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Bubbles & Dad: Best Friends Forever by Wag Your Tail Photography

Shout out to the dog dads. This heartfelt session by Wag Your Tail Photography captures the love between rescue girl Bubbles and her favourite human in the whole world - her dad.

Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: Wag Your Tail Photography

Here at Pretty Fluffy, it’s no secret we talk about dog mums alot. But let’s not forget, there are some very special dog dads out there too. Dedicated dads that love their furry best friends with their whole heart and soul.

The precious bond between a dog and her dad is a truly special thing to witness. There’s just something so pure about a man being vulnerable and open about his deep love for his faithful companion, that it just gets us. Every. Single. Time.

This soulful pet photography session by Christina at Denver-based Wag Your Tail Photography captures the heartfelt connection between rescue girl Bubbles and her dad, creating memories that will forever be treasured.

From Christina:

As a pet photographer, you learn that some photo sessions are planned really quickly and out of the blue, but end up leaving an indelible mark on your heart.  Bubbles’ session was just that. 

Bubbles (AKA “Bubs”) was rescued when she was about 3 years old. She already had her adorable name, and dad felt it fit her perfectly. She and her dad soon formed the strongest of bonds and embarked on many adventures together, including moving to Colorado from Kansas City.

While a professional dog photography session had never really crossed his mind, when Bubbles was diagnosed with cancer, he knew it was something he would regret not doing. I was so honoured that he reached out to me to help with this very special session.

As soon as I spoke to him to plan the shoot, I knew how much Bubbles meant to him. As time was of the essence, we booked our shoot right away for the following week. And because Bubbles’ days of hiking long treks were over, we needed a stunning location that didn’t require too much walking. And I knew just the place.

We met in a gorgeous park overlooking iconic Red Rocks Park in Morrison, Colorado, and had the perfect day to capture beautiful Bubbles and her bond with her dad. The sun was golden and warm, sparkling perfectly in Bubbles’ eyes. Bubbles absolutely stole my heart, and watching her and her dad interact filled my soul with so much joy.

Truly, Bubbles embodies that old saying, “man’s best friend”. I feel so lucky I got to meet this sweet girl and document just how much this amazing dog dad loves his girl.  

Bubbles & Dad - Colorado Pet Photography session - Pretty Fluffy


About Wag Your Tail Photography


Christina has been a Denver pet photographer for over 7 years, traveling all over the gorgeous state of Colorado to capture its adorable furkids. Her vision is simple: to bring together the beauty and joy of the four-legged love of your life, with a sense of artistry and creativity. For Christina, capturing a pet’s photograph is more than just putting them in front of a gorgeous setting and snapping away – it’s about capturing their heart and soul and having the photographs evoke just how special they are. She truly falls in love with every pet she meets.

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Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: Wag Your Tail Photography

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