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5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

The in-home pet photography trend that you'll wish you had done sooner.

We all know the familiar saying, “Home is where the heart is.” And when it comes to the day-to-day life you share with your fur baby, this couldn’t be more true!

While much pet photography you’re likely to find features dogs posing in a park (which is super-cute in its own right), there’s an emerging pet portraiture style that captures not only the unique personality of your pet, but the life you share together.

After all, our pets are our family. And best of all, this lifestyle approach to pet photography is based right in your very own home.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider booking an in-home lifestyle pet photo session.

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

1. Your pet is most comfortable and relaxed at home

It’s certainly no secret that dogs feel most at ease when in their own familiar space.

In-home photo shoots avoid all the over-stimulation of the outside world, which can easily stress your dog out and cause unwelcome distractions (all those smells that need sniffing, territory to mark, and other dogs to chase of course!)

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

2. Home is where your pet’s personality shines

Because your dog is most relaxed at home, they’ll be happy to go about their day just like any other, with all their adorable quirks on show.

Is your dog a snuggle bug? A bit bossy perhaps? Do they have a favourite teddy that never leaves their side? In-home lifestyle photo shoots capture a true reflection of your pet’s personality, where they feel free to be their sweet or sassy selves!

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

3. Home reflects the inner world of you and your pet

Your home is an expression of your personality, your life and your loves.

It’s where your everyday rituals with your dog take place, where you cuddle on the couch or chill together in your favourite cosy nook. Lifestyle pet photo sessions capture all the small details of the sacred space you call home, and the fleeting everyday moments that together, tell your story.

Home is your happy place, your sacred space, that holds your story.
It’s where memories with your best friend are made.

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

4. Home is where you’re most comfortable too!

Just like our furry friends, us humans are most relaxed and ourselves at home. In-home photo sessions give you the opportunity to interact with your dog just how you would any other day, authentically capturing the special bond you share.

The idea of a photographer coming into your personal space may take a bit of getting used to at first, but you’d be surprised at how naturally everything flows on the day. Plus, the photographer comes to you – far less hassle than having to leave the house, right?

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

5. Rain, hail or shine, your shoot will go ahead

Finally, a very convenient aspect of in-home pet photo shoots is that they aren’t weather-dependant (except for extreme cases like a cyclone rolling about!)

Outdoor pet photo shoots can be tricky if the weather turns temperamental and your pack is stuck in a soggy downpour, or your shoot is rescheduled altogether. Stay cosy and comfy at home, and let the photographer come to you no matter the weather!

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot

5 Reasons to Do an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot


Behind Dogfolk is Katy, a professional lifestyle photographer, and Shell, a copywriter and storyteller. Together we live with our cheeky 3 year old cocker spaniel, Ziggy, in the uber-cool pet-friendly capital of Melbourne.

Our love for Ziggy inspired Dogfolk. As proud pawrents, we know first-hand how amazing life with a dog can be, and so we are passionate about capturing the special bond all fur families share.

We do this through a lifestyle approach to pet photography, capturing candid moments that uniquely celebrate your fur family, in your own space. We also share the heartwarming stories behind our shoots at Dogfolk Society.


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