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6 Healthy Herbs Good for Dogs

Now we all know there are Superfood for Dogs, but did you know there are Superherbs as well?

That’s right, the right herbs can make a fantastic, healthy addition to your dog’s diet.

Here are our Top 6 healthy herbs good for dogs…

6 Herbs Good for Dogs


An easy herb to grow in your garden, Basil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which promote gut, joint and cardiovascular health in dogs.

To Serve: Grab our Basil + Chickpea recipe here.


Fresh mint is a great way to keep your dog’s breath smelling sweet, and also has the added effect of calming an upset stomach.

To Serve: Grab our Mint + Fruit Infused Water Recipe here.


Just like us, dogs benefit from the breath freshening properties of Parsley. As an added bonus, it also is a great source of antioxidants, Vitamins C, K, B and iron. Doggie kisses anyone?

To Serve: Grab our ‘Luck of the Irish’ Recipe in our latest eBook ‘Frozen – 30 Fresh & Fruit Dog Treat Recipes Your Pup Will Love!’

6 Herbs Good for Dogs


Love to add rosemary to your roasted veggies? Well time to add it to your dog’s diet too! Packed with iron and calcium, Rosemary is also a natural antioxidant.

To Serve: Grab our ‘Sunday Roast’ Recipe in our latest eBook ‘Frozen – 30 Fresh & Fruit Dog Treat Recipes Your Pup Will Love!’ (Pictured above)


Packed with vitamins C, A and K, iron, manganese, calcium and antioxidants, this little herb is a great immune system booster. Thyme has antiseptic, anti-spasmodic and anti-bacterial properties, making it great for your dog’s skin, brain function and gastrointestinal health.

To Serve: Grab our ‘Namaste’ Recipe in our latest eBook ‘Frozen – 30 Fresh & Fruit Dog Treat Recipes Your Pup Will Love!’


Studies have shown fresh ginger has been known to reduce inflammation and upset stomachs in dogs, making it a great ingredient for dogs with allergies.

To Serve: Grab our Gingerbread Dog Treat Recipe here.

6 Healthy Herbs Good for Dogs-02

6 Healthy Herbs Good for Dogs-02

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  1. Great collection of herbs for pets! Our boys love all of these that you’ve shared 🙂

  2. thank-you for sharing, i have no idea that their are herbal products for dogs too,i adopted a dog few days ago and trying to learn new things about him, i hope, i’ll be a good care taker for him

  3. Kitchen Dog says:

    What an interesting article. Such great information. If you would like to give your dog a healthier way to eat those delicious herbs, check out

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