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Trends: Dog Wallpaper Decor

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Wallpaper Direct // Emily Bond // Baines & Fricker // Winnie Maeve // Loboloup

Remember those thoughts that used to pop into your head when you heard the word wallpaper? You know… drab, old, grandma, and “Oh geez, the open house we just toured was covered that awful wallpaper“. We are so thrilled that wallpaper has evolved into beautiful designs that appeal to just about any style. We are especially happy to see a variety beautiful dog designs popping up!

Who else is picturing a little reading nook or powder room accented with one of these prints?

The Goods

1. Osborne & Little Best in Show – One of our personal favorites from WallpaperDirect, this design features dog breed silhouettes in pure black flock on a clean cream base. Available in 3 beautiful colors. Currently only available in the UK.

2 & 3. Thibaut Best Friend – For dog lovers, this wallpaper design shows beautifully drawn working dogs in a random pattern. Available in both blue and black & white patterns. Currently only available in the UK.

4 & 5. Emily Bond Long Dog & Blue Dachshund – Stylish dark blue-grey dogs OR sweet pale blue dachshunds? We love both! These designs are printed on an off-white background in the UK and are made to order.

6. Baines & Fricker Dog Wallpaper – This fun modern mix of dog characters is sure to brighten up any room. Choose from either yellow, blue or pink designs. Also available in cats! 

7 & 8. Winnie Maeve Dachshund & Weimaraner  – These hand drawn patterns are simply gorgeous! Available in a variety of patterns ranging from Dachshund, Weimaraner, and Chihuahua. Want a custom one-off print of your pup? No problem! You can work with Winnie Maeve to create your own custom design in only 3 simply steps.

9. Loboloup Wiener Dogs – This fun wallpaper is created using a traditional screen-printing technique that ensures durability while looking hand painted. Another cool fact? Loboloup’s inks are water-based and they only use clay-coated paper of the highest quality. All designs are hand printed in small batches, making it possible to customize your own ink and ground colors.

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Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Wallpaper Direct // Emily Bond // Baines & Fricker // Winnie Maeve // Loboloup

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15 responses to “Trends: Dog Wallpaper Decor”

  1. One of these days, something similar will live in my office… Beautiful!

  2. Craig says:

    Where do I get the sausage dog wallpaper from, number nine on the website?

  3. Mary Reed says:

    I love pets , specially dog wallpaper are pretty good for kids room

  4. Morgan Davies says:

    Hi can Anyone out there help me find puppy and kitten wall paper rolls I have a six year old desperate and I can’t find it anywhere on google.

  5. JW Nunn says:

    Number 4, Sight Hounds could u please send some information

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