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Celebrating Oscar: IdPet & Oscar’s Law ID Tag Fundraiser

Let 'em know your pooch is all paws in to end puppy farming with an official Oscar's Law ID tag!

UPDATE: Oscar’s Law and IdPet have teamed up once again in 2023 to raise funds in the fight against puppy-farming. Sadly Oscar crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022, so this year’s official rainbow ID tag pays special tribute to Oscar who would have turned 17 this month. 

We’re proud to be part of a heartfelt campaign happening throughout July, led by our friends at IdPet to mark a very special anniversary, for a very brave and special dog.

We’re talking about the one and only Oscar, from Oscar’s Law – Australia’s most prominent anti-puppy farming campaign.

Read more about Oscar’s inspirational story and how you can join the campaign below!

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Oscar from Oscar's Law: Anti-puppy farming campaign

Image credit: Dog Photog.

Who is Oscar?

Oscar had a cruel and heartbreaking start to life. Sadly he spent his first 5 years in horrible conditions at a puppy factory in Central Victoria.

When Oscar was rescued, he was found in a terrible state of neglect and weighed only 1.4 kg. Oscar’s time in the puppy factory also left him with psychological trauma, taking many months of rehabilitation to adjust to normal life.

The good news is that not only is Oscar presently living his best life, receiving the care and love he deserves – his inspirational story has inspired a movement to end puppy factories for good.

Anti-puppy farming campaign: Oscar's Law IdPet ID Tag Fundraiser Campaign

What is Oscar’s Law?

Established in 2010, Oscar’s Law seeks to abolish the factory farming of companion animals. It’s a shocking, devastating truth that to the present day, Victoria is the only state in Australia with meaningful anti-puppy farming legislation. This simply must change, and this is what Oscar’s Law campaigners work tirelessly to achieve.

The three main aims of Oscar’s Law are to abolish the factory farming of dogs, ban the sale of factory farmed companion animals from pet shops, online and in print media, and to encourage people to adopt animals from shelters, pounds and rescue organisations.

Ziggy ambassador for Oscar's Law IdPet Fundraiser Campaign

How can you support Oscar’s Law?

If you and your pup would love to support this wonderful cause, you can order your official personalised Oscar’s Law ID from IdPet here.

$6 from the sale of each limited edition Oscar’s Law ID tag goes directly to Oscar’s Law to support their mission to end unethical puppy farming in Australia.

And if you would love to help spread the word, share photos of your pup wearing their ID tag to Instagram or Facebook along with the hashtags #idpetoscarslaw #allpawsin and tag @oscarslawinc and @idpetaustralia

Let’s all help put an end to this needless cruelty, because all dogs deserve to live their best lives!

– Katy and Shell x

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Pick of the Week

  • 299 Dogs Puzzle - Uncommon Goods

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