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Budget & Pet Friendly DIY Christmas Ornaments + Free Printable

Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

The most wonderful time of the year is here! If you’d love to start adding some holiday sparkle to your home, you’ll love these easy and budget-friendly DIY Christmas ornaments.

I’ve been in the full holiday spirit since Thanksgiving day, and went out and bought a little artificial tree the next morning. Usually my husband, myself, and Coco are traveling the majority of December, so we never bothered putting up a Christmas tree before. But this year we are spending Christmas in our home and the family is coming to us, hooray!

I’ve always had the luxury of not having to purchase all the ornaments and tchotchkes to display throughout the apartment, so it never dawned on me until last week how quickly those pretty items can add up. Like everyone else I’m on a budget, but hey, I still want the glitz! Well, not so much glitz that it tempts my dog to go yanking down the tree. I don’t think she would, but it’s probably not something I want to risk.

So when I came across this beautiful ornament by Anthropologie, it hit me – sparkly DIY Christmas ornaments that are pet and budget friendly, and can be made in seconds. Problem solved!

And I made a custom winter reindeer dog print that you can Download for free – Happy Holidays!!


Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

You’ll need:

– 1 Pack of Clear Bulb Ornaments – $4.00 or less
– Silver or Gold Tinsel – $1.00 at the dollar store
– Scissors
– Pencil


How To:

1. Cut 1-2 inch pieces of tinsel or longer, based on the size of your DIY Christmas ornament and how ‘filled’ you want them to look. It’s your preference, try mixing it up!
2. Remove the ornament cap and begin pushing the tinsel inside the ornament. Use a pencil to help get all of the little fly-aways inside.
3. Place cap back on and use ribbon or wire to hang on the tree, and you’re done!



My inexpensive + pet friendly winter wonderland came together quite nicely and I always love adding custom prints to my wall. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and can find a spot on your wall or shelf for this whimsical Winter Reindeer-Dog Print!

Download it here for free.

Sarah xo


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Copy: Sarah Dickerson

Photography: Sarah Dickerson

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7 responses to “Budget & Pet Friendly DIY Christmas Ornaments + Free Printable”

  1. Taylor says:

    Love these great DIY ideas!

  2. Tina says:

    Simple but elegant.. I love it…

  3. Jessica says:

    What a great idea! Beautiful!

  4. Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy them! Happy Holidays xx

  5. Offshore Company says:

    Thank you for the quality content in your page on Budget & Pet Friendly DIY Ornaments + Free Printable | Pretty Fluffy!


  6. Britt says:

    Oh my goodness the printable looks just like my Ridgeback. Will definitely be printing this and framing…thank you!

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