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Strike a Pose! 4 of the Hottest Pet Portrait Artists Right Now

I’m going to be honest here…years ago when I first welcomed Soda home I didn’t really ‘get’ pet portraits. I was all “Just take a photo of the real thing, that’s much cheaper and easier.” And I have a sneaking suspicion that’s what lots of other people think too.

But guess what? I was wrong.

If you’re a dog owner who likes to keep a stylish home, a bespoke pet portrait is THE premiere way to make an artistic yet sentimental statement.

A pet portrait adds colour to you home, it’s a work of art that means something, and (this one’s an important one) it will mean the world to you for the many years to come as it becomes a conduit for so many happy memories.

But you’ve gotta get a good one. So to help you out, we’re sharing 4 of our favourite pet portrait artists right now…

4 of our Favourite Pet Portrait Artists

Wandering laur Fine Art - pet portrait

1. Wandering Laur Fine Art – Lauren Rogoff’s beautiful watercolours had me at hello! I’ve got major plans for her ‘ABC Dog Poster‘ for Emmy’s nursery…who doesn’t want to learn their ABC’s looking at all the breeds of dogs in the alphabet? A definite one for every dog lover’s Pinterest board.Dog on bed pet portrait by Studio Animaux

2. Studio Animaux – Natayla Zahn’s award-winning work has appeared in print, packaging, museum exhibits…and can now be featured in your very own home. My personal favourite is her Natural Pigments Giclee Print – if you look closely you can spot her dog Oscar in there!

Custom Pet Portraits Illustrations by Noble Friends

3. Noble Friends – Why get just a portrait, when you can get your dog’s face on your phone cover, your cushions and even your gift wrap? Noble Friends offers a huge range of ways you can keep your pet portrait close to you.

AJ Emm pet portrait artist

4. AJ Emm specialises in creating custom, digital pet illustrations with a modern flair. Every one of her colourful illustrations is hand-drawn using a handful of reference photos, to ensure that your pup’s personality is captured in the portrait.

Do you have a favourite pet portrait artist?


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