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Kristin Davis & Momma and Sam

One of my most favourite storylines from Sex and the City was when Charlotte received her puppy, Elizabeth Taylor (née Princess Dandyridge Brandywine), as a present from Trudy Stork. That episode was a mix of the inspiring and the bittersweet. Not surprisingly the actress who played Charlotte, Kristin Davis, calls that story arc her favourite of the series too.

Turns out Kristin is a big dog person. Her 5 dogs are all rescues, and she reportedly refused to star in The Shaggy Dog until her character was rewritten as a dog lover – not hater. Just another reason to adore this beautiful woman.

{Images via Whatevah & Posh24}

Want to steal her style? For on camera Miss Charlotte you can’t go past a Burberry Sweater from selected Burberry Boutiques:

For off duty Kristin try a much more practical (but still utterly luxe and adorable) Puppia Soft Harness:

Which do you prefer – Kristin on-duty or off?
What was your favourite Elizabeth Taylor moment in S&TC?

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  1. Laura says:

    My favourite candid snaps of celebs are always photos of them with their dogs. I wouldn’t mind being chased by papparazzi if it meant the whole world got to see my gorgeous pooches!

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