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Pup Predictions: Dog Horoscopes 2021

Fur babes, your forecast is in! See what’s written in the stars for you this year.

Copy: Katy & Shell

Ba-bye 2020. Don’t let the doggie door hit you on the way out!

After the crazy year that was (seriously, did Mercury get stuck in retrograde…?) our furry side-kicks are no doubt craving a little certainty for the months ahead.

Luckily, we’ve got your fur babe covered. We looked to the heavens for predictions on the upcoming year, so you can get your pup prepped for whatever destiny awaits.

Grab your pooch and get comfy. It’s time to see what’s in store with the Pretty Fluffy Dog Horoscopes for 2021!

P.S Don’t know your rescue pup’s birthday? See if you can guess their sign based on the traits below.



December 22nd – January 19th

Positive traits: Self-disciplined, protective, reliable.

Negative traits: Stubborn, competitive, bossy.

As an intense Capricorn dog that craves routine to the letter, you’ll need to learn to embrace change this year. It’s not your standard MO, but letting go of your tendency to control sees pawsitive change on the horizon!

A shift is due in your home life that will improve your relationships, and also see you relating to other humans and dogs much better at the park or local cafe. At the least, it means you’ll be less touchy at home…a welcome relief to your pawrents, who you’ve been sending a little mutts.

While your hard-working personality and desire to keep your humans protected at all times isn’t set to change, just make sure you take the time to relax, sniff deeply and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Demand that extra treat – it’ll be well deserved.

Capricorn celebrities: Jude Paw, Denzel Woof-ington.



January 20th – February 18th

Positive traits: Friendly, tolerant, trustworthy.

Negative traits: Rebellious, tactless, stubborn.

Aquarius-born pups may be sociable and friendly, but boy oh boy, do you put the dog in dogmatic! Nobody tells an Aquarian dog what they should and shouldn’t do. Ya hear? This year, try not to take life too seriously. Fetch and tug-of-war are meant to be games after all! Loosen your collar a little and have some fun.

Speaking of fun, it’s your birthday soon – the perf excuse to start celebrating yourself! Heck, why not start now? Tell your social media manager (mama) to get on the socials and tell all your furiends and family the big news. Just plant the seed, then sit back and let them do all the work. After last year, you’re definitely in need of a little extra love and attention.

Aquarius celebrities: Hairy Styles, Bob Snarley.


February 19th- March 20th

Positive traits: Emotional, sensitive, compassionate.

Negative traits: Moody, stubborn, irrational.

Sweet, affectionate and deeply sensitive, Pisces pups are all about giving and receiving love. You care deeply for your humans, and aren’t afraid to show your devotion on the reg (or constantly…who’s cuddle-counting anyway?)

Some twists and turns are on the horizon in your home life. Maybe you’ll move house…maybe you’ll get your own room! Whatever destiny awaits, start to prepare yourself mentally. Change is not your strong point. There’s a risk here your fears could drive you. Try relaxing with some Doga, or one of those calming playlists for dogs on Spotify. 

Same goes for your love life: let those fears go! Got a crush on that cutie at the local park? Secretly in love with your bestie? Shout them a puppacino and let them know. You’ll thank us later.

Pisces celebrities: Jon Bone Jovi, Bow Wow.


March 21st – April 19th 

Positive traits: Courageous, confident, passionate.

Negative traits: Impatient, moody, impulsive.

Ahhh Aries. You certainly know how to keep your human on their toes! Stubborn, headstrong and adventurous, you live life to the fullest, and like to take the lead (by literally carrying it in your mouth and taking yourself for a walk, thank you very much).

Thing is, you’re more of a homebody than most would realise. Other pups diss iso-life, but you’ve been totally fine with it. Still, you’ll be eager to get out and sniff more trees and cuties in 2021. That said, life at home is looking much more peaceful this year.

Your patience and devotion to your humans will be appreciated this year too, and you’ll be duly rewarded in treats and cuddles. If you’re lucky, you’ll even earn the coveted status of ‘little spoon’ in the pawrent’s bed. Heaven!

Aries celebrities: Sarah Jessica Barker, Jennifer Grey-hound.


April 20th-May 20th 

Positive traits: Steady, trustworthy, patient.

Negative traits: Possessive, stubborn, uncompromising.

Pups born under Taurus are certified homebodies and snugglers. Staying inside and spending quality time with your human is the definition of bliss, is it not? 

The stars predict plenty of change for you this year however, so you’ll need to look beyond your comfort zone (the bed), step into your courage and be open to new things. Like switching to a low-carb diet (and cutting back on the pupcakes and woofles) or exploring outside your neighbourhood – it’s a wonder-fur world out there you know!

Don’t panic though, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to indulge in your favourite pastimes. Like maxing out the cuddle quota and making your pawrents scritch you in exactly the right spot. Be assertive with what you want – this isn’t the year for the cat to hold your tongue!

Taurus celebrities: Salvador Dogi, Karl Barx.


May 21st – June 20th 

Positive traits: Charming, quick-witted, energetic.

Negative traits: Clumsy, nervous, fidgety.

Ready for the spotlight, Gemini? Your sign is wiggling it’s cutie bootie into 2021 and your aura is on point: it’s your time to shine! (‘Omg, what conditioner does she use?’ will be the question on every pup’s lips.)

As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you love to be the centre of attention and can easily work a room with your puppy eyes. Use this power wisely to pursue your passions, and you will easily reach your full pet-tential (a career in Pawllywood, perhaps..?)

That said, a word of warning: don’t let the spotlight blind you. This is your time to let go of any questionable behaviour that might hold you back, like your attachment issues or at-times intense communication style (dinner time mostly). Work on being the best boy or girl and there’ll be no stopping you this year. 

Gemini celebrities: Azalea Barks, Kanye Westie.


June 21st –July 22nd 

Positive traits: Intuitive, emotional, loyal.

Negative traits: Clingy, sulky, overly-sensitive.

As the homebody of the zodiac, you found staying indoors in 2020 a total vibe: a year defined by beauty sleep and snuggles with the pawrents on-tap. Which is just as well, as you require ~intense~ levels of affection.  

The good news is, this year looks rather fetching too. While you may spend a little more time outdoors, your relationships with your humans and four-legged pals will be further enriched. Being the sensitive and emotional kind, this is music to your floppy or sticky-uppy ears.

And as sweet and affectionate as you are, don’t forget to tune into your expertly-honed intuition when you need it most. You already know what we’re talking about: your in-built lie detector. Next time mama says, ‘No more treats’, call her bluff. Chances are, it’ll pay off.

Cancer celebrities: 50 Scent, Sophia Vergrrra.


July 23rd- August 22nd 

Positive traits: Faithful, loving, caring.

Negative traits: Bossy, stubborn, demanding.

Hey Leo, you big, bouncy show-off! As a fire sign, you come with boundless enthusiasm, a big heart and 5-star snuggle rating. You’re incredibly loving, and obviously the boss. Whether at home, doggy day care or the local dog park, you treat every place you go like your very own kingdom. Your natural, god-given ‘alpha’ status may not always be acknowledged, but this year, persistence looks likely to pay off (or those around you just plain give up). Either way, this very well could be your year as ‘top dog’.

That’s not to say 2021 will always be a walk in the park. The planets above are shifting your path, so get ready for a pivotal year. Hard work lies ahead in many areas of your life (like learning not to beg for food, or take over the human’s bed). But nothing worth having comes easy, right? Like being crowned ‘top dog’ for one. 

Leo celebrities:  Andy Warhowl, Bark Obama.


August 23rd – September 22nd 

Positive traits: Reliable, charming, loyal.

Negative traits: Anxious, eccentric, irritable.

Oh Virgo, you are so often misunderstood! While you’re a very loving pup at heart, your love is not easily given out – it must be earned (or paid for in treats). This can make you appear a little cold and stand-offish. And while it’s true you can be distrusting of outsiders initially, once you have established trust, you’re their bestie for life.

As the healer of the zodiac, last year left you feeling drained from taking on the stress of your humans (dishing out extra pats and cuddles is lovely and all, but a Virgo pup needs their alone time too, FYI). What 2021 is telling you is to focus less on your pawrents, and more on yourself. So go on, treat yourself to a doggy spa day, or kick the humans out so you can enjoy a solo stay-cay and watch re-runs of It’s Me or The Dog.

Virgo celebrities: Prince Hairy, Evan Rachel Woof. 


September 23rd – October 22nd 

Positive traits: Charming, easy-going, peacemaker.

Negative traits: Indecisive, hypocritical, impatient.

Fab news, all you gloriously social Libran pups! Plenty of chances to mingle are on the horizon for you this year. Which is especially great news for those who missed their fur-iends in isolation (but let’s be real…you didn’t mind catching up on your beauty zzz’s either).

In fact, 2021 is your time to live it up! Thank dog, because you do like expensive things, like shiny collar bling and a dog spa pamper sesh. You’ll be tempted to go full diva this year, but being the scales, you’re all about enjoying the good things in moderation. 

A drama or two may await you this year, but ain’t nobody got time for that like a Libran. Confrontation is your kryptonite, so you’ll just walk away and keep the peace rather than cause a scene. Besides, it’s not your fault if the new girl at the dog park can’t handle your sparkle.

Libra celebrities: Mutt Damon, Catherine Zeta-Bones.


October 23rd – November 21st 

Positive traits: Brave, loyal, observant.

Negative traits: Jealous, obsessive, destructive.

2021 is the year of oppawtunity for Scorpio fur babes. It won’t be a walk in the park, but if you can work on your emotional instability, you’ll see the year out with a waggy tail and head held high. You really don’t need to be so jealous…have some confidence in your fine and floofy self!

After all, Scorpios do believe they deserve the best, and you’re certainly no different. You love to be fussed over and groomed, it’s true. But that Versace Barocco Dog Bowl you’ve been begging for is probably a step too far. Although, being the strong-willed sign you are, you’re used to getting what you want. And if you don’t…well, we just won’t go there. A Scorpio never fur-gets, either.

That said, you’ll win a few hearts towards the end of the year, once you’ve let go of your unhealthy behaviours. Then people will see you for the lil’ softie you really are.

Scorpio celebrities: Woofie Goldberg, Katy Pawry.


November 22nd – December 21st 

Positive traits: Charming, trustworthy, adventurous.

Negative traits: Outspoken, impatient, careless.

While you’re the kind of dog that looks at your bowl half full, your free-loving spirit still lost some of its sparkle last year. Thankfully, 2021 is going to be one to remember. This year is all about you, and becoming the best and happiest dog you can be! 

Let’s talk relationships. If you’re single, don’t miss any oppaw-tunity for a walk to the park, store or even the letterbox. A honey could walk by any minute, so be ready with the ol’ one-two punch: flashing your booty with a flirty, “Howl you doin?”

Now to your family. Think they don’t spoil you enough? Tell them to pick up their game, as you’re not settling for less than best this year. Like Stella, you’re getting your grrrroove back. And a subscription treat box wouldn’t go astray either.

Sagittarius celebrities: Brad Sit, Sinead O’Collar.



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Copy: Katy & Shell

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  • cuddle clones plush toy of your pet

    Original Plush Cuddle Clone

    It’s the one-of-a-kind plush toy that pet parents have fallen in love with! Create a cuddly replica of your pet that captures all their adorable features.