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What’s New for Spring! Studio Legohead + Silly Buddy + Bocces Bakery

Want to know one of my favourite things about living in Sydney, Australia?

The year round spring weather.

You see, we’re one of those areas that can feel like Springtime even though we’re really heading into winter. Which is why I’ve been totally smitten of late with these fab Spring finds for pooches. Welcome to my wonderland of bright colours, decadent florals and whimsical patterns…Spring is definitely in the air!

First up we have the beautiful work of Jo at Studio Legohead.

Jo’s work practically screams spring and her range of greeting cards, postcards and personalised portraits are the perfect addition to any Pretty Fluffy home. From Pugs in Pucci to adorable pups amongst colourful florals, each work has you smitten in a new way.

Custom portraits start at $140 and they’re surely a treasure you’ll keep for years to come. To view her full portfolio and make an order visit the Studio Legohead website.

Next up is the darling new Springtime range by Silly Buddy, which features colourful, nautical, and preppy bow ties just for your pooch! Nothing says adorable like a dog in a bow tie.

All collars are handmade from 100% cotton and include a snap on, movable and removable handmade dapper bow tie. To view the full range and purchase visit Silly Buddy.

And last but definitely not least, there’s been a lot of buzzzzz about the lastest springtime addition to Bocce’s Bakery: their Limited Edition Spring Biscuit Buzzzz.

Packed with locally sourced New York honey and calming Chamomile, it’s a perfect treat for any pooch! To purchase visit the Bocce’s Bakery Online Store and to read more, visit our original post on Bocce’s Bakery.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “What’s New for Spring! Studio Legohead + Silly Buddy + Bocces Bakery”

  1. I love Jo’s work, she is incredibly talented! she just followed me on twitter this week and I was amazed when I saw all of her beautiful illustrations. How have I not seen it ’til now? I must be totally out of the loop. AMAZING.

    And of course Silly Buddy & Bocce’s never disappoint! Great picks, Serena! You have me all pumped for spring :]

  2. blanket says:

    Such lovely springtime finds – Jos work is amazing! She did some great illustrations of Milly and Poppet and captured their personalities spot on! Here’s a link if you fancy a peek

  3. Dang! Serena you just had to post this with those uber cute bow tie collars that are screaming Kirby’s name! LOl!

  4. Loving the bow ties! Could they be any cuter!

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