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12 Teacher Recommended Books for Children That Love Dogs

Got a little dog lover in the house? These titles will make the perfect addition to their bookshelf.

Copy: Serena Faber-Nelson

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There’s a good reason children love dogs, and dog loves children. They each have a wonder and curiosity about the world that can’t be matched, and their love is pure and unabashed.

We’ve rounded up twelve of the best books for young children that love dogs – all teacher recommended. So whether you’ve got a new baby or an emerging reader, these beautiful books will make the perfect addition to your little one’s bookshelf.


Where’s Spot

AUTHOR: Eric Hill

A forever classic, this lift-the-flap book spawned a whole series about little Spot and his adventures. Encouraging fine motor skills with the life-the-flaps, the spot series is a must for every child’s library.

Where’s Mr Dog?

AUTHOR: Ingela Peterson Arrhenius

Great for little hands of babies and toddlers, this book features five gorgeously illustrated spreads showing a series of friendly pets hiding behind bright felt flaps. Shortlisted for a Hearst Big Book Award 2018, this little book is simple, but engaging for young minds (and designed beautifully for adult ones!)

Can I Be Your Dog?

AUTHOR: Troy Cummings

A NY Times best seller, this picture book shares the tale of Arfy, a homeless mutt who lives in a box in an alley. Arfy writes to every person on Butternut Street about what a great pet he’d make. This heartfelt story is a perfect book for a child wanting a dog, and for advocates of pet adoption. Children of all ages will also learn the art of letter writing from the Arfy’s sincere letters.

The Poky Little Puppy

AUTHOR: Janette Sebring Lowrey

Five little puppies dug a hole under the fence and went for a walk in the wide, wide world…

The Poky Little Puppy was one of the original twelve Little Golden Books published in 1942, and went on to become the bestselling picture book of all time. The story of a curious puppy, who digs holes under fences and who has to go to bed without any strawberry shortcake, has delighted families for generations. It’s a staple on our bookshelf and should be on yours too.

Pig the Pug

AUTHOR: Aaron Blabey

Award winning author and illustrator Aaron Blabey creates fun, hilarious characters that kids LOVE – and Pig the Pug is one of their all time favourites. This hilarious book about learning to share spawned a whole series of Pig the Pug books. Young readers will love the irresistibly quirky and funny illustrations that are paired with a relatable lesson of learning to share with others. For dog and pet lovers everywhere.

Say Hello!

AUTHOR: Rachel Isadora

Carmelita loves to greet everyone in her colourful neighbourhood. There are people from so many different cultures! They all like to say hello too, so now Carmelita can say hello in Spanish, English, French, Japanese, and many other languages. And her dog, Manny? Well, he seems to understand everyone, and gives a happy “Woof!” wherever he goes. We love this book for it’s eye catching collages, diversity and introduction to languages. Told through the eyes of s child and her simple day, it’s a true joy to read.


AUTHOR: Emily Gravett

This book is such a favourite in our household that for nights on end, my daughter demanded it be read before any other. ‘Dogs’ features gorgeous canines of every shape, size and colour. With playful pencil and watercolour illustrations to delight children and adults alike, the word repetition also makes it a winner for emerging readers. A wonderfully satisfying book with a twist in the tail.

The Dog I Love Best

AUTHOR: Parragon

This simple board book with a furry puppet is great for young babies and toddlers. The rhyming text introduces them to rhythm and rhyme, and the story of a boy rescuing a dog from the shelter is heartwarming and appealing to lovers of rescue dogs. A great gift for a dog loving child or soon-to-be-parent.

Hello Goodbye Dog

AUTHOR: Sandra Müller

This beautifully illustrated book tells the tale of a dog, Moose, that simply can’t bear to be apart from his owner, Zara. Children are introduced to new themes relating to pets as therapy, service dogs, loneliness, inclusivity and the love between a dog and their owner. It’s a heart warming tale that includes many lessons for young minds.

The Dog Encyclopedia


Covering the history, breeds, care, health, and positive training of dogs — all in one easy reference — The Dog Encyclopedia is a fully illustrated encyclopaedia of all things canine. With an extensive photographic catalog of more than 400 dog breeds, children will also learn about canine anatomy and body systems; instinct and behaviour; how dogs interact with humans; and the essentials of good care. Young children will enjoy flipping through the pictures, while older children have the opportunity to learn new facts all about their favourite animal.


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Copy: Serena Faber-Nelson

Photography: As Listed

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    Canvas Dog Carrier by Cloud7

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Pick of the Week

  • Canvas Dog Carrier by Cloud7

    Canvas Dog Carrier by Cloud7

    Traveling with your best friend never looked so good. Soft, chic & sustainably made, there’s room for your pooch and all their on-the-go essentials.