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Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs: How to Protect Your Pup

With over 10,000 cases of paralysis ticks reported every year, Australian vets are urging owners to protect their doggos.

Ahhh, summer…the season of sun-drenched beaches, long lazy evenings, Sunday sessions and ummm…flea and tick prevention.

Yes that’s right, summer means tick season is upon us again. And with more than half of all Australian dog owners living in paralysis tick areas not protecting their pups, it’s time for us all to refresh ourselves on how to keep our furry friends safe.

Paralysis tick cases are already being reported by veterinary clinics around Australia, and with veterinary experts predicting a bad season ahead, it’s up to us to protect our furry friends.

Because I’m not sure about you, but if there’s one thing that freaks me out as a dog owner, it’s the mere mention of paralysis ticks.

Paralysis ticks can be very dangerous and cause severe reactions in dogs. And sadly, it can often be fatal.

So remember – it’s never too late to be proactive about protecting your pooch with the right flea and tick prevention.

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Every dog owner should know this simple, proven 4 step method to protect your dog from fleas and paralysis ticks - keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs: 4 Steps to Protect Your Pup

For well over a decade I’ve relied on my own personal four step method to protect my dogs against fleas and paralysis ticks.

The best part? It spells out TICK – so it’s a breeze to remember!

T is for TREAT. Your best defence against fleas and paralysis ticks is prevention. Treating your dog with a flea and tick treatment on a regular basis keeps your pooch protected from these nasty parasites – reducing the chances of these little critters setting up home in your dog’s fur! Just one Bravecto oral chew keeps your pup protected from fleas for 3 months and paralysis ticks for 4 months.

I is for INSPECT. Paralysis ticks like to hang out in the nooks and crevices of your dog’s body. Make sure you inspect your dog on a regular basis – during your dog’s brush for example – make it a fun bonding experience! Run your hands all over your dog’s body, going against the grain of the fur, paying close attention to in and around the ears, armpits, between the toes, and within skin folds. You’re looking for an attached tick which can range from the size of a pencil tip to a baked bean when engorged. If you do find a tick contact your vet immediately who will be able to advise on the tick’s safe removal. While prevention is the #1 key to protecting your dog from ticks, inspecting your dog regularly gives that extra peace of mind.

C is for CLEAN. Ticks are often found in grassy and woodland areas, but can also show up in your everyday urban backyard. Keep your lawn freshly mowed, and hedges trimmed to prevent grassy build ups perfect for ticks to hide in. Wash and clean your pet’s bedding and blankets regularly.

K is for KEEP WATCH. Ticks can carry dangerous diseases – most notably the paralysis tick that produces a toxin which can be fatal in dogs. Some of the signs that your dog may have a paralysis tick include increased or laboured breathing, coughing, excessive salivation, vomiting and weakness or lameness in the hind legs. If you see any of these signs, be sure to contact your vet immediately.


Every dog owner should know this simple, proven 4 step method to protect your dog from fleas and paralysis ticks - keeping your dog happy and healthy.

“No Dog Should Die from Tick Paralysis in Australia”

As Australia’s peak paralysis tick season officially starts, some of Australia’s leading emergency veterinarians have an urgent warning message for dog owners – protect your pet against tick paralysis, a preventable disease, now, or face the deadly consequences.

Director and Veterinary Specialist at The Animal Emergency Service in Queensland, Dr Rob Webster comments: “Tick paralysis is a preventable disease. When we lose dogs, a terrible outcome for all involved, we are losing dogs that could have been saved by administering a long-lasting paralysis tick treatment.”

“Once the paralysis from a tick bite has taken hold, even the very best we can do using tick anti-serum and supportive care is going to save 8 out of 10 patients. This leaves a large number of dog owners in the dreadful position where they essentially watch their dog die from a preventable disease.”

Know the Warning Signs of Paralysis Ticks

While their peak season in Australia runs August to March, paralysis ticks can be found year-round, so it’s important to be vigilant at all times.

The Australian paralysis tick is the single most dangerous parasite for dogs with just one tick capable of causing paraylsis and in some cases death.

Some of the signs that your dog may have a paralysis tick include:

  • Increased or laboured breathing
  • Coughing
  • Excessive salivation
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness or lameness in the hind legs.

If you see any of these signs, be sure to contact your vet immediately.

Your full guide on how to spot the symptoms of paralysis tick poisoning in dogs, how to treat your pet and prevent paralysis ticks.

What We Loved: Bravecto Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

  • Bravecto is the only oral chew to deliver 3 months flea and 4 months paralysis tick protection for dogs in a single dose.
  • It comes in a tasty oral chew that your dog gobbles down in seconds – no mess, no fuss.
  • There’s no application to the skin so it won’t wash or rub off, nor cause irritation.
  • It works quickly – controlling fleas within 8 hours of administration, and pre-existing paralysis tick infestations within 24 hours.
  • Can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age weighing 2kg or more.
  • Can be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.
  • Available in 5 weight ranges for dogs from 2-56kg.
  • For more information visit

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    That is a total pesticide and POISON … another much loved pet died just last week. bringing deaths from just this product alone and in just 26 days of 2017 to 109 dead dogs. These are just the REPORTED deaths . These poisons are not regulated by the FDA .. they are not in fact regulated as they are PESTICIDES, and originally used for pets after being created to control cockroaches and locust plagues .. Funny how ppl are advised to wash hands etc and not for human use .. but it’s ok to put on a PET !!! IT IS NOT OK FOR ANYTHING BUT COCKROACHES …

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    Ticks are easier to catch and avoid than fleas. A successful flea control must be focused on controlling larvae and eggs on the environment (correspondent to 90% of fleas). This means wash every thing you can, including their beds and vacuuming the house once or twice a day.

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