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Smart Technology for Pets: 6 Pet Tech Picks

Make life better and easier with these go-to gadgets for your much loved doggo.

Thanks to the advent of smart technology for pets, there’s a whole world of gadgets and gizmos to take your pup’s comfort to the next level.

But your dog isn’t the only one to benefit from the latest pet tech products.

From interactive treat dispensers to invisible dog fences, smart pet products offer us pet parents something you can’t really put a price on:  making life with our pets easier and safer.

So, if your tennis ball is looking a little tired – or you’re tired of worrying about your dog when you’re not home – it’s the perfect time to explore the latest in smart pet technology.

Whether it’s feeding, playing, cleaning or keeping your pup safe, these innovative pet tech products could be just the solution you and your best friend need.

Ready to be the coolest tech-savvy duo at the dog park?

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Smart Technology for Pets: 6 Pet Tech Picks

1. Invisible Dog Fence

Halo dog collar invisible dog fence

Imagine letting your dog off leash without the worry of them running away or getting lost. This is what today’s invisible dog fence solutions can do.

In a nutshell, a GPS dog fence let’s you create an invisible boundary around a designated area to keep your dog safe and contained.

For dogs who love to roam, a GPS dog collar can be a handy piece of gear to have.  It’s one of the most ground-breaking additions to the world of modern smart pet accessories.

A good invisible dog fence works by combining geo-fencing technology with associative learning (ie. how dogs typically understand and follow instructions).

If your curious pup ever goes beyond the invisible boundary you’ve set, you’ll get an instant alert on your phone to let you know.

And your wandering pup? Their wireless collar or fence accessory emits a sound and gentle vibration, letting them know they’re no longer where they should be.

If you think this could be a great option for you and your best friend, here is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of invisible dog fences.

Ultimately, you get the peace of mind knowing your dog is safe – while they get the freedom to explore!

2. Smart Collars

GPS dog collar by Fitbark

The best GPS dog fences can track much more than your pup’s location.

They can even track your pup’s health.

These days, high-quality smart dog collars are basically comprehensive wellness trackers for your pet!

From monitoring your dog’s sleep and behaviour, to tracking vital signs like heart rate and respiratory rate, smart collars allow you to stay on top of your pet’s health (and potentially identify any issues early on).

Available in a range of sleek and stylish designs, smart collars for dogs combine GPS dog fence technology with intuitive health-tracking tools to offer pet parents maximum peace of mind.

3. Interactive Treat Dispenser

Interactive pet toy by cheerble

Forget the boring ‘fetch’ routine – interactive smart treat dispensers let you level up your pup’s playtime forever.

These high-tech toys are like mini treasure chests for your dog, filled with tasty rewards that tumble out at random intervals.

No more predictable patterns – these smart dispensers keep your dog mentally stimulated and engaged for hours, challenging them to use their natural problem-solving skills to unlock their delicious prize.

The best part? They often come with handy apps that let you control the difficulty level and schedule treat releases.

The ability to customize your dog’s experience means they’re neither bored nor overwhelmed – and you can do it all from the comfort of your couch.

4. Smart Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

Furbo camera - smart Technology for pets

Smart cameras with treat dispensing capabilities are the ultimate win-win. 

When you can’t be at home, you can check in on your dog to make sure they’re safe and sound (and not getting into your sock drawer!)

Interactive dog cameras have built-in two-way talk features, which is especially beneficial for anxious pups. It means you can speak to your dog during the day, and soothe them if needed with the sound of your voice.

Many interactive pet cameras also come equipped with treat dispensers to entertain your dog when home alone. Imagine your pup’s excitement when they see a dog treat pop out at random, which you control remotely!

You can dispense a tasty reward for good behaviour, or simply because they’re the most adorable doggo in the world.

Either way, treat-dispensing pet cameras add enrichment to your dog’s day when you can’t be there – and you can watch every minute from wherever you are.

5. Automatic Pet Feeder

PetKit Automatic Pet Feeder

Just like your own personal pet sitter, an automatic pet feeder allows you to feed your dog from anywhere at anytime.

This nifty piece of smart pet technology lets you manage your pup’s meals from your smartphone, whether you use iOS or Android.

You can schedule several meals a day, ensuring your pet is always well-fed even when you’re not home.

While some smart pet feeders are designed for kibble only, the best pet tech brands offer high-quality feeders with the ability to store a wider variety of meals, such as wet food and air dried dog food.

All you need is WiFi and the app to your automatic pet feeder!

You’ll also appreciate smart notifications and alerts via an app, which let you know when their food tank is empty or the battery is low.

An automatic pet feeder is a great option if you’re a busy pet parent, ultimately keeping your dog’s feeding routine in good hands.

Editor’s Pick: PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder 

6. Smart Pet Door

sureflap automatic pet door

I want to spend next year getting up and down to let my dog in and out. Said no-one ever!

An automatic pet door lets your dog come and go as they please, without the need for you to constantly open the door. This is particularly helpful if you’re busy or not at home, so your pet can take potty breaks or enjoy outdoor playtime whenever they need.

A real game-changer for busy pet parents, a smart pet door lets you manage your dog’s access, set schedules, and receive notifications directly on your phone. Depending on the model, a smart door can pair with an attachment on your dog’s collar, or with their microchip, for keyless entry.

Many smart doors also send notifications to your phone, keeping you updated on your pet’s activities. You’ll know when they use the door, if it’s locked and more, helping you stay connected to your pup’s whereabouts.

Offering convenience, security, and control, smart pet doors make life easier and happier for both you and your dog!

Editor’s Pick: SureFlap Microchip Pet Door 


All dogs are different, and some will probably prefer an old-fashioned stick to a high-tech toy!

Before diving headfirst into the world of smart dog gadgets, consider your dog’s personality and needs.

But if you’re a tech-savvy owner, a few smart purchases and a wireless fence can enhance both you and your dog’s lives.

By embracing advancements in smart technology for pets, you can open up a world of possibilities to keep your best friend safe, healthy and happy.

Furbo camera - smart Technology for pets

Furbo camera - smart Technology for pets

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