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12 Books About Dogs Every Dog Lover Should Own

Build the ultimate dog lovers library with this list of the best books about dogs for adults.

Found: 12 books about dogs every dog lover should own!

When I was a kid, I remember being completely enchanted by children’s stories about dogs (don’t even get me started on my obsession with the Little Golden Books series!)

And while the types of dog books I read has changed as I’ve grown older, my love for a good book inspired by dogs hasn’t budged one bit.

From dog treat recipe books to dog training books, coffee table books for dog lovers and more, these pooch-inspired, modern books about dogs make the perfect gift or addition to your home.

Many of the below titles were chosen because they already live on our shelf, or on our personal wish list of must-have dog books. Whether it’s a best-seller or simply beautiful canine photography, here are some of the best books for pet parents you’ll find.

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12 Books About Dogs Every Pet Parent Should Own

12 of the Best Books for Dog Lovers


Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog)

12 Must-Have Books Every Dog Lover Should Own

AUTHOR: Lara Shannon

If you’re a pet parent searching for the ultimate guide to give your pup the healthiest and happiest life possible, look no further.

Written by Lara Shannon, a certified dog trainer, pet food nutritionist and host of TV show Pooches at Play, this fun and educational book about dogs is a treasure trove of canine care wisdom, drawn from her experience working and playing with dogs.

Covering everything from puppyhood to old age, it’s conveniently divided into three chapters – Eat, Play, and Love. Lara covers all the essential topics, from crafting the perfect diet for your dog’s well-being, to tackling common dog behaviour issues with ease. It even includes some dog-friendly recipes – it really has it all!

Good Dog: A Collection of Portraits

Good Dog: A Collection of Portraits - Best non-fiction books about dogs

AUTHOR: Randal Ford

From rescue dogs brimming with character to the most elegant of show dogs, this heartwarming book celebrates the bond between dogs and humans through 150 stunning dog portraits. 

Accompanied by a touching essay from W. Bruce Cameron, this collection aims to make you smile, but also serve a greater purpose. Proceeds from the book support Emancipet’s mission to provide affordable and accessible veterinary care for all pets.

Perfect for any dog lover’s coffee table, it’s filled with charming stories of pups of all ages, reminding us of all the goodness they bring to our lives.

Dog-Friendly New York & London

Four & Sons Dog Friendly New York & London - good books for dog lovers

AUTHOR: Winnie Au & Marta Roca 

If exploring dog-friendly places with your best friend is right up your alley, then you’re going to love these dog-friendly city guides by the team behind modern dog magazine Four&Sons.

Just like their iconic magazine series, Dog-Friendly: New York and London feature engaging photography, modern illustrations, and interviews with notable dog lovers who share their insider intel about the best dog-friendly places around town.

With sections on ‘Walk’, ‘Stay’, ‘Eat’, ‘Look’, and ‘Away’, these must-have dog travel guides feature everything from art galleries, bookstores and green spaces, to architectural marvels, cafés for dogs, pet-friendly hotels and more.

For more information, see our full book review on Four&Sons Dog-Friendly City Guides.

Dog Songs: Poems

Best Selling books about dogs - Dog Songs by Mary Oliver

AUTHOR: Mary Oliver 

“Is laughter frequent in your house? And tenderness? Give the dog a good portion of the credit,” writes Mary Oliver in the preface to this inspiring best-selling book about dogs.

Dog Songs: Poems celebrates the heartfelt bond between humans and dogs.  Through verses inspired by her canine companions, including the beloved Percy, she beautifully conveys the depths of human-dog love, along with the joy and sorrow these connections bring. Dogs become our fellow travellers and guides, offering lessons in nature and love.

Whether you’ve lost a dog or cherish the one by your side, this touching collection will no doubt leave its mark. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a dog lover, this is it. 

Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

Healthy Homemade Dog Treats Book - Dog Treat Recipe Book

AUTHOR: Serena Faber-Nelson

Discover the secret to a happy dog: cuddles, walks, and endless homemade dog treats!

In Healthy Homemade Dog Treats, pet lifestyle expert (and OG Pretty Fluffy editor) Serena Faber-Nelson brings back the fun with 70+ easy, beautiful dog treat recipes you’ll love making over and over again.

From nutritious Kong stuffers to budget-friendly, simple-to-make chews, your pup will be in treat heaven. With mouth-watering images, step-by-step instructions, allergy alternatives and more, this must-have dog treat recipe book ensures your pup gets the very best.

If you’re looking for a good book for a dog lover who also loves to cook, you’re on to a winner here.

The Dogist

12 Must-Have Books for dog lovers - The Dogist

AUTHOR: Elias Weiss Friedman

If you’re not already familiar with the globally loved The Dogist, just think Humans of New York – but for dogs.

Packed with over 1,000 street-captured moments that show dogs doing very ‘dog things’, Elias Weiss Friedman, aka The Dogist, celebrates the personalities of the pooches that cross his path in his signature engaging style.

From adorable puppies to dapper dogs in fancy outfits, each portrait tells a story that will make you smile. Themed sections include Puppies, Cones of Shame, Working Dogs, and Dogs in Fancy Outfits, so there’s something to charm every dog lover.

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Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories

Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories - non-fiction books about dogs

AUTHOR: Traer Scott

Nothing pulls at your heartstrings quite like a shelter dog who needs a second chance at life.

Having started out as a shelter volunteer, Traer Scott’s deep connection with shelter dogs is evident in every image. With her stunning pet portraits, Scott celebrates the diverse personalities of each dog – from bold and quirky, to serious and lovable.

Finding Home not only tells the stories of shelter dogs in need of a loving home, it serves as a heartfelt plea for more dog lovers to consider adoption. It’s a moving, photographic tribute to the unwavering love that dogs bring into our lives.

The Forever Dog 

The Forever Dog - Best selling books about dogs

AUTHOR: Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

Want best-selling books about dogs to add to your collection? This insightful and educational guide to giving your pup the happiest, healthiest life possible will not disappoint.

A New York Times Bestseller, The Forever Dog is a game-changing book that reveals why dogs are facing more health issues and shorter lifespans. Covering diet, nutrition, anxiety reduction and more, the authors present a comprehensive plan that can be tailored to each breed’s specific needs. 

From food secrets to medical breakthroughs, this insightful book empowers pet parents with science-backed choices to support their pup’s well-being.

Resident Dog Volume 2

Resident Dog by Nicole England - 12 Best Books About Dogs for Pet Parents

AUTHOR: Nicole England

Can’t resist an aesthetic book about dogs? How about inspiration on seriously stylish pet-friendly homes?

The perfect coffee table book for any house-proud dog lover, this renowned book of architectural homes features beautiful photographs and thought-provoking insights about the ‘resident dog’ of each aspirational interior.

Get ready to take a walk through stunning dog-friendly homes in Mexico, Sydney, London, NYC, and LA. You’ll get a peek inside each home, plus interesting interviews with the architects or owners. It’s architecture and doggo charm rolled into one.

My Dog Eats Better Than Me

My dog Eats Better Than Me - Books for dog lovers

AUTHOR: Fiona Rigg & Jacqui Melville

‘Dogtella’, risotto or beef burgers, anyone…? Time to treat your dog!

Beautifully photographed with over 60 delicious and healthy dog treat recipes, this vibrant and engaging dog food recipe book also comes packed with nutrition tips and expert advice.

Written by Jacqui Melville and award-winning food expert Fiona Rigg of Pawdinkum, My Dog Eats Better Than Me proves you don’t need to be a culinary whiz to see your pup live their happiest, healthiest and tastiest life!

There’s fun and colourful illustrations throughout, plus super handy sections on wellness, celebrations, enrichment, treats and so much more.

Old Dogs

12 Must-Have Books Every Dog Lover Should Own

AUTHOR: Sally Muir

Prepare to be touched by the wise and wonderful senior dogs of renowned artist Sally Muir’s heartwarming book, Old Dogs.

Following the success of A Dog a Day, Sally embarked on a new project focusing on beautiful senior dogs by celebrating their grey muzzles, milky eyes, and wobbly legs. Through sketches, potato prints, and oil paintings, Sally’s expressive pet portraits capture the spirit and grace of her seasoned muses. 

From heartfelt anecdotes to striking artwork, this beautiful book is a must-have for any dog lover’s coffee table or shelf.

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Dog People

Dog People -12 Best Books about Dogs for Pet Parents

AUTHOR: Sandra Müller

Ever wondered what kind of person your dog would be? Firstly, same. Secondly…you need this book!

Through playful and imaginative pet portraits, author Sandra Muller very cleverly explores this question. You’ll meet Great Dane Holly, who embraces her inner couch potato (hard relate!). Then there’s Gismo, the biker dog riding a Harley. Each dog comes to life with a humorous description that explains how their outfit represents their personality. 

Once you start flipping through the photos, you won’t be able to put it down. In our opinion, it’s one of the best books about dogs you’ll find – not to mention a great conversation starter when fellow dog lovers visit!

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Old Faithful: Dogs of a Certain Age

Old Faithful - Books about Senior Dogs

AUTHOR: Pete Thorne

If you’ve ever loved a sweet senior pup, this poignant book about dogs in their twilight years is sure to pull on your heart strings.

Based on the internationally popular web series Old Faithful, photographer and dog lover Pete Thorne celebrates senior dogs through portraits that capture the beauty of aging, ultimately revealing the depth of life, joy, and wisdom in their weathered faces.

From sweet ‘velcro’ dogs to charming quirky seniors, each portrait is accompanied by touching anecdotes shared by their loving owners. Get ready to smile and shed a tear or two over this beautiful testament to the bond between us humans and our faithful companions. 

Dogs: Gods

Dogs: Gods - 12 Must-Have Books Every Dog Lover Should Own

AUTHOR: Lewis Blackwell

If you appreciate the creative side of pet photography as much as we do, you’re going to love this striking photographic tribute to our best furry friends.

Capturing dog’s personalities and their unique expressions, this highly visual book about dogs features a variety of characters, from show champions to lovingly rescued shelter dogs, and even racing greyhounds. 

With its eye-catching images and diverse breeds, it’s true this book is a great coffee table book for dog lovers – but it’s also more than that. Featuring insightful words alongside artful portraits, Dogs:Gods beautifully explores the relationship between dogs and humans. It’s a stunning and thought-provoking read.

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12 of the Best Books for Dog Lovers

12 of the Best Books for Dog Lovers

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  • cuddle clones plush toy of your pet

    Original Plush Cuddle Clone

    It’s the one-of-a-kind plush toy that pet parents have fallen in love with! Create a cuddly replica of your pet that captures all their adorable features.