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21 Must-See Movies About A Dog (With Trailers)

Here are the best movies about a dog that every animal lover needs to see.

When I was a kid, watching movies about a dog was always a magical, captivating experience for me. It’s basically my dog mum origin story…where my hopeless dog obsession truly began!

The funny thing is, even to this day I still have that child-like fascination with dog movies (look, sometimes it’s just nice to forget you’re an adult, eat cereal and watch dog films all day).

And being the holidays, it’s the perfect time to cosy up, grab some snacks and settle in for a family movie night. And these films starring man’s best friend will not disappoint.

So whether you want a lighthearted laugh, a tale of adventure or a tear-jerking true story, this must-see list of movies for dog lovers (complete with trailers) has something for everyone!

21 Must-See Movies For Dog Lovers

21 Must-See Movies About A Dog (With Trailers)


The best dog movies on Netflix

The Secret Life of Pets 

The Secret Life of Pets - The Best Dog Movies on Netflix

Ever wondered what your dog really gets up to when you’re not home? Well, get ready for the lols because you’re about to find out!

Created by the makers of Despicable Me, this hilarious and engaging animated film follows the chaotic adventures of a group of lovable pets in New York city. This family-friendly movie about animals that will charm dog lovers of all ages, and had us laughing all the way through.


Rescued by Ruby

Rescued by Ruby - dog movie on Netflix

If you’re anything like us and can’t resist wholesome movies about dogs with a positive message, and based on a true story –  then this is the film for you.

Rescued by Ruby is the heartwarming story of how a hyperactive shelter dog and a state trooper find hope and a second chance with each other. The beautiful bond they form sees them work together to overcome incredible odds in their quest to join the K-9 Search & Rescue team.


White Fang

White White Fang - dog films on NeflixFang - dog films on Neflix

Based on the renowned 1906 novel by Jack London, White Fang is a touching movie about a dog – a half-breed wolf – that is separated from his mother, and goes on to befriend a young man who cares for him. 

Filled with adventure, it’s a wonderful animated film with important messages about caring for animals and the bonds we share with them. Have the tissues handy. 


Most famous dog movies

Turner & Hooch

Turner & Hooch - 1980's dog movie on Disney +

I cannot tell you the number of times I watched this movie as a child, it’s an absolute classic for dog lovers young and old. I can already hear Tom Hanks shrieking, “No Hooch!!”

A hilarious tale that proves opposites can attract, Turner & Hooch tells the heartwarming story of a neat-freak detective who reluctantly partners up with a big unruly dog with a drooling problem.

Released in 1989 (when all the best movies were made IMO!) Turner & Hooch is among the best comedy dog movies of all time.




Another classic comedy movie about a canine-cop team (that harks back to my childhood days) Jim Belushi plays a stubborn, unconventional detective who’s new partner is Jerry Lee – an equally-stubborn but highly trained german shepherd.

Hilarious, action-packed chaos ensues as this unlikely crime-fighting duo begrudgingly work together to bust a huge drug syndicate. 

Jim Belushi’s reactions to Jerry Lee’s antics are simply iconic, he was made for this role. It’s definitely one of our all-time favourite dog movies!



Benji on Netflix - IMDb

Undoubtedly one of the most classic dog movies of all time, Benji follows the heartwarming, action-packed story of a beloved street dog who sets out to rescue children from kidnappers.

Told through Benji’s eyes, this timeless film for dog lovers of all ages has adventure, adorable characters and family-friendly appeal.

The original was filmed in 1974, but you can also watch the modern reboot on Netflix.


Funny dog movies 

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Funny dog movies - BBC

Drew Barrymore, George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis feature in this star-studded, laugh-out-loud funny movie for dog lovers of all ages. It’s pure chaos, which is why we love it!

The story follows Chloe, a pampered Beverly Hills chihuahua who is dog-napped while on holiday in Mexico. Beneath the glitz and fluff are uplifting messages about gratitude and friendship.

And if you’re into high-end dog fashion, the outfits donned by the pampered pups in this film are worth the watch alone!



Beethoven Movie - Shake on bed scene

Of all the funny dog movies, Beethoven is larger than life in more ways than one!

In this 1992 family comedy, a friendly and giant Saint Bernard called Beethoven joins a loving family – but the workaholic dad (played by the legendary Charles Grodin) isn’t so convinced.

Get ready for doggie antics, hilarious disasters and unlikely bonds to form as Beethoven slobbers his way into the hearts of his new family.

Fun fact: To date there are 8 Beethoven movies in total – proof this timeless story is so loved.


Best in Show

Best in Show dog movie

Cute dogs and overly-competitive pet parents sounds like an intriguing combination to us. We’ve always wanted to go behind-the-scenes of a dog show, and this hilarious and one-of-a-kind mockumentary is the next-best thing!

It’s the 125th annual Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show, and competition among the dog owners is fierce. Accompanying the impeccably groomed, exquisitely trained pups are their equally colourful owners, whose antics will make you laugh no matter how many times you watch this movie.

Fun fact: Most of the film was improvised! See if you can tell.


Sad dog movies

Marley & Me

Marley & Me

Ask anyone about a sad dog movie they’ve seen, and we bet they’ll say Marley & Me. Don’t even get us started on how much we cried over this film!

Married couple (Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson) adopt an adorable but cheeky Labrador named Marley. Pet parents everywhere will relate to all the hilarious puppy antics and heartfelt moments as Marley forges a forever bond with his humans.

This one is a real tear jerker, so have the tissues handy.


Hachiko (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale)

Hachiko (Hachi- A Dog’s Tale) 1

Make no mistake, this must-watch film about a dog and the unbreakable bond he shares with his human will leave you sobbing. The mere thought of this movie causes me to well up!

Starring Richard Gere, Hachikō is based on an incredible true story about a professor who stumbles across an akita puppy at a train station.

When the professor sadly doesn’t return home one afternoon, what follows is a heartbreaking show of loyalty which continues for nearly ten years, leaving dog lovers in awe worldwide.


A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose

‘The ones we rescue, rescue us’ is a message that dog lovers everywhere will relate to, and it’s the premise of this sad but uplifting family-friendly movie.

Over the years, Bailey forms an unbreakable bond with his human. As old age creeps in and his time sadly comes to an end, he makes a promise to his best friend.

When Bailey’s soul lives on through other dogs, it’ll make you reflect on the precious role dog’s play in our lives.


Disney dog movies

Lady and The Tramp

Lady and The Tramp

A must-watch film for dog lovers young or old – and not only for the classic spaghetti kissing scene!

One of the most beloved dog movies of all time, this heartwarming tale sees two pups from different sides of the track find love. The adventures of Lady, a pampered cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a happy-go-lucky street dog, captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere when the film was released way back in 1955. 

Nearly 70 years later, they still do. It’s one of my all-time favourite dog movies.


101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians

Can 15 dalmatian puppies escape the clutches of the crazy Cruella DeVille, before she turns them into a lavish fur coat?

This is the central plot of the classic Disney dog movie and childhood favourite 101 Dalmatians, released back in 1961. 

This timeless film about dogs has everything; suspense, comedy, nostalgia…and let’s not forget 101 times the cuteness!


The Fox & The Hound

The Fox & The Hound

An animated Disney classic, The Fox and the Hound follows the story of two unlikely friends; a red fox named Tod, and a hound dog named Copper.

While mostly a lighthearted film, sadly their innocent friendship is ultimately doomed as their natural instincts and social pressures begin to cause conflict.

A family-friendly adventure with some heart-wrenching moments and messages of friendship, prejudice and hope.


Cat and dog movies

Homeward Bound 

Homeward Bound 

In our opinion, this is one of the best cat and dog movies of all time. You’ll laugh, cry, and shriek in suspense (don’t even get me started on Sassy’s waterfall incident!)

This nostalgic family-friendly film follows the story of Sassy, a Himalayan cat (who lives up to her name), Shadow, a wise golden retriever, and the affable Chance, an American bulldog.  

This sweet and hilarious trio will lead you on an epic cross-country adventure to make their way home to their family.  The inspirational final scene is a classic moment in movie history. 


Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs


“Evil does NOT wear a bonnet!” is one of many quotables from this hilarious spy movie parody that plays on the age-old rivalry between cats and dogs.

It’s also a hint at the ridiculous hijinks that lie ahead, as the villainous Mr Tinkles (voiced brilliantly by Will & Grace star Sean Hayes) attempts to lead an army of cats in a high-tech, top-secret biological war against their canine arch rivals.

Funny, action-packed and heartwarming, it’s one of the best movies about dogs and cats ever made. I’ve watched this movie over 20 times, and it still cracks me up!




Is there anything more endearing than a dog who thinks he has superpowers? 

The star of a hit superhero TV series, Bolt grew up on the show’s set. Awkwardly, this makes him believe his superpowers are real. When he becomes separated from his owner, Penny, Bolt embarks on a journey in the real world to find her and in turn, finds himself.

Starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, this animated movie about a dog and his misplaced identity is sweet and engaging, and his friendship with the ever-sassy Mittens will make you giggle each time.


Snow dog movies

Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs

Snuggling up with Snow Dogs is a winter tradition for many dog lovers! 

This wacky comedy movie about dogs sees Ted, a dentist (Cuba Gooding Jr) journey from sunny Florida to faraway Alaska to claim his mother’s inheritance. 

But instead of receiving money, he inherits his mother’s cabin – and a pack of sled dogs. Clearly a fish out of water, Ted nevertheless gets caught up in the world of dog-sled racing and the upcoming Arctic Challenge dog sled race.

A light-hearted family movie with beautiful dogs and scenery to boot.




If you love snow dog movies and a good under dog story, this animated adventure film is for you.

Based on true events, it follows the story of Balto; a half husky, half wolf who is sadly rejected by those around him.

That is until Balto seizes an opportunity to prove his worth…by rescuing a dog sled team stranded miles away in the perilous Arctic. On board is medicine needed to save the lives of the children in his small town from fatal diphtheria.

Balto’s heroic story is admired worldwide, and his statue still stands at New York’s Central Park


Eight Below

Eight Below

This snow dog movie is a touching tale of survival, inspired by the bond between one man and his eight sled dogs.

Based on a true story, Jerry (Paul Walker) is forced to leave his expedition base – and his loyal huskies – in the Antarctic due to dangerous weather conditions. Can they survive on their own until he can make it back?

Dramatic and heart-wrenching, Eight Below is a must-see movie for dog owners everywhere no matter the season.


Do you think this list features some of the best dog movies of all time? 

We hope your personal favourite made the list (or you found a new favourite dog film to love!)

21 Must-See Movies For Dog Lovers
21 Must-See Movies For Dog Lovers

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