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Review: ThunderLeash

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber Nelson & ThunderWorks

Does your dog pull on the lead? Does your pup get overexcited when out on walks? Does your pooch suffer from fear or anxiety at the dog park?

Time to say hello to the ThunderLeash.

Those brilliant boffins at ThunderWorks have done it again. Known for their iconic anxiety-reducing dog wrap the ThunderShirt, the ThunderLeash is the next step in your doggie artillery for keeping your pooch happy, calm and cool as a cucumber.

Soda and I recently took a ThunderLeash for a test run. Here’s what we found out…


The ThunderLeash is essentially a two in one dog lead and calming no pull harness. You can use it in one of two ways:

ONE. As a regular leash. Simply attach the lead to your dog’s collar and away you go.

TWO. As a calming, no pull harness. This is where the real magic happens. You simply attach the lead to your dog’s collar and then loop it around your dog’s torso and slide it through the harness slot at the top of the lead.

The leash then automatically applies pressure to your dog’s sides whenever they attempt to pull. In Soda’s case this is whenever she sees a cat (or as we once found out – a STATUE of a cat). This pressure not only has a calming effect, it reminds the dog to stop pulling – allowing you to stay in control.

Once the dog returns to a normal pace, the leash slackens and the pressure subsides – reinforcing pulling = pressure and a reminder to calm down and being cool = easy walking. Easy peasy!

thunderleash-step-all (1)


The biggest difference I found between using the ThunderLeash versus a regular harness was the ThunderLeash applied pressure to the sides of Soda’s body rather than covering her whole torso. The gentle pressure applied to her sides encourages the same calming effect as the ThunderShirt – helping her calm down and focus on her walk.


For me the biggest plus of the ThunderLeash is the focus on comfort and security for the dog wearing it.

By activating the harness portion of the lead, the pressure is applied to your dog’s sides; keeping their head and neck areas safe from jerking, harsh restraint or any actions that could cause pain and life long damage.

While the pressure on the sides encourages your dog to calm down and stop pulling, it allows you to redirect them on the walk – all without causing pain, or discomfort.

In addition, the ThunderLeash has a safety buckle installed in the hardware of the leash making it impossible to pull too tightly on the harness around your dog’s torso. In essence this stops any owner from pulling the harness too tightly and inadvertently hurting their dog.


While it’s not a feature of the actual leash, one thing I really love about ThunderWorks and their products is their offer of a money back guarantee.

They promise that if for any reason you decide that the ThunderLeash is not the right solution for your dog you may return it within 45 days for a refund of your purchase price.

For a lot of dog owners, we’ve tried lots of different solutions for anxiety and leash pulling, all costing time and money. It’s scary to keep on paying your hard earned dime without knowing if you’ll get results.

Having a money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that ThunderWorks really stand by their research and products.


  • Easy and quick to fit and use – no fuss.
  • Can be used as a leash OR no pull harness.
  • Discourages pulling on lead.
  • Gentle pressure on torso has a calming effect on dog.
  • Comfortable fit of harness is safer for dog’s head and neck.
  • Safety buckle ensures no excessive pressure can be applied, ensuring your dog’s comfort at all times.
  • Sizing in Small and Large.
  • Affordable and comes with a money back guarantee.


  • Dogs of all ages and sizes.
  • Dogs that pull on the lead when walking.
  • Dogs that can be fearful, anxious or over excited during walks.
  • Owners that want their dog to feel safe and secure.


To purchase and see the full range visit ThunderLeash.

For testimonials and more information visit Thunderworks.

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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber Nelson & ThunderWorks

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