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Product Review: The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson | Chic Sprinkles

This just might be THE dog toy of dog treat toys. The Odin, by Up Dog Toys, is not only functional and keeps your dog challenged and stimulated, it’s beautiful too.

I love the minimalist design, and that it resembles a gemstone – not your average dog toy aesthetics!

Coco will roll it around all over the living room and it is actually pretty entertaining to watch. She is obsessed with the fact that it magically dispenses treats, and the more she plays with it, she discovers the different ways to get the treats to fall out. Did I mention The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy doesn’t squeak either? It’s a win-win all around.

Coco is used to chew toys, or squeaky toys, so it took her a few minutes to understand that it wasn’t that kind of toy. She looked at me like, “What the what? A toy you don’t chew on? This is utter craziness, woman”. However, once she saw that when I rolled the toy a TREAT fell out, it was game on. Challenge accepted!

Product Review: The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

The Odin Dog Toy Product Review

The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy – The Details

A toy for every dog and home. The Odin’s minimal, modern design is inspired by geometric shapes and art. It took months of prototyping to create a toy they loved as much as their dog did.

It features integrated flaps to easily place treats in, differently sized holes allow treats of varying sizes to fall out and is big enough to not be swallowed by big dogs but light enough for small dogs.

Product Review:  The Odin Dog Treat  Puzzle Toy

How do I use the Odin?

Start off with very small treats or kibble that will easily fall out of the 4 holes on the sides of the toy. By using small treats, your dog will learn to get treats out gently by rolling or picking up and dropping The Odin.

Show your dog that by shaking or rolling the toy, treats will fall out and then give them the toy for them to try. Supervise your dog at all times while they are playing. Do not allow your dog to chew or rip at the toy, as this will reduce the longevity of your toy.

If your dog has no problems with the above and you’d like to increase the challenge, try larger treats and continue to monitor your dog.

Product Review:  The Odin Dog Treat  Puzzle Toy

How tough is the Odin?

The Odin is not made to be a chew toy or to be forced open. As long as you prevent those behaviors, the toy will last. We’ve had people with big, strong dogs say that The Odin is an amazing toy for their dog, but on the other hand also have had small dogs who have chewed through the toy.

Supervise and guide your dog as they play. Once they start chewing, take it away and toss it for them to fetch and play again. Ideally your dog should be rolling and picking up and dropping the toy to get the treats out, not biting, tearing or forcing their snouts into the The Odin. We’ve discovered that the flaps are the weakest part of the toy and so the most care should be taken that your dog does not chew on the flaps while playing.

The Odin Dog Toy Product Review

Benefits of Multiples

Connecting additional toys keeps The Odin interesting and challenging, making your dog play with it longer. When just one Odin is used, it rolls around in all directions. When two or more Odins are connected, it does not roll as easily and is harder to pick up so your dog will have to play with it differently.

Every dog we’ve tested with plays with one toy much more differently than they do with two toys connected since it changes from a ball to a longer log-like shape when two are attached together. For some dogs this is easier and for others, it is harder.

The Odin Dog Toy Product Review

What We Loved

• Minimalist design
• Matches your home
• Fun for all dogs of all sizes
• Provides a new challenge
• Mental Stimulation
• Encourages physical activity
• Rewards activity with treats!
• Capable of connecting multiple Odins
• Solves doggy boredom

Best For

• Dogs of all sizes
• Dogs who need to keep busy
• Dogs who get bored indoors
• Dogs who love treats!

Click to Buy – The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

Click to Buy >>> The Odin, by Up Dog Toys

Product Review: The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson | Chic Sprinkles

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3 responses to “Product Review: The Odin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy”

  1. Beth says:

    I love that photo with Coco resting her head on it. It looks like a great toy!

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  3. Vonda says:

    I should have read this before I gave one to Killian. He destroyed this in 15 minutes. But he of course he learned how to get things out of a Kong by a 75lb dog. He is only 25lbs. Lol. But he is now learning how to be smarter with toys, not harder on them.

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