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Dogs of the Blogs: Pretty Fluffy

Welcome to a new post on Pretty Fluffy: Dogs of the Blogs. With so many wonderful blogs out there run by the owners of fluffy dogs, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to meet and greet some new Pretty Fluffy friends, share their secrets and of course meet their favourite fluffy companions. First up – moi!

Who: Serena Faber Nelson and her Border Collie, Soda
Where: Pretty Fluffy – The Ultimate Dog Obsessed Blog
In A Nutshell: Pretty Fluffy is the ultimate dog obsessed blog. If you like things pretty and you like things fluffy you’ll find it at Pretty Fluffy.

Why I started blogging… I first came across blogs when I was planning my wedding and became obsessed with the many, many gorgeous wedding blogs out there! I loved the medium — instant information, a supportive community, and sublime imagery. As I has always been obsessed with dogs I knew blogging was the perfect way to share what I knew and find a community of stylish dog lovers!
About my dog… I’ve had Soda since I was 21. She’s my best friend. She’s seen me through moving houses, changing jobs, relationships, friendships and has been my one constant through it all. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Oh and she really doesn’t like cats.
Soda & Pretty Fluffy… Soda has pretty much been the inspiration for hundreds of blog posts on Pretty Fluffy. I try to limit how much I how much I write about her specifically as I don’t want to come across a crazy stage mother! Oh and also she likes to walk across the laptop whenever I’m working. I’m sure she thinks she’s helping.
My Top 5 favourite Pretty and Fluffy things… {Pictured}
1. Stella Nude by Stella McCartney – It’s my latest perfume obsession. It’s a beautiful light scent that I can wear daily and I absolutely LOVE that it’s not tested on animals.
2. Senior Kong – Over 10 years it’s fair enough to say one of Soda’s favourite toys has been her trusty Kong. I also like that now she has the Senior Kong (which is better for her older teeth and gums) it comes in a cute purple colour.
3. Fresh Flowers – I stand by the fact that fresh flowers can pretty up a room, end an argument, and put a smile on your face at the end of a bad day.
4. Fuzzyard Collar & Leash – Without these in our household Soda would be bananas, which would mean we’d all be bananas. A good walk clears my head and I love that there are now so many pretty collar, leash and harness designs to choose from.
5. My Favourite Wedding Photo – This was the first official photo of our little family. It brings back memories and gives me so much more to look forward to.

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See you soon for more Dogs of the Blogs!

{Image Sources: 1. Stella McCartney, 2. Dog Training Products, 3. Blue Peonies, 4. Fuzzyard, 5. Inlighten Photography}

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  1. Such a cute posting! We love Pretty Fluffy!!!

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