      How about trying a spray bottle with vinegar? Works quite well for me.
      The other thing that works is to wipe over the area with eucalyptus or ti-tree oil – seems to put him off nosing the area.
      Good luck

    • Barb says:

      I found just using a vinegar, water, lemon essential oil mix – the windows clean up really well. I also use microfiber towels

    • Debra Hays says:

      Use a nice wet magic eraser…then just paper towel dry!!! Works great

    • Patty says:

      for nose prints and dog slobber in general;
      spray glass cleaner and rub it in with your fingertips.
      then wipe with paper towels or newspaper bunched up.
      this will take off the stubborn spots.

  3. Awesome tips especially the throws! I am the queen of throws and the pooch loves them too! And thank you for including the Dyson groom. I have not seen this before but loving the concept.

  4. Patti LaRue says:

    Does anyone have any ideas for what essentially oil I could use safely on my puppy for dry skin

    • Barb says:

      1 tsp of coconut oil per 40# will help with skin issues. Start out slow on the CO as it can cause diarrhea. Other ideas are fish oil, or salmon oil, some say olive oil. If you google it there is alot of info out there now.

  5. elmarie says:

    Please help me my Maltese poedel is staying with me in a first floor flat. What can I do that she will not pee on my bed?

  6. Karen says:

    So how do you keep the fur out of the way when you are grinding their nails.

  7. Kathy says:

    As to pet hair on furniture, you can also take a damp paper towel and rub over the furniture, then follow with a dry paper towel. Removes an awesome amount of hair.

  8. Megan says:

    My life would not be complete without a lint roller!

  9. Jill Kim says:

    I totally support any of those cleaning pet hair solutions. I have been using some of them, for the rest I know from friends, and they are doing a great job! Greetings

  10. Really its informative tips.This article is amazing. I have found this to be very informative. I’m looking forward to read more of your work.
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  11. Paola says:

    WOW! Amazing tips! I will be sharing this on my company’s Facebook!

  12. Tynisha says:

    My dog has made smudges (with his paw pads) on microfiber, how do I clean that?

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