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Back to School Dog Toys & Accessories

Make your pup too cool for school with these fun picks...

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Back to school dog toys and accessories - our favourite picks!

Back to school fun doesn’t have to be just for our two legged kids!

Get your pupper in on the school yard games with our favourite back to school dog toys and accessories. From preppy bandanas, chewable toy crayons, doggo backpacks, and chalkboard bowls there’s so many adorable ways for your dog to come top of the class.

Who knows – they might inspire your pupper to learn how to stop detroying your shoes*…

*Results NOT guaranteed.

Back to School Dog Toys and Accessories

From Top:

  1. Zippy Burrow – Lunchbox with Apples and Zippy Burrow – Crayon Box – both part of the Back to School Toy Set by Zippy Paws (Title Image)
  2. Doggie Digits Calculator – part of the Back to School Plush Toy Collection by P.L.A.Y. Pet Play Lifestyle You (with real glow in the dark screen material!)
  3. Fluffy AF Dog Bandana by Ripley + Rue
  4. Zippy Burrow – Lunchbox with Apples and NomNomz Juice Box by Zippy Paws
  5. Z-Stitch Composition Book by Zippy Paws (extra tough for touch chewers!)
  6. Firehose Crayon – Red, Firehose Crayon – Blue, and Firehose Crayon – Green by Zippy Paws (made of real fire hose, with no stuffing for rough play)
  7. Chalkboard Ceramic Bowl by Waggo
  8. Monkey Mania Dog Backpack by FuzzYard (for all your dog’s schoolyard goodies!)

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