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Review: Pet Photography Ebook by Wet Nose Fotos

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Wet Nose Fotos

The amazing Shannon Benson of Wet Nose Fotos has just released her first pet photography ebook detailing the how-tos of beautiful pet photography and post production.

While there are an insane amount of free tutorials on the internet claiming to teach you pet photography, I’ve personally found they are often hard to understand or make assumptions with your prior level of knowledge.

This How-To’ Pet Photography ebook by Wet Nose Fotos is the antidote to those tutorials. Crammed with nuggets of actual USEABLE knowledge and easy tips to follow, it’s the perfect companion for anyone looking to start or improve their pet photography.


The ‘How-To’ Pet Photography Ebook by Wet Nose Fotos is 120 pages of learning the fundamentals of photography in a clean, simple format with easy to understand text and diagrams.

Shannon starts at the very beginning, the first few pages asking the reader to identify their goals with pet photography. Why did they pick up the camera? Why were they drawn to animals? The book continues to ask the reader to think of what they hope to achieve out of pet photography. Do they want better photos of their own pets? Do they want to become a professional pet photographer?

From the very start the ebook asks readers to identify their goals with pet photography and also the skills and gaps in knowledge that are holding them back.

I honestly found this approach so useful. By pinpointing the exact skills you needed to achieve your goals, you enter the rest of the ebook tutorials with a clear focus.

From there, readers are taken through every element of pet photography – from the technical details of shooting, working with animals, the tools of the trade, and the workflow of post production.

Pet Photography Ebook by Wet Nose Fotos


The reason why this ebook is so easy to understand and follow, is because the author, Shannon Benson, has spent years running in person workshops teaching people pet photography.

Shannon uses this experience to answer common questions and explain technical details in their most simplest form to ensure no reader is left behind.

One particular part of the pet photography ebook I loved was how Shannon used actual images of the back of camera (Canon and Nikon) to show which button or camera menu she was referring to. This attention to detail enables all reader to understand every photography tip in full and to experiment at their leisure.

I can’t stress how important this is for people wanting to fully understand and experiment with aperture, shutter speed and ISO. With cameras having so many buttons and functions, it’s easy to get lost when reading a manual. Shannon takes all of this confusion and streamlines what you need to know in bite sized tips.

Through these images and the easy to understand instructions, you really do feel like you’re at an in person workshop, not just reading an ebook.


Possibly one of the elements I enjoyed the most in the pet photography ebook was the detailed photos throughout.

I’m one of those people who will often wonder ‘how did they get that photo’ when I see a particular image I like.

Thanks to this ebook, you can literally scroll through 60+ professional photos each with the technical details (aperture, ISO etc) listed. It’s literally a blueprint for how to take a similar photo.

This leaves ample opportunity for readers of this ebook to recreate the types of photos they like, whether they be beach sessions, extreme close ups…whatever takes their fancy!

Pet Photography Ebook by Wet Nose Fotos


  • 120 page eBook packed with practical and technical tips specifically for pet photography.
  • Reads like an in person photography workshop – relatable and actionable.
  • Helps identify your skill sets and goals for pet photography.
  • Perfect for beginners – includes easy to understand instructions and diagrams/photos to help you get used to the camera.
  • Broken down into chapters and categories for quick and easy reference.
  • Beautiful and unique photography throughout the book – each include the technical aspects of the shoot so the reader can replicate at home.
  • Intricate post production chapter detailing exactly how pet photographers get the beautiful results they do.


  • Beginners and intermediates to pet photography.
  • Dog owners wanting better photos of their own pets.
  • People wanting to improve their pet photography and post processing.
  • Photography enthusiasts.


Click to Buy >>> ‘How-To’ Pet Photography Ebook by Wet Nose Fotos

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Wet Nose Fotos

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  1. This book does sound fantastic! I spend many a hour admiring professional pet photographer’s photos and this is a valuable resource for learning.

    The fact that you’ve mention it is easy-to-understand makes it sound like it is a good investment and a resource that people can go back and look at again and again.

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