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Mungo & Maud Behind-the-Scenes Store Visit

When I was in London recently I was lucky enough to go ‘behind the scenes’ for a store visit of the beautiful lifestyle brand, Mungo & Maud. To I say was excited to see their original concept store in the heart of London’s Belgravia was an understatement!

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You see, to me, brands like Mungo & Maud represent the kind of lifestyle Pretty Fluffy is all about. It’s all about enjoying a beautiful life – your best life – with your favourite furry friend consistently by your side.

With their focus on elegant, well designed products made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen, Mungo & Maud have cornered the market on simple luxury for cats and dogs. They prove that style and pet ownership can indeed go hand in hand.

So of course their London store front was no exception. Down the street from celebrity milliner, Philip Treacy (yes, creator of that hat); and baker to the stars, Peggy Porschen, the Mungo & Maud flagship store invites you in. Every corner of the shop is detailed with simple touches, exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful, yet whimsical, design.

This isn’t a pet boutique where you whiz in, grab some dog food, then whiz out again. This is a place where you devour every inch of the store, discovering far too many goodies that you want to take home. From hand stitched collars and leads, to unique toys, organic treats and sumptuous bedding, there is something there for every pooch.

My only complaint? Soda was far too big to fit in my suitcase to join me over there! Here were my favourite finds…

Bottom Left – Knitted Lion Dog Toy. The King of the Jungle makes the perfect knitted plaything for your pooch!
Bottom Right – Crochet Bone Toy. Available in a range of colours, this is an elegant alternative to your average squeaker toy.

Top Left – Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy. A stylish option for dogs requiring a durable, chewable toy.
Top Right – Knitted Rabbit Dog Toy. One of the prettiest dog toys I have ever seen, I don’t know what I love more – the floral ears or the sweet, pink love heart nose!
Bottom – Pull My Leg Monkey. With an inbuilt squeaker and velcro-attached arms and legs, this is perfect for dogs who like to destroy their stuffed enemies. (Soda I’m looking at you!) Simply let your pooch rip it apart and then put him back together.

Above Top – Crochet Bone Toy in Natural. I just may have brought one of these home with me!
Above Bottom – New Bauhaus Collar Collection. These new additions to their already fantastic collar and lead range scream beauty and simplicity. Made from leather with webbing accents they come in a range of colours including the Rosewater and Camomile pictured. Perfection.

In love with Mungo & Maud yet?

Totally mad at me because you don’t live in London?

Well there is no need! As of June 2012, Mungo & Maud’s current range is available at their online store for shipping both within the UK and the US. (Other nations can use online gateway shopper services to get their fix.)

Just simply visit the Mungo & Maud website and your dog can soon be walking, eating and playing London style!

Thanks to the lovely Mungo & Maud team for welcoming me during my London visit. I can’t wait to come back one day!

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  1. Oh I love Mungo+Maud! ! I’m definitely going to be visiting the store when I go over, it looks so lovely! xx

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