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Trends: Handmade Plush Dogs

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Tabitha Cottrell // Nechepurenka // Sian // Mount Royal Mint // Yan Art // Edwyn UK // Holly Joliffe

Here on Pretty Fluffy we are huge fans of all types of pet portraits. Creations that capture the character and essence of our furry friends, items we can keep forever that we know will always bring a smile to our face, those are our favorite. We are especially in love with this hot trend of handmade plush portraits – mini versions of your pooch! Enjoy this slew of talented artists who are all about creating unique mementos just for you.

The Goods

1. Custom Pet Portraits by Tabitha Cottrell – Tabitha is mixed media textiles designer and illustrator base in the UK with a love for animals. Each creation is made with love and care and attention to detail. Her vibrant and gorgeously crafted pet portraits are like no other, and we love that. From the glamorous fabrics and materials, right down to the cool packaging, Tabitha will definitely make you and your pet feel special!

2. Chihuahua Puppies by Nechepurenka – How can you resist these little faces? Available in a variety of colors, these cuties are all 100% hand-made, and are created in a single copy or in a small amount so that you can be sure in their uniqueness.

3 & 4. Custom 3D Pet Portrait by Sian – Featured in Martha Stewart Living, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Uppercase, and Anthology magazines, these pet portraits are sure to capture your heart. Long haired or short haired – just send a photo! Looking for a fun cake topper for your wedding? Sian’s custom cake toppers are a brilliant idea, nothing beats two pups on a cake!

5.  How to Make Stuffed Animals by Sian – As if Sian’s shop wasn’t already awesome, they also have a book on how to make your own stuffed animals. Get crafty!

6. Custom Miniature Felt Pet Portraits by Mount Royal Mint – Sabina of Mount Royal Mint is a full time artist, and featured Etsy seller, who lives and works from her studio in Montreal Quebec. She love animals and making unique gifts handcrafted just for you. Now you can have a replica of your best buddy, in mini felt form! Her pet portraits are custom made from soft wool felt with the most delicate details, these one of a kind portraits are almost as special as the real thing.

7. Plush Dog Key Rings by EdwynUK –  EdwynUK is a small company based in East London designing and making products for ‘hound and home’ (and is named after her adorable terrier Edwyn!). Their lovely characterful keyrings are available in a variety of breeds and hand printed on a variety of fabrics using an original hand carved by EdwynUK lino cut. Each keyring is unique and just a little bit different. Its soft plush form makes it easy to find keys in the bottom of your bag and softens the noise of jangling keys in your pockets!

8. Custom Needle Felted Wool Sculptures by YanArt – Are you as blown away as we are? These realistic pet portraits are 100% handcrafted and 100% amazing. The talented artist, Yana, contributes many hours and love to her artwork to reach results as close to the breed standards as possible. This gives each creation its own beautiful and unique design which can never be duplicated – truly capturing every pet’s one of a kind character and charisma!

9. Knit Your Own Dog by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne – The perfect gift for dog-lovers who knit! With 25 easy to follow step-by-step patterns for both new and veteran knitters, you can have your own mini version of your pooch in no time.


AUTHOR: Sarah is a designer, photographer, health & animal advocate, wife, and devoted mom (i.e. humble servant) to her loving Shih Tzu, Coco Bean. To see more of her work, visit her website and blog, Chic Sprinkles.

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Tabitha Cottrell // Nechepurenka // Sian // Mount Royal Mint // Yan Art // Edwyn UK // Holly Joliffe

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