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DIY Rescue Dog Adoption Certificate

I promise to love & care for you, always!

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

Whether you’ve just recently adopted your pup or you’ve been tied at the hip for 12 years, this free dog adoption certificate printable is for you! Even if you’ve just welcomed a rescue puppy home and are looking for a free puppy adoption certificate, this is perfect too.

It might look just like a piece of paper, but this dog adoption certificate is so much more than that. It truly is a lovely keepsake and a thoughtful way to go that extra step to show that your dog isn’t just a dog, they really are a member of the family.

We have created a lovely design for the certificate so it makes a beautiful statement on your wall when framed. And don’t forget to get a sweet snap of your rescue dog with their fancy, official certificate!

Even if you don’t need this certificate yourself, you can always gift to friends or loved ones who have recently adopted a dog. What a nice surprise and heartfelt gift that would make!

See below to download and print out your very own dog adoption certificate.

If you’re a devoted dog mum and would love a certificate of your own, see our post, Free Printable World’s Best Dog Mama Certificate

DIY Rescue Dog Adoption Certificate-02

Whether you've just adopted a dog or you've had them for years, this FREE dog adoption certificate printable is for you! Simply download, print and frame.

Why a Dog Adoption Certificate?

When you adopt a dog into your family, you may not always know their birthday, have a birth certificate or details of their life before you.

This certificate is a small, heartfelt way to show your new furry family member that they are loved and valued.


Simply download your free Rescue Dog Adoption Certificate, fill in names and adoption date, then frame.


We would love to see photos of your pup next to their adoption certificate.

Use the hashtag #prettyfluffyadoption when you share so we can see them!

DIY Rescue Dog Adoption Certificate-02


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Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

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