Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand: MEOMARI Ultra Luxury Dog Accessories

A new era of high-end dog wear has arrived.

Sure, you’ve heard of luxury dog accessories.

But have you heard of ultra luxury dog accessories?

Enter MEOMARI: an emerging lifestyle brand for dogs set to elevate and reimagine the world of dog fashion as you know it.

From high-end dog leashes handcrafted from Italian saffiano leather, to sophisticated mesh metal dog collars inspired by fine jewellery for humans, the MEOMARI collection is an homage to art, design and the desire to extend a love of aesthetics to our beloved pets.

We sat down with directors Madelief Beije and Jorg Rozier to learn the story behind MEOMARI, and how the brand is redefining luxury dog fashion.

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Behind the Brand: MEOMARI Ultra Luxury Dog Accessories

Behind the Brand: MEOMARI

Who: Madelief Beije, Managing Director and Jorg Rozier, Creative Director.

Company: MEOMARI

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands.

MEOMARI ultra luxury dog accessories

What is the philosophy behind the Meomari brand? 

Jorg: In our journey of curating every aspect of our lives, we extend our identity into every detail through what we wear, where we travel and what we value. While we have encountered numerous individuals who share our values, there has always been a noticeable gap when it comes to our dogs.

“Addressing this missing piece is our mission. We believe that true sustainability stems from inherently good design. MEOMARI moves beyond trends, offering collections that transcend the seasons.”

Tell us about your career prior to launching Meomari.

Madelief: An academic pursuit never interested me. Instead, I chose to start a career in logistics from an early age, working my way up on the corporate ladder through hard work and determination.

After working in the field of logistics for 10 years, I joined my brother in setting up and managing the daily operations of one of the first cryptocurrency investment firms of our country. To me, cryptocurrencies stand for rebelliousness and innovation. A non-conformity that is in our DNA and very visible in MEOMARI.

Meomari is all about ultra-luxury dog accessories. How are you different to other ‘luxury’ dog brands?

Jorg: Upon observing monumental designs, it becomes evident that they require no alterations. By reverting to the core elements essential for high-level design or product creation, timelessness is pivotal.

Take, for instance, the designs of Le Corbusier from the 1920s, which remain contemporary even today. Such enduring quality is what we aspire to infuse in our own creations.

Instead of pushing consumers to continuously acquire new products, we are offering the option of personalization to enhance existing designs. And extending our collection with iconic pieces that are collected and preserved.

Palladium Braided Luxury Dog Collar by MEOMARI

What materials are featured in your collection?

Jorg: Offering iconic designs is important to us. The difficulty in creating the new line for MEOMARI is to not only introduce exceptional design, but also to maintain functionality.

“We have explored a vast range of materials and found our perfect answer in high quality saffiano leather. For us, this leather is the impeccable fusion of both form and function.”

Saffiano leather is known for its cross hatch texture, scratch resistance and durability. The texture provides depth and movement in the products, while also adding sophistication, setting itself apart from other materials. 

Which product is your best-seller and why do you think it’s a favorite?

Jorg: Our harness is the true embodiment of what sets us apart from the rest. It is a seamless fusion of saffiano leather, finely designed hardware and exceptional handcraftsmanship.

The smooth and angular curved edges of the hardware effortlessly complement the form of the harness and characteristics of the leather. The design and execution resulted in the perfect fusion of ergonomics and comfort.

Our harness is my personal favorite product because it is innovative in every aspect.

Designer leather dog harness by MEOMARI

You’re from the raw, modern city of Rotterdam. How does your location influence your brand aesthetic?

Madelief: Growing up in Rotterdam means that I was exposed to modern architecture in a raw and industrial setting from an early age.

During my childhood years, Rotterdam re-invented itself from post war reconstruction to a cosmopolitan melting pot, embracing innovative architecture and a dynamic art scene. Throughout the years I noticed that during my travels, these aspects longed for more deepening and became the pillars of my thematic lifestyle. 

“MEOMARI’s aesthetic and values are definitely influenced by the city and my personal preferences. Both embrace their gritty nature, innovative design, and a diverse array of art forms.”

Besides the aesthetics, the mindset of our international team is greatly influenced by the city’s resilience, perseverance, and “make it happen” attitude. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in running a business and developing a brand?

Madelief: The single most important lesson in my life and business has been to believe in the power of perseverance. I embrace failure and view it as the steppingstone to success as it is a valuable teacher for personal and professional development.

Staying positive, focused, and true to our vision is what has helped me to persevere. 

Luxury leather dog collar and designer leather leash by MEOMARI

Who are Meomari’s celebrity muses or other non-pet brands you admire?

Jorg: We have no specific muses, but we feel strongly attracted to brutalism and minimalism in design and art. If we were to give one inspiration, it would be the Bauhaus movement for its focus on functionality, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Although originating in the 20s, it remains timeless today. This is one of the examples of inherently good design.

Any exciting projects or new releases coming soon? We’d love the inside scoop!

Madelief: We have innovated an everyday dog accessory that has always bothered us for being too prominent. Our innovation has given the accessory an added function and improved design that truly amazes.

I am very excited about this item as, to me, this is the pinnacle of innovative minimalist design. 

Jorg Moses - Luxury dog accessories brand MEOMARI on Pretty Fluffy


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Behind the Brand: MEOMARI Ultra Luxury Dog Accessories

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Pick of the Week

  • cuddle clones plush toy of your pet

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