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Review: Lyka Pet Food

Say hello to Uber Eats for your dog...but way, way more healthier.

Back when we started Pretty Fluffy over a decade ago, there was nothing like Lyka Pet Food.

Every week I would go to my green grocer and stock up on fresh meats, veggies, and healthy grains, before coming home to whip up a yummy dinner….for my dog.

There was more than one occasion where I literally cooked up a batch of dog food bursting with kale, quinoa, sweet potato and all sorts of superfoods – before ordering a pizza for myself (it inspired this meme!)

But cooking your own dog food is soooo 2010. It’s the 2020’s baby, and now exists such a thing as delivery services for your dog!

Lyka Pet Food says they are Australia’s freshest dog food delivered. So we put them to the test, and here’s what we found out…

Lyka pet food review - Chow chompin' chicken bowl

Lyka Pet Food: Homemade Dog Food Delivered

With fast paced lives that also see us spending much more time at home, online pet food delivery is a god-send. No more trawling the market for fresh produce – Lyka creates a custom plan of nutritious, freshly cooked dog food, delivered to your front door.

How does it work? It’s just three simple steps:

  1. You visit them online, answer a quick survey about your dog (their size etc) to enable Lyka to build a customised meal plan for your pooch.
  2. Armed with your meal plan you can choose a full or half bowl plan. (New customers can choose a starter pack if they want to try it out first.)
  3. Your pup’s yummy, nutritionally balanced meals are delivered free to your door. (With the option to pause or cancel anytime.)

Lyka dog food review

Lyka pet food welcome pack

Our Lyka Experience

Our first Lyka order was delivered in a modern, sturdy box, lined with eco friendly packaging (big WIN there!) that kept the contents nice and cooled. It contained a pack of meals for Butters, instructions, recipe cards and a transitional supplement powder.

To serve, just simply open a food sachet! Nothing could be easier.

Every element was beautifully designed – from the easy to read recipe cards (you can read about every ingredient in every dish, and their nutritional breakdown), to the easy to scoop supplement powder. The food pouches themselves even came with a handy food saver sealing clip to keep your opened bags fresher for longer.

As with every change from one food source to another, Lyka advised a gradual transition from Butters’ current meals to his Lyka plan. This is done at a slow and steady rate designed for your pup. The transition involves slowly increasing your Lyka food content and decreasing your previous meal content, and mixing in some of the supplement – easy peasy. Butters did have a funny tummy on his earlier days of transitioning to the Lyka food, so I would definitely recommend to take it slow – especially if your dog has been on a plain kibble diet for an extended amount of time.

Lyka free range chow chompin' chicken bowl

The Meals – Fresh, Ethical, Balanced

Every meal from Lyka has been designed by vets for your pup’s optimum health. Each sachet of food is nutritionally balanced for your dogs calorie needs, as well as their vitamins, minerals and good fats. From macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates), to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), there is nothing synthetic added – just 100% whole-foods.

The meat and vegetables in every meal is sourced locally from Australian farmers with dry ingredients such as seeds and oils also sourced locally where possible.

Possibly one of my most favourite things about Lyka is that their meats are either grass-fed (beef and lamb) or free-range (chicken). As an animal lover with a carnivore pet, knowing I can feed Butters meals that are ethically sourced is a massive game changer. It’s healthier for him and healthier for the planet.

Some of the yummy dinners included:

  • Free Range Chow Chompin’ Chicken Bowl
  • Grass Fed Big Boppin’ Beef Bowl
  • Grass Fed Lip Lickin’ Lamb Bowl
  • Barn Raised Tail Tappin’ Turkey Bowl

Just by looking at them in real life, you can tell these meals are 100% fresh. They are vacuum sealed and freezer friendly (they last up to 3 months) – but each is cooked to order for your dog. And they’re yummy! Every meal got a 4 paws up and a MORE PLEASE from Butters!

Would I recommend Lyka to our friends? It’s a resounding yes. I can’t think of an easier way to get healthy, freshly cooked dog food – that’s been balanced specifically for your dog by a vet AND is sustainable, free range and environmentally friendly. That’s a lot of boxes to tick off.

On top of all that it’s delivered to your door. Just set and forget, and watch your doggo enjoy their dinner. Hey, you might even now have the time to cook yourself something fancy. (But if you order a pizza I won’t tell anyone.)

Lyka welcome pack Lyka pet food delivery review

What We Loved:

  • Nutritionally balanced, vet designed meal plan specifically for your dog. (No cooking or shopping required!)
  • Delivered directly to your door – set and forget. Never be without food for your pooch!
  • Exceeds all of the nutritional requirements and cooked fresh for your dog.
  • Made from whole food ingredients
  • Locally and ethically sourced ingredients including free-range chicken and grass-fed beef.
  • A variety of meals – each with recipe cards including nutritional info.
  • Easy to serve sachets.
  • Easy to follow transition plan.
  • Environmentally conscious packaging and sustainable design.
  • Starter box option allowing new customers to trial Lyka.
  • Plans start from as little as $2.80 per day.

Best For:

  • All dogs – there are plans for every breed and size. This includes puppies to senior pooches.
  • Time poor owners – no more shopping or cooking for your dog. Plus it’s delivered direct to your door!
  • Health conscious dog owners – Lyka’s meals are fresh, cooked to order and contain everything your specific dog needs for optimum health.
  • Ethical dog owners wanting to support brands with humane and free-range practices.
  • Environmentally conscious dog owners – Lyka uses sustainable, recyclable packaging.
  • Dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs – whole-foods recipes makes Lyka an ideal choice.


To find out more and build a box for your dog, visit LYKA PET FOOD

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Pick of the Week

  • cuddle clones plush toy of your pet

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