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Paul Frank Pet Products by 26 Bars & a Band

Paul Frank Pet Products Photography by Tonya Pet Photography

Paul Frank Pet Products? Yes Please! There are some brands that just evoke fun, and with Julius the Monkey at the helm, there is no shortage of joy in this amazing team-up between Paul Frank and 26 Bars & a Band.

Featuring a dazzling array of dog beds, collar charms, plush toys, collars and leashes – every dog gets a bite of the adorable monkey. Known for their groundbreaking innovation and eye for design, 26 Bars & a Band have collaborated with the iconic Paul Frank brand to create a bright, cheery and cuddly range of modern pet accessories. Here are my favourites…

Paul Frank Pet Bed

Paul Frank Signature Julius Dog Bed – These adorable beds are not only full of monkey magic – they’re environmentally friendly! The filler is made with recycled plastic bottles and the gorgeous cover features a non-slip bottom and removable slipcover. Note: Adorable Pup does not come with the bed – And if he did, I’ve got dibs! CLICK TO BUY: Paul Frank Signature Julius Dog Bed

Paul Frank Dog Accessories

Bow Tie Julius Dog Charm – After some lucky charms? These little tags are perfect to sport around your dog’s collar and can be engraved on the back with your pet’s info, just like any regular ID tag. There are over 8 designs to choose from, each one cuter than the next. CLICK TO BUY: Bow Tie Julius Dog Charm

Signature Julius Retractable Dog Leash– Possibly the jewel in the 26 Bars & a Band crown, their fabulous collection of designer retractable dog leashes sparkle with personality and style. So, of course, Julius had to get in on the action! With four Julius retractable leash themes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with his signature look on a cool blue background. The Avant GardeTM retractable leashes are designed with an ergonomic handle that provide a super smooth walk, and the all belt nylon leash deliver comfort and durability for you and your dog. CLICK TO BUY: Signature Julius Retractable Dog Leash

Want yourself some Julius the Monkey?

To view the full, fabulous range of Paul Frank modern pet accessories, pop on over to 26 Bars & a Band.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tonya Pet Photography Tonya started her career by combining her two biggest passions: Roller skating and peanut butter eating. When that didn’t work out, she moved on to her next two favorite things: Animals and photography. While getting her photography degree, she took a job at the Humane Society and began to hone her craft. Since then, her clean, professional award-winning animal portraits have graced the hallowed pages of professional photography journals PDN and Shutterbug, and have been featured in national ads, greeting cards, and books. In 2010, she was commissioned to shoot the global packaging of pet food brand Castor & Pollux. Currently, Tonya does private portrait and charity work in Austin, TX, and continues to shoot commercially in New York. By the way she still loves roller skating and peanut butter eating…

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  2. Kim McDang says:

    I’m not sure what is cuter: the Paul Frank products or the actual dog in the photos!

  3. Andrea says:

    So cute! Wish I could have everything in the photos – little fluffy included!

  4. Sandi says:

    I’ve been loving your site for a while now. Always such beautiful posts with great features and this was no different. Thanks so much for the awesome write-up.

  5. […] imagine how happy overload I went when all 3 of these worlds collided into a shoot and a fantastic post on Pretty Fluffy featuring my photos. Happy overload […]

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