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The Tripawd Dog Crew that will have you at Hello by Chantal Levesque Photo

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Chantal Levesque Photo

On first glance, Cooper, Cinta and Colby are three adventurous furry friends living large and showing off their fondness for carrots on their popular Instagram account, Cooper Craves Carrots.

Yet, dig a little deeper and their stories will light a fire in your soul for the strength, courage and zest for life this brave, loving trio have shown.

Chantal from Chantal Levesque Photo was lucky enough to capture this loving family all together and share their tale…

From Chantal:

It was a sunny, gorgeous end of summer afternoon and both dogs (and their human) were chilling on the front stairs when I got to their home. I had been following their instagram account for months so I was very excited to finally meet and photograph Cooper, Colby and Cinta.

All three cutie pies are rescues with horrible stories. Cooper and Cinta are both tripawds.

The first adopted to the family was Colby, the fun loving, smiling, goofy Golden. She loves attention and of course belly rubs!

Colby had been abandoned next to a local pet shelter, tied to a post with a bag of food and a note. She was skinny and had patches of fur missing…. not much is know about her past. Her new owner was a volunteer at the shelter and it was love at first sight!


The Tripawd Dog Crew that will have you at Hello by Chantal Levesque Photo

Then came Cinta, the fun-loving, affectionate, ever purring tripawd Maincooon. He is so full of energy and playful you forget he is missing a paw!

Cinta was brought to another local shelter by someone claiming they had found her. He had an injured leg that could not be repaired so it had to be amputated. The vet suspected that he was either abused or picked up by his leg. Not much is know about his history.

And then came Cooper, the tripawd Coon Hound, the most friendly, gentle and calm soul. You can’t help but feel zen as you pet his soft reddish fur. It was not a surprise when I learned that he works as a therapy dog.

Cooper had a hard life. He has been shot twice (the reason he lost his leg and he has another bullet lodged in another leg) He has many scars and bits of an ear missing. His family saw an article about him and knew he was meant to join their family. They made the 12 hour drive to NYC to pick him up and bring him home.

The Tripawd Dog Crew that will have you at Hello by Chantal Levesque Photo

The Tripawd Dog Crew that will have you at Hello by Chantal Levesque Photo

It was clear right away that they had very distinct personalities and that they compliment each other perfectly! They have been known to take naps all three together. (we tried to stage this in the photoshoot but it was not happening!)

They now have a happy home and a loving family.

They are the perfect example that adopted pets make the best pets and also that tripawd dogs and cats have normal, fun and adventure full lives.


You’ll notice in this shoot, Colby, Cinta and Cooper are all sporting Wagaware charms. This photoshoot was done in September when Wagaware had its “Special Needs September” campaign, where 50% from sales of the charms was donated to Lovey Loaves Special Needs Rescue.

You can help Handicapable Pets and Dogs in Need by supporting both Wagaware and Lovey Loaves Special Needs Rescue.


Chantal Levesque is a Montreal based lifestyle pet photographer. With a background in photojournalism and magazine art direction, she specializes in capturing her clients pets’ spirits and unique personalities with style.
Chantal lives in charming Old Montreal with a tabby cat named Shirow who was adopted from the Montreal SPCA where she volunteers her photography services.


Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Chantal Levesque Photo

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  1. Peyton says:

    I just don’t understand how people can deliberately hurt something that is weaker than them like an animal. If you don’t want them fine, but to mistreat them blows my mind.

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